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Broken Fingers

Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore Difficulty

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08 Oct 2012 09 Oct 2012
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Just trying to help people with a perfectly acceptable solution.

Kill a Corpser on Hardcore

You've played through on Casual getting all the COG's by now right?

from the start Menu - Campaign - Single Player - Load Previous Chapter - Act 3 - Angry Titan

Takes you immediately where you wanna be.

Simply be cool, fire at the beasty's belly when it's legs are in the air and keep pushing fwd's.

It has no real offence (apart from the Retches but you'll be done by then) so keep cool and keep pushing.

The Corpser will back off to the platform
at which point you shoot the left and right (blueish) ground latches that hold the platform steady.

Critter sinks

Achievement unlocked.

Good Luck (but you wont need it)
Yummy BaklavaThank you for at least posting which act/chapter is best for this. Not everyone can read the top solution and figure out what's going on.
Posted by Yummy Baklava on 16 Jan 13 at 12:09
Onza^^^ So true.
Posted by Onza on 21 May 13 at 00:48
Skeptical MarioI upvoted this solution because you said which chapter it's in.
Posted by Skeptical Mario on 04 Jun 13 at 14:02