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The Escort

Acted as a reliable travel companion.

The Escort0
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14 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012
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The easiest escort is probably the one involving Mercedes.
First, complete the quest "Of merchants and monsters" to clear the mine of all the monsters.
Then accept the escort of mercedes (on the board of the gran soren inn) and head to the mine.
Before and after the mine, if you stay on the road, you will only encounter goblins and hobgoblins, knowing that Mercedes can defend herself with her sword. So it will be a piece of cake, and a quick one ;)

Note that just in front of gran soren, I encounter a convoy being attacked by goblins... and suddenly attacked by a griffin.
I don't think it is part of the escort quest because the griffin appears sometimes after a certain point of the story, but if it is, don't worry cause it will flee rapidly, doing very limited damages.
ianroper1did you also do the fortress besieged before taking her
Posted by ianroper1 on 04 Mar 13 at 12:17
BouyiI don't remember, sorry, but i don't think so because it was on my second run and i did the fortress pretty late.
Posted by Bouyi on 04 Mar 13 at 17:32
xxHANCHOxxJust as a note if you want to add into the solution, this can be done using party healing potions.
The port crystal is an easy way, but the way my friend got this, was escorting Selene to the healing spring in the very north of the map. She got hurt plenty of times on the way, but he kept her health up with the potions that heal the entire party, then just before getting to the spring he re healed to make her at full health, achievement popped after a couple of her dialogues.

Just as a note to anyone who has the potions and their person gets a bit hurt.
Posted by xxHANCHOxx on 05 Nov 14 at 18:23