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In a single game, complete every Research Project.

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14 Oct 2012 19 Jan 2013
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As the achievement detail explains, one needs to complete every Research Project available.

Please note, finishing all of this research requires a sizable amount of these resources:
Alien Alloys
Weapon Fragments
Various alien corpses

So, it might be smarter not to sell any of those items on the "Gray Market," until all of your research is completed.

**Edit: Also, if you find yourself well into the game and haven't yet caught a live Sectoid or Thin Man, make sure to use the Council Missions to your advantage -- the "Asset Recovery" Council Missions are almost exclusively populated with Sectoids, and most of the other council missions have Thin Men. Too, you may re-load saves just before Council Missions come up, and you will likely get a different council mission option, so you can pick exactly the kind you need.

If you're missing the basic Floater, keep an eye out for "Terror!" missions, as you will occasionally see groups of Floaters, as well as groups of Heavy Floaters, during these missions. End Edit**

Here is a list of ALL 53 Research Projects, as listed exactly in the Research Archives (it looks as though the completed list will be in the same order for each of us, as the list is not in any chronological order of research performed):

Arc Thrower
Outsider Shard
New Fighter Craft
Hyperwave Communication
Ethereal Device
Weapon Fragments
Alien Materials
Experimental Warfare
Psi Armor
Carapace Armor
Skeleton Suit
Titan Armor
Ghost Armor
Archangel Armor
Beam Weapons
Precision Lasers
Heavy Lasers
Plasma Pistol
Light Plasma Rifle
Plasma Rifle
Heavy Plasma
Plasma Sniper
Alloy Cannon
Plasma Cannon
Fusion Lance (requires obtaining an alien "Fusion Core" from a Battleship)
Guided Fusion Launcher (requires obtaining an alien "Fusion Core" from a Battleship)
Alien Nav Computer
UFO Power Source
EMP Cannon
Interrogate Sectoid
Interrogate Floater
Interrogate Muton
Interrogate Sectoid Commander
Interrogate Berserker
Interrogate Thin Man
Interrogate Heavy Floater
Interrogate Muton Elite
Interrogate Ethereal
Sectoid Autopsy
Sectoid Commander Autopsy
Floater Autopsy
Thin Man Autopsy
Muton Autopsy
Chryssalid Autopsy
Cyberdisc Autopsy
Berserker Autopsy
Heavy Floater Autopsy
Muton Elite Autopsy
Drone Autopsy
Sectopod Autopsy
Ethereal Autopsy

** Note: Having the "Slingshot" DLC will likely give early access to the "Fusion Lance" and "Guided Fusion Launcher" projects, as one of the missions in this DLC package will have you invading a grounded Battleship quite early in your campaign, where you may recover 2 alien "Fusion Cores" (they are recovered automatically, at the end of the mission, provided you haven't blown them up) that are required for these research projects.
MetalThreshkeenJust an FYI for others, you should probably try to capture live specimens as soon as possible; it's hard to find some low level enemies towards the end of the game. (I'm only missing 'Interrogate Floater' but all I can find now are Heavy Floaters)
Posted by MetalThreshkeen on 15 Oct 12 at 04:04
BLUEBERRYPETEIf you're missing...

Fusion Lance
Guided Fusion Launcher

These only unlock when you shoot down a battleship and check the wreckage, they show up late in the game. It's possible you've beaten the game before they show up so just wait before entering the point of no return.
Posted by BLUEBERRYPETE on 15 Oct 12 at 06:35
ChuckieJYeah I didn't have appropriate ships when battleships showed up.
Posted by ChuckieJ on 18 Oct 12 at 22:24
LordAtrixto help a little here is a link to a complete list of research and the requirements:
Posted by LordAtrix on 19 Oct 12 at 12:02
Bullers81Does anyone know if you ever see a Sectoid Commander after the Ethereals show up? The only thing I'm missing for research is to interrogate the Commander and I can't recall running into him since I've found the Ethereals.
Posted by Bullers81 on 20 Oct 12 at 01:42
RougeRogue1The only Sectoid Commander I can recall seeing after you unlock the Ethereals is on the temple ship, and that's endgame, so no more research. I don't think I've ever seen just a random group of them (i.e., not at the ship's helm), otherwise, even on a Battleship. Sorry, Bullers81. :/
Posted by RougeRogue1 on 20 Oct 12 at 03:48
Quantum BinmanThere are sectoid commanders every now and again on downed ufo's... pretty rare but I have seen a pair of them spawn twice.
Posted by Quantum Binman on 26 Oct 12 at 04:38
Quantum BinmanOne of the little bastards even mind controlled one of my team and killed my colonel-ranked assault trooper [angry face]
Posted by Quantum Binman on 26 Oct 12 at 04:39
Its Uncle KevInstead of sectiod commanders how about sectoids? I fucked up and missed my only 2 chances to cap one. I'm at the part where it's the no end return. Am I fucked or is it still possible to find one without starting my new playthroughs?
Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 02 Nov 12 at 03:36
RougeRogue1Depending on what difficulty you're playing ('easy' may be the only one?), I have seen regular sectoids late in the game, though not often, and only on the scout ships. To test, load up your game, and ONLY accept the "shoot down alien craft" tasks from mission control, and since you have the Hyperwave Relay working, take a look at what is on each ship -- you should be able to shoot down 10-15 ships before losing 8 council nations, so you can test this way, to see if any of those ships carry regular sectoids, and if so, then re-load again, and play through normally, until you get one.
Posted by RougeRogue1 on 02 Nov 12 at 09:20
RougeRogue1Also, for sectoids, if you come across an "Asset Recovery" special mission, given by the council (often involves Elerium as part of the reward), the aliens you go up against are usually sectoids.
Posted by RougeRogue1 on 03 Nov 12 at 01:03
TsukimiBefore you go to the last mission you can simply keep on scanning till it found any alien's activities, and the hyperwave will tell you wt kind of aliens will show up in that mission. I find a group of sectiods, but still wishing luck to encounter another sectiod commander as it's the last of my research objective..
Posted by Tsukimi on 20 Nov 12 at 18:29
ThePootermobileI just got a pair of sectoids in a random alien abduction mission in the end game. There were heavy floaters, berzerkers, elite mutons and 2 sectoids. Did anyone ever confirm if regular floaters show up at all once heavy floaters are in the mix? That's one of the only things I'm missing this playthrough.
Posted by ThePootermobile on 24 Nov 12 at 03:37
RougeRogue1I have seen groups of regular floaters mixed with groups of heavy floaters on Terror! missions.
Posted by RougeRogue1 on 24 Nov 12 at 12:18
GriffinThrale21I am currently playing on normal and am at the end game part. So far I have bumped into every interrogation alien so just keep scanning the world and your bound to happen onto the ones you are missing ( took me an hour to find a regular floater ^^)
Posted by GriffinThrale21 on 30 Nov 12 at 03:44
thomaskoratTHERE ARE BATTLESHIPS IN THE GAME? No wonder I didn't get
Plasma Cannon, Fusion Lance, Guided Fusion Launcher.
Posted by thomaskorat on 09 Dec 12 at 08:41
Pvt KeoghYep, I'd somehow not gotten a sectoid for interrogation. Turned into a pain trying to get them. They'd pop up in the odd council mission but kept getting killed while I was on overwatch. So I've spent about 2 hours holding off on the final mission waiting for the buggers then low and behold I get a council mission and there is nothing but Sectoids! happy days and achievement popped. Now to complete this first playthrough
Posted by Pvt Keogh on 19 Dec 12 at 17:38
RougeRogue1I put a comment to that effect (the catching of sectoids) a while ago, but, as people are less likely to see the comments, I've added an edit to reflect these most often missed research projects.
Posted by RougeRogue1 on 19 Dec 12 at 18:51
Jock o Strapim missing the fusion lance and launcher, but ive been given the hunter killer cheevo which means ive already shot down a battleship, and ive raided every ship ive shot down. any ideas? they are the only two things i need for this cheevo!
Posted by Jock o Strap on 16 Jan 13 at 09:41
RougeRogue1Is it possible that, while raiding the Battleship, you blew up the Fusion Core (an item only recoverable from a Battleship), which might preclude you researching these items? I'm only hypothesizing, as I've not heard of anyone else having this problem before, but this would mean that one not only need shoot down a Battleship, but one must recover said Fusion Core from a Battleship to enable this research -- if this is the case, I'll edit the solution to reflect this.
Posted by RougeRogue1 on 16 Jan 13 at 17:41
Jock o Strapthanks i had an idea it may have been something like that, i guess ill just keep scanning and shooting down ufos until another battleship appears
Posted by Jock o Strap on 17 Jan 13 at 09:36
BasanakinI think I saw a battleship once, and my fighter was underpowered. This was in my second playthrough, and since than, I havent seen it again.
I guess, i better keep scanning ^^
Posted by Basanakin on 30 May 13 at 16:17