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Pale Horse

Kill 500 aliens.

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15 Oct 2012
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This achievement is a Tally of all single player games, you dont have to kill all 500 in a single game. The amount you have done is shown at the end of a game at a statistics screen.
MetalThreshkeenIt appears to even track kills you "undo" by reloading a previous save. I unlocked this achievement during the final mission on my first play-through, but the enemy kill count in the end-game stats screen only showed around 460 kills.
Posted by MetalThreshkeen on 17 Oct 12 at 21:11
ardliveI deleted a couple of my failed Iron Man saves (oops). Do you think it will still remember the kills I made during those play throughs?
Posted by ardlive on 19 Nov 12 at 11:58
UnjustlyViciousyes most likely
Posted by UnjustlyVicious on 01 Dec 12 at 18:40