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Poison Control

Cure poison on five soldiers in a single mission. Single player only.

Poison Control0
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15 Oct 2012
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Poison Control: Cure poison on 5 soldiers in a single mission. Single player only.

Despite the fact that the achievement makes it sound like it has to be 5 different soldiers, it in fact can be the same soldier. You need medikits to cure poison, and due to the medikit making the holder immune to poison you have to either have 5 soldiers with medikits and just have 1 soldier get poisoned over and over, or have a support class with the sergeant 3 medikits ability (or two supports to make it even easier).

The easiest way to get poisoned is via thinmen, and on the escort missions as it seems they are the only alien that spawns for those missions even very late in the game. In my opinion its much easier to just kill a thinman and run through the poison, cure it, and then use the second action to run through it again. The poison cloud from their death only lasts 1 turn so you have to be quick.

Good luck!
BLUEBERRYPETEJust gonna add that it poison lasts 2-4 turns in Impossible difficulty.
Posted by BLUEBERRYPETE on 16 Oct 12 at 13:16
D3dGr7sDntS4yNoYou could also use mind control and use one of them to do the free aim poison cloud.
Posted by D3dGr7sDntS4yNo on 22 Oct 12 at 04:50
m0rph3us17Thin men also seem to be the only enemy that spawns on bomb defusal missions as well, which for me weren't available until relatively late in the game. They tend to be there in reasonable numbers though, certainly more than the escort missions - normally about 7-8 prior to defusing the bomb, with a further 3-4 appearing once you have deactivated the bomb.
Posted by m0rph3us17 on 22 Oct 12 at 20:51
WSB DubEmSensiat what time did u get the achievement? right after the curing of the 5 soldiers or at the end of the mission?
Posted by WSB DubEmSensi on 29 Oct 12 at 01:03
Its Uncle KevI tried doing 3 soldiers for the 5 times and it didn't work. So I'm thinking each one has to be posion'd then healed.
Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 02 Nov 12 at 06:25
SynaesthesicI got the achievement right after healing the poison the 5th time.

And I did it with a single solider, so I'm not sure why you didn't get the achievement. Though I believe its impossible for 5 soliders to get healed of poison in a single mission either way due to the medikit making you immune to poison, and so that leaves 1 person to heal 5.
Posted by Synaesthesic on 02 Nov 12 at 06:31
Quantum BinmanDon't forget to avoid certain armour types... I tried last night while everyone was wearing titan armour and completely forgot that instils immunity to poison lol!
Posted by Quantum Binman on 10 Nov 12 at 01:20
ThePootermobileI loaded a final mission save, unequipped the titan armor from all my guys, and mind controlled the thin man at the near end of the final mission. You can get the cheeve without finishing the mission - it pops as soon as you use your 5th medkit to cure poison. I'm not sure what the "medkit makes you immune to poison" is about as I'm pretty sure my support guy got poisoned with the rest of them in the cloud.
Posted by ThePootermobile on 26 Nov 12 at 02:37
GriffinThrale21I agree with ThePootermobile all my guys had health kits and they all got infected by the poison the thinmen were dishing out....
Posted by GriffinThrale21 on 30 Nov 12 at 04:07
bryan dot exeAgreed with previous comments. Mind controlling a thin man makes this much easier. I got this during a VIP rescue mission late in my playthrough. 6 squad members including 2 support units carrying 3 medkits each. I just huddled everyone together and used the mind controllers thin man to keep them in a cloud of poison while my support units did their thing.
Posted by bryan dot exe on 11 Jan 13 at 05:24
Lt DavoI just want to add that curing a VIP counts toward the five "soldiers".
Posted by Lt Davo on 28 Feb 13 at 04:18
Love01082008This may not be obvious, but when you use the med kit if it doesn't say "cured poison" then it doesn't matter if the guy was suffering from poison or not. One of my soldiers only lost one hit point, and then I healed him and it did not say "poison cured". So make sure it says "poison cured" five times. I also recommend the bomb defusal missions, as you can easily run up to the thin men.
Posted by Love01082008 on 17 Apr 13 at 13:28
DillionDayI found it the easiest to have 3 support guys with med kits/titan armor and another soldier (heavy) with crappy armor (4 total soldiers). Loaded up a target extraction on easy. Went up to a group of thin men and hunkered down the support guys and left my heavy out in the open. The thin men just kept poisoning the heavy. When my heavy's health got low from the thin men shooting him, I just healed him since I had several med-kits to spare. Took me 10 minutes my first try.
Posted by DillionDay on 10 Jun 13 at 15:33
x RepoUK xThere is definitely a bug with the med-kits making you immune to poison irrelevant of the armour. I did several retries of a defuse the bomb mission and every soldier that had a med-kit was immune each time. On one try I even had a support who was immune, moved her into a poison cloud to heal someone and she wasn't poisoned, used her last med-kit and she was poisoned straight away.
Posted by x RepoUK x on 21 Jul 13 at 12:19