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Bad dates!

Give 20 bananas to monkeys.

Bad dates!0
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12 Nov 2008
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You have to five 20 bananas but getting something in return. It doesn't count if you just keep throwing bananas if monkey doesn't give you something in return.

The easiest way to get this achievement is in City of Danger just at beggining there's a monkey with a tool and a box of bananas get one throw him it, take another banana WAIT until the tool on the floor disapears and when the monkey has a new took throw it.
StoodBridgeI just gave 5 bananas to each monkey i saw in City of danger using your method, it's less boring that way.

Positive vote! :)
Posted by StoodBridge on 28 Jan 09 at 23:02
QuarantaneI had thought of this by myself while playing the other day and was going to post a guide about it, guess I was quite a bit late.

Positive vote, wish I had posted the guide first though
Posted by Quarantane on 18 Dec 09 at 02:18
RoxasBeatzI gave the Monkey 14 Bananas and i became this Achievement :)
Posted by RoxasBeatz on 13 May 11 at 18:24
KillipoI don't know if it's any better of a method, but I just gave bananas to the TNT monkey right before the roof part. A new banana respawned once the TNT detonated, which didn't take long at all.

I'd assume you could "de-spawn" the tools by simply switching from the character that has the tool, too. But I didn't try that.
Posted by Killipo on 06 Feb 12 at 23:07
WhiteythereaperChange to a character that naturally has a Wrench and when you swap off it'll go with them. Can throw a banana every 10 seconds
Posted by Whiteythereaper on 09 Dec 20 at 06:53