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Assassin's Creed II

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Assassin's Creed II
Assassin's Creed II
In Memory of Petruccio

Collect all the Feathers.

In Memory of Petruccio0
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Feathers can be found in all cities, on rooftops, chimneys, windowsills, and overhangs.
They will glow white. If you turn on Eagle Vision, they will become even more visible, as the glow stands out more.

You can see your progress by checking the DNA stream in the menu. Hit A once over the Feathers progress to see individual city progress.
You can also narrow it down to areas of the city.

You must put the Feathers in the chest in Ezio's mother's room in the Villa.
At 50 Feathers, you get the chance to buy the Condottiero hammer for 30k Florins.
At 100 Feathers, you will be given the Auditore cape.

Here are is a guide to help locating each feather:

You do not have to get all feathers before the end of the game, as after the end you re-enter the Animus and are able to run around and collect Feathers.
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T3ARyouAnewONE So, the 2 Feather achievements (Cape one also) can be obtained after game is done?
Posted by T3ARyouAnewONE on 05 Dec 10 at 03:23
Titan Eric Yes, you can get both after the game.
Posted by Titan Eric on 05 Dec 10 at 07:52
DA CYBER TIGER I didn't know i was able to check the progress of the feathers in each city lol. Thanks :P
Posted by DA CYBER TIGER on 10 Mar 11 at 14:19
Claptrap NL Thanks for the note for looking in you DNA to see where you've to search. Didn't know that before.
Thumbs up.
Posted by Claptrap NL on 29 Jul 11 at 03:25
ScottFromDerby Feather 46 is nowhere near where it says! :(
Posted by ScottFromDerby on 22 Sep 12 at 15:52
ScottFromDerby Good to know about the feather/per/city progress though, that's a huge relief! :)
Posted by ScottFromDerby on 22 Sep 12 at 15:52
McGubbalo I ended up with 99! Didn't know you could see the breakdown of areas! Thanks! dance
Posted by McGubbalo on 30 Sep 14 at 14:29