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Upgrade the Aquila.

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25 Oct 2012 02 Nov 2012
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Starting on Sequence 6, you can head to the Aquila in the Davensport Homestead and instead of talking to the Captain to set sail, interact with the book right next to him. Buy any upgrade and the achievement is yours. I think the cheapest (extra cannon) is about £2500.

Edit: corrected the price.
The cannon is 2500, not 6000. Otherwise; spot on, thumbs up.
Posted on 02 Nov 12 at 12:18
TreysForDayysHow are you supposed to get that kind of money? I've completed the campaign and I have £98
Posted by TreysForDayys on 02 Nov 12 at 13:29
RyoweboHow can you have so little money by then? You earn cash by finishing optional missions, selling stuff in general stores or sending convoys from your homestead. £2500 is really easy to collect, and you'll need much more to really upgrade the Aquila and beat the advanced naval missions.
Posted by Ryowebo on 02 Nov 12 at 13:36
TreysForDayysI havent started any side mission, at all. I did nothing but the main storyline. Anyway thanks for the money tips.
Posted by TreysForDayys on 02 Nov 12 at 16:15
You can also get money easily by selling high quality animal hides.
Posted on 03 Nov 12 at 09:19
Addition: another easy way of getting money is finding and opening treasure chests. I've already found one with 10.000 in it, and I have a lot of them left to go. I'm only up to sequence ten but I've upgraded half the Aquila without ever going on an Aquila mission; I managed to upgrade the Aquila as soon as it became available.
Posted on 03 Nov 12 at 09:24
RyoweboAnd another way of getting money is to send your Assassins (you recruit them by liberating city districts) on missions. To do so, hold LB and press X.
Posted by Ryowebo on 03 Nov 12 at 14:21
evilrootYou can unlock this at every harbour - not only the one in Homestead, and there is no need to replay sequence six if you have finished the game already.
Posted by evilroot on 09 Nov 12 at 11:16
BloodngunsMrphyYou might note that fully upgrading the ship is required for 100%.

Who else hopes we get a DLC devoted to this aspect of the game?
Posted by BloodngunsMrphy on 23 Nov 12 at 20:36