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Clothes Horse

TYPE: Total REQ: Change into all costumes available in the mall.

Clothes Horse0
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28 Oct 2012
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For those of you unable to watch the videos or do not wish to watch them.. Here is a quick guide to which stores and items you would need to obtain the items.. Most stores only have 1 item in them that is needed..

Note: Since none of the items are in game listed and only listed as "Change Clothes".. Hard to identify which items you have put on or not.. for my guide I used Hat, Hair & Glasses for the head/face portion (except a few selected items).. Outfit referring to a whole body clothing change.. and Shoes to well.. your feet attire..

A quick legend to understand spots:
P = Paradise Plaza
E = Entrance Plaza
A = Al Fresca Plaza
L = Colby Movies
W = Wonderland Plaza

Side Note:
(#) - multiple of same item
* - Grab all Glasses hence they are hard to tell difference

Clothes Horse:
P102 - Serve Bot Head
P107 - Hat, Shoes, Outfit
P109 - Outfit
P110 - Bear Head
P111 - Shoes
*P112 - Glasses(8)
P113 - Outfit, Horse Head(in back of store)
P116 - Shoes(3)
P203 - Outfit, Hat
L1 - Megaman Helmet
A102 - Outfit
E101 - Outfit
E102 - Outfit
E103 - Outfit
E104 - Shoes(5), Outfit
E106 - Outfit(2)
E109 - Demon Head
E110 - Outfit
E111 - Outfit
E112 - Outfit
E113 - Outfit, Hat
E202 - Outfit
E204 - Outfit
E207 - Outfit
E209 - Outfit
E210 - Hair(2)
*E213 - Glasses(7)
E214 - Hat(2)
E216 - Outfit
W101 - Outfit
W107 - Outfit
W109 - Outfit
W110 - Hair(2)
W202 - Outfit
W207 - Outfit
vSullyCompleted this while working on Frank the Pimp. Thanks!
Posted by vSully on 16 Apr 13 at 22:48
KanchanaburiThank you! This was a much better way rather than watching a vid and following.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 05 Sep 13 at 07:47
Prince Jame5e214 has an outfit in aswell
Posted by Prince Jame5 on 26 Mar 14 at 22:17
Hexa FoxThis way is far superior to the video. This probably takes around one fourth of the time of the video. I can confirm this works fine on the Xbox One as well. You should copy it over if you can.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 16 Sep 16 at 05:49
Agnt WashintubI might be being stupid but you missed the bald head in North Plaza N116
Posted by Agnt Washintub on 18 Sep 16 at 21:23
A Dreadful ShotThanks for that comment, it saved me a lot of time/frustration. I was following the walkthrough and the achievement didn’t unlock. Turns out I was just missing the bald head, for some reason it wasn’t stated in the walkthrough.
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 11 Aug 19 at 02:25