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Rayman Raving Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Unlock all the 3 artworks in score mode.

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12 Nov 2008
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It is not possible to get this achievement. This is due to a scoring bug in the game which disallows the final challenge to unlock.

Highest possible score before unlocking challenge: 173,000 (actually less due to additional bugs in some Shake Your Booty games).
Score required to unlock challenge: 174,000.
Artwork unlocks at: 183,000.

This prevents any player from getting a score high enough to unlock the final artwork.
ITS 0vER 9000X tReM3 ChAoSm, the only person who has this at the time of writing has this achievment but it is saying that his privacy settings are on hmmmm.....
Posted by ITS 0vER 9000 on 17 Apr 09 at 22:52
AdamRawrrThis game's crazy stupid :/
Posted by AdamRawrr on 02 Jun 09 at 02:53
Posted by Killme37 on 24 Jan 10 at 21:44
BantriWhy cant they just have a freaking update for this game?
Posted by Bantri on 18 Mar 10 at 03:45
Nv DefinesThere actually are no bugs in the Shake Your Booty games. I was able to 100% the entire bunch. But that won't affect this achievement being unobtainable. There is still a scoring bug in the game. Developers who can't do simple arithmetic should not be programmers.
Posted by Nv Defines on 23 Jul 11 at 21:42
Lord BaneJThe 2 guys who completed this game was obviously cheating.
Posted by Lord BaneJ on 23 Dec 12 at 14:02
jjaldanaHas anyone gotten a score of 173,000? Maybe the last challenge unlocks at 173,000 but says 174,000 as a typeo.
Posted by jjaldana on 07 Jun 16 at 18:22
wwjdandy@jjaldana, that's the point - no typo - even with a perfect score, you're 1000 points short of unlocking the final cheevo.
Posted by wwjdandy on 30 Oct 18 at 21:19
GlittermarsianOmg still no update
Posted by Glittermarsian on 11 Jan at 12:11
I Ayron IShake your body is not buggy. I have now all dance minigamas 1000 points.
Posted by I Ayron I on 12 Feb at 12:53