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Romeo Alpha Delta

Fly over 5kms.

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30 Oct 2012
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Rhino Van Dam has a good solution here, but I just unlocked this achievement and I'd like to add some advice.

First, you can use a couple of gadgets to make your life easier. I used the Turbo Boost and Dezapinator gadgets - the final two in the gadget stash. Turbo Boost causes boost rings to appear every now and then while you're playing. When you hit a boost ring, all the obstacles for a couple hundred meters are destroyed. This can save you a lot of trouble towards the end of 5000m. The Dezapinator causes the yellow zapper links to randomly fail about 10% of the time. This can also save you in case you can't maneuver out of the way in time.

Second, try and make sure to hit every single vehicle token you come across. They effectively reset the difficulty for a few hundred meters and give you an extra hit before you die.

I don't recommend using the Head Start items. When I used them I often found the change of pace when they wear off is jarring and caused me to die very quickly. I found it much easier to start at 0 and take my time.

Last advice echoes what Rhino said. Try and catch spin tokens, if possible. With luck you'll spin a revive or blast. Bring a Revive and Final Blast and use them only if you get pretty close to 4000m or so.

Good luck - this one is pretty tough!
MuscularTeanever knew that Turbo boost did that. Soon as I used that gadget I got past 5000 without using revive or final blast. AWESOME!
Posted by MuscularTea on 02 Nov 12 at 15:48
CaitSithMSI finaly unlocked the turbo boost but when i equip it i get to about 50m then my game kicks me out and restarts! anybody else have this problem?
Posted by CaitSithMS on 06 Nov 12 at 09:55
Itzz Sh0wt1m3yeah I got the same problem
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 07 Nov 12 at 12:24
StyxBoatmanFor the "kick me out and restart" guys. I had the same issue and I had the Music and Sound turned off. If you have one or both turned off try turning it back on. Also, I had my Messenger window docked on the side, I undocked it and played Full Screen. Good luck!
Posted by StyxBoatman on 13 Nov 12 at 23:00
CaitSithMSThanks Styxboatman that fixed it =D
Posted by CaitSithMS on 15 Nov 12 at 12:44
Tricky34Cheers for the Turbo boost suggestion, it made it a lot easier.
Posted by Tricky34 on 15 Dec 12 at 19:50
BelainfiI got update today and it seemed to fix "kick me out and restart" problem while using Turbo boost.
Posted by Belainfi on 21 Dec 12 at 08:56
Epic LouieCheers for the guide. It was the last achievement I needed and I finally unlocked it.
Posted by Epic Louie on 02 Jan 13 at 21:44
VictimOfDesireDidn't think the Dezapinator was going to be useful, but sure enough, the very first run with it equipped, I got over 5500 M. And I didn't buy any blasts or revives either. +1
Posted by VictimOfDesire on 28 Jan 13 at 12:59
C JittersI recommend using a mouse ;)
It react better and faster than the usual mouse pad.
Posted by C Jitters on 02 Mar 13 at 04:34
SaltyTONGot it with nothing equipped bar the Lucky Last... got to near the end and got a Large Blast with my last spin to get me over the 5km line.

I did it using the mouse as well... got it before I've got the damn dog achievement!
Posted by SaltyTON on 06 Mar 13 at 19:47
DRedWingsDJYThumbs up to Boingoing and SaltyTON. I had a run stop at 4950m. Plugged in the mouse and got ~5100 a couple runs later.
Posted by DRedWingsDJY on 05 Aug 13 at 15:42