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Successfully completed 5 Factory requests

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Complete 5 Factory requests within the time limit. A message will pop up asking for specific piñatas or at times one of your choosing. Any Piñatas sent away for these challenges will be returned, and saying no to a challenge will not hurt you or affect the achievement.
ACS Eldresyou could add that you start to get requests at level 14
Posted by ACS Eldres on 10 Oct 11 at 18:58
MalibuStacey85^^^ That would have been really helpful!
Posted by MalibuStacey85 on 12 Nov 12 at 11:47
GrouchymoslaThank you for that ACS Eldres, I was wondering why I wasn't getting any.
Posted by Grouchymosla on 03 Nov 13 at 22:28
Spaceman1809That explains it cheers
Posted by Spaceman1809 on 13 Nov 15 at 20:07
FlawlessJawsNot including that you get factory quests until level 14. Been wondering why I haven't for about three hours.
Posted by FlawlessJaws on 17 Jun 16 at 20:48
KillipoI'd say the level would have been the most important part of the guide, especially if you've already played TiP.
Posted by Killipo on 27 Aug 16 at 00:08