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Revive 10 incapacitated Survivors while under the speed-boosting effects of adrenaline.

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21 Nov 2009
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The best stage to pick for this achievement is the HARD RAIN campaign chapter 5 TOWN ESCAPE . When you start in the safe room there is always a defibrillator for the SHOCK JOCK achievement, really good weapons, and most of the time there will be an adrenaline or two for THE QUICK AND THE DEAD achievement as well. Also if you have an extra controller and sign in a guest you don't have to try and lure the bots out of the safe room. Change the difficulty to expert and kill the other survivors and leave your guest standing. Then take the guest out of the safe room and shut the door. Wait for it to die and be sure to grab a defibrillator and an adrenaline if its there. Change the difficulty to easy and kill the zombies but try to to leave at least one alive. Then revive your guest and go back into the safe room. Sometimes another hoard will come so you might not need to change it to expert but if it doesnt you can change it to expert if you want to. Make sure your change it back to easy before your guest dies you want it alive but incapped. Go out and clear out the zombies but if you have another adrenaline in the safe room try to leave a zombie alive so you can do it again. Then take your adrenaline shot and pick up your guest. Once you have used up your adrenaline shots change it to expert and kill your guest or find a zombie or you can go over the downed fence through the gas station and jump in the lake its an instant kill so you can start the chapter over and do it all over again.

This was the way I found to be most reliable to get both achievements quickly. Any questions send me a message via xbox live. GT LBCeroy
Pure Vapour 420As noted by `Aegico` , be sure to return to the main menu and reload it every time you respawn or they dont count ...
Posted by Pure Vapour 420 on 04 Dec 09 at 21:53
LBCeroywhen i was doing this i had no problems with them not counting. every time i died and restarted the chapter it was fine. maybe there was an update?
Posted by LBCeroy on 05 Dec 09 at 02:18
QuarantaneNice guide, but I wish it was broken up into smaller paragraphs...guess it's just a personal preference type thing.

I'd give a positive vote, but I also have a guide for this one. I'll use this method for shock jock though :)
Posted by Quarantane on 18 Dec 09 at 02:46
DiddleMyOrificeIf you throw a Molotov it still counts.
Its better to do this in Scavenge.
Posted by DiddleMyOrifice on 02 Jan 10 at 04:45
SashamorningI'm not sure this works anymore. They may have patched it. I killed the bots and then rescued my partner right outside the door, but the achievement counter never went up. I'm pretty sure I did it right, too. :-(
Posted by Sashamorning on 05 Jun 10 at 07:15
Old TandyDitto. Can anyone confirm that this no longer works?
Posted by Old Tandy on 05 Aug 10 at 23:07