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Craft one of Franklin's inventions to decorate your Manor.

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04 Nov 2012 05 Nov 2012
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Whenever you complete an Almanac by collecting all four pages, you earn a new crafting recipe for a Ben Franklin invention.

To craft an invention, use the accounting book - located in any general store or on the first floor of your manor - and go to the Crafting menu. Scroll down to the Inventions category and you will see all of the invention recipes that you have. Each invention requires specific artisans at a cetain level (who settle during homestead missions, and also level up by doing more homestead missions) and some amount of raw materials that can either be purchased in the Stockpile menu or crafted out of other materials.

The first one that I was able to create was the Kite & Key, which requires your tailor to be level 2. It also requires the linsey-woolsey material, which is created from flax. You are able to purchase flax from your farmers once you complete their pig-herding homestead mission.

You will eventually need to craft all of the Franklin inventions to get to 100% completion in the game.
Lolennoxbut how do I elvole the tailor? what do I need to do in order to get xp or anything like that to him? I am in seq 08, I have the recipe of a stove, the ingredients as well, but I am not able to craft it.
Posted by Lolennox on 05 Nov 12 at 14:17
ixnay37To level up your tailor, you need to do her homestead mission where you go back to her house to get her fabric. That's how all the artisans level up, you just do more homestead missions for them.
Posted by ixnay37 on 05 Nov 12 at 17:17
Lolennoxthank you...I am doing the homestead missions as soon as they appears in the map...but i didn't pay attention if some of them have evolved.
Posted by Lolennox on 06 Nov 12 at 00:05
Earlydazethe first one i got was the barrel i made it and no achievement, do i actually need to put it in the house or equip it to the house or something?
Posted by Earlydaze on 06 Nov 12 at 12:52
ixnay37The barrel isn't a Ben Franklin invention, it's just a regular item. There's dozens of things you can craft, but only the stuff in the "Inventions" section counts for this achievement.

If you don't have this section in the crafting menu yet, you need to find all 4 pages of an almanac to get an invention recipe.
Posted by ixnay37 on 06 Nov 12 at 17:20
Earlydazeahh cool i though you could craft any of them thought they all came from the almanacs got nearly all of them. Cheers
Posted by Earlydaze on 07 Nov 12 at 22:57
XI AlphaMale IXWhy is this achievement flagged as buggy?
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 17 Nov 12 at 06:22
Weezleram@AlphaMale, you can always check the flag submissions for a game to see the reasoning behind the flags.

"buggy, i completed the requirements for both these achievements on my profile and they unlocked just fine. however, i signed on a different profile that had done niether and both achievements unlocked on that account."
- moogless, from the flag submissions
Posted by Weezleram on 12 Jan 13 at 03:29
Armstrong x360a@Weezleram - Is it still possible see these submissions? I can't find a way to see the reasoning anywhere on the page. Thanks in advance.
Posted by Armstrong x360a on 03 Jul 17 at 00:56
EarthboundXSo I only have two left to craft, but it's saying "Inventory Full" when I try, and it won't let me.

I still need to craft the Electrostatic Generator, and the Glass Armonica. I recall it said this before earlier in the game, but it eventually went away, can I only craft certain inventions after a certain memory sequence? I just started 10.

OK figured it out, for some reason the game seems to have an inventory limit, either for the stockpile, or for Conner. Even though you aren't going to be carrying the Inventions, it still checks against that limit when you try to craft one.

So I sold some things and then it let me craft them. Got scared for a second after, because I forgot there wasn't an achievement for crafting all of them, and I thought it glitched, haha.
Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Mar at 07:12