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Full bonus growth for 5 plants

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Full bonus growth for 25 plants.
Get Full bonus growth with 25 different types of plants. To get full bonus growth, use fertilizer. Note: Most plants can take 3 uses of fertilizer right away, but trees have to have one per growth spurt. You can tell when the tree is ready for more by watching for a small “explosion” of leaves. When this happens apply more fertilizer. The tone of sound will tell you if you used it correctly.
StoodBridgeI love the sound it makes when you fertilize a plant or tree.
Posted by StoodBridge on 14 Jan 09 at 18:50
iMaginaryyTrees, and bushes I believe. Nightshade bush for instance I'm pretty sure I had to do that one in three different spurt stages. I think blackberry bushes are the same way, although that one may have been just right away.

Probably should have mentioned that you'd get this achievement on the way to the one you actually posted about, for clarity and all that but yeah, not important.
Posted by iMaginaryy on 20 Dec 13 at 00:15