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Lone Wolf Legend

Complete the Campaign solo on Legendary difficulty.

Lone Wolf Legend+0.5
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08 Nov 2012 18 Nov 2012
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This is my first guide so I hope you can get some help out of my tips.

First off, in my opinion, I thought this was the hardest halo of any yet. Ammo is really scarce and it doesn't go far. Try to play thru the game to get a feel and layout of the levels. Legendary doens't change the levels at all, it just give you WAAAY more bad guys. For the first 6 levels I would play it on Normal to understand it, then play it immediatly after on Legendary so I knew what to expect.

1. Noob Combo - I know it seems like a no-brainer but really. Use it. DMR or Covenant Carbine paired with a plama pistol. Keep it and pair it anytime you can.

2. Patience....Patience. - I found myself playing this like multiplayer during the first few levels, running and gunning, and all that did was get me respawning. Slow down. Play from a distance. I found many times I would get a promethean knights shields down(you'll see a blue pop) only to have to retreat since I had no shield left. I know you'll have to start over, but it's better than respawing.

3. Headshots are a must - Grunts in one, Jackals in two(one on their weapon arm, then one in the head) and so on. Turn on Grunt Birthday party to help you tell if you're getting headshots. It really helped me. That's why you want to use tip #1. KEEP A RANGED WEAPON AT ALL TIMES!!

4. Stay back - Play from a distance and if possible let them come to you. Legendary difficulty has most of the AI searching you out, so you don't have to find them, they will find you. Peek over corners and around edges. DON'T CHARGE....they will kill you. While you're at a distance, take out the smallest first. Grunts, Jackal Snipers and any of the small Prometheans. In later levels take out the promethian watchers first. Nothing worse than having a knights shields gone only to have a watcher put up a shild for him.

5. Get comfortable with ditching weapons - Your noob combo won't last long, so find something else. Use whatever you can find. Often times I backtracked a couple of minutes to get the DMR ammo or needler i passed on the ground. Search and search and search. Ammo boxes are in the smallest and weirdest of spots so look around. The needler is REALLY powerful so take advantage of it. Use your grenades and armor ablilites as well, that's why you got them. I found myself most of the time using hologram and promethian shield. Make good use of it. The AI is overly aggressive so throw out or hologram and hit them in the back.

6. Run - Don't be afraid to run. If all else fails and you've tried different methods, then just run. Many times I would throw out the hologram in the opposite direction and run the other way. In the level midnight, I did it a couple of times to get in the portals. Really helped me get past some crappy checkpoints.

7. Edit - Some of the comments make great suggestions. Anytime you know you have a pair of hunters coming save a Fuel Rod/Rocket Launcher. Most of the time thru my Legendary playthrough an Elite would be right in front of a pair of Hunters with a Fuel Rod or Rocket Launcher. Get it and save it. Very Useful. Also make good use of turrets. Take one with you for the road ahead. Saves ammo and knocks out Elites fast!

Some general level tips(minor spoilers here):

Requiem - While searching the crashed ships, climb all the way to the top on the outside of the 1st UNSC ship. Up there is a battle rifle and Sniper rifle. You can make good use out of that.

Forerunner - Noob Combo and hologram. I found it really useful on the Knights. Later in the level you'll have to knock out 3 forerunner generators with some banshees fling over head. As soon as you exit a big door to the left you'll see an Elite running for a banshee, kill him but leave the banshee. They will kill you fast if you try it. Here is where hologram comes in handy. Work your way around the outside and be patient. This part took me a while with many deaths.

Infinity - One of the harderst levels in the game, I thought. Towards the middle of the level you'll come to 3 or 4 marines at the bottom of the hill and a few weapons next to them. Leave those weapons there. You're going to need the ammo for the Promethean assault. Go all the way over to the right side of the screen and you'll see a big tree you can get behind. Use it for cover. Now since you left the weapons from before, you have extra ammo right below you. Don't worry about them coming from behind you, none ever did for me. They all climbed the hill and came at me head on.

Edit: Reclaimer - During the various assaults on the mammoth, get the Gauss warthog. I think it will be driving around while you ride in the mammoth. If you use it at all, bring it back and park it in the bottom, you're going to need it later. An A.I. will automatically jump in and run the cannon for you, as long as you drive. If you can manage to keep him alive, center him and the hog in the doorway and he will do all the work on the wraiths and ghosts that will come your way. I seem to remember the mammoth parks several times and one time in particular, it parks sideways(for whatever reason). Put the warthog and marine right over the open doorway, and just sit back and allow the A.I. to actually help. If he dies, just restart the checkpoint, but it should get you thru the various assault parts of the level. I only had to restart twice on this level, with this method.

Shutdown - Noob combo again. I also played this level from a distance and went slow.

Midnight - Hologram was a must for me. Towards the middle of the level you'll get to a Promethean Armory where you can pick any weapons. I took a Scattershot and an Incineration Cannon. A scattershot will kill a Knight in 3 hits and the Cannon is a instant kill. Save the cannon for the last part of the level when you are around the Didact with the knights, this is very helpful. As for the knights throw the hologram out then run behind them.

Hopefully any of these tips will help you. Again this is my first guide, so if have any tips let me know in the comments.
theEchnessThanks! In the Forerunner level I got stuck majorly. Ended up having to use a DMR and Light Rifle to take out both banshees, you know how long that takes?? They had me trapped pretty good.
Posted by theEchness on 09 Nov 12 at 21:15
De4thM4chin3Do you need to beat all the missions on Legendary Solo from the beginning to end in order? I'm wondering because I completed the first 2 missions on Legendary Solo and then went back on Easy to get the achievements for the sticky detonator and the gravity hammer. It shows that I've completed the first 2 missions on Legendary Solo but I thought I might have read somewhere that you had to beat the entire game all the way through without ever changing the difficulty. If someone could please clarify it would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to go all the way through and not get the achievement just to have play through it again.
Posted by De4thM4chin3 on 11 Nov 12 at 13:57
Laughing EnsuesNice guide. I was doing mission 3, and saved and quit half way to go to sleep. Came back and resumed campaign and finished the level but the game failed to show I had completed the level on Legendary. So I replayed it all the way through and the 2nd time I got confirmation I completed the level on Legendary. So just a heads up to do the mission all the way through, without saving and quitting.

@De4thM4chin3 I'm pretty sure it doesnt matter that you changed the difficulty, as long as you complete all the levels on legendary you should get it
Posted by Laughing Ensues on 11 Nov 12 at 15:05
theEchness@De4thM4chin3 Yeah, like Ensues says it doesn't matter that you changed at all. I went thru the first 6 solo on Legendary then completed the last 2 on co-op Legendary, then went back and did the two solo achieves like you on easy and still got Lone Wolf Legend.
Posted by theEchness on 11 Nov 12 at 16:41
A Seizure SaladGreat tips! Another thing you could add is that having a three shot burst weapon like the BR is better than a single shot like the DMR. With 3 shots you have more chances of getting a headshot.
Posted by A Seizure Salad on 11 Nov 12 at 17:14
SteveBuscemi129Is it possible to start a mission in co-op and then at the end the second player leaves and the game will count the mission done in solo?
Posted by SteveBuscemi129 on 11 Nov 12 at 17:43
De4thM4chin3Cool! Thanks for the help guys.
Posted by De4thM4chin3 on 11 Nov 12 at 22:39
HolyHalfDeadPersonally I think Halo 2 (PC) has is the hardest legendary campaign (only one I haven't completed yet). This one really isn't too bad as there are loads of weapon pick ups and checkpoints. The game even lets you get creative and grab vehicles and keep them beyond where you would normally think you couldn't. For more of a challenge, try it on Mythic difficulty (all skulls on).

My tips:
Do the Heroic co-op achievement first.
Autosentry is like Hologram only it shoots back. It will reduce a Knights shield so you can then finish it off with one clip while it's attention is still on the autosentry. This will also save you ammo. The Autosentry can be found on almost every level.
Pick up a power weapon when you know you have two hunters to deal with - unlike in co-op you have no teammate to get their attention so you can shoot them in the back.
Never leave a turret behind, snap it off and haul it along with you until you need it (like for taking down 3 elites at once)

My answers:
You can play the missions in any order (saving Midnight for last if you want to see the Legendary ending)
If you get part way through and then resume from a rally point (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc) it will not count.
I don't know if doing it in co-op and getting your team mates to drop out will count - it does for Spartan Ops, but I don't think it will for Campaign. Even if it did, you would need to do the campaign all over again so that each of your team mates can get it.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 12 Nov 12 at 00:23
theEchness@ULTIMATE leo129 I'm not sure if it records it as co-op or solo. I would assume it would record it as whatever starts the mission. I see under the mission select it hsa solo and co-op seperate so, I'm not too sure either way. Sorry.

@HolyHa1fDead Great point on the Hunters, I saved a few fuel rod cannons just for them twice. I never thought about the turrets. Also a excellent point!
Posted by theEchness on 12 Nov 12 at 00:59
SambaDoes the noob combo work on Knights?
Posted by Samba on 13 Nov 12 at 09:07
theEchness@Samba P Yes, it does. Although it takes 2 plasma charges instead of 1.
Posted by theEchness on 13 Nov 12 at 14:10
monndoNot saying you are wrong or a baddie or anything but this is the first Halo I've done on legendary on my own and it wasn't all that hard. I was thinking of doing Reach on my own because I haven't played it yet...I didn't really care for Reach or ODST honestly but doing 4 on solo was pretty cool so I might give it a shot. And yes..DMR or BR will get you through the entire campaign as if it were on normal or maybe heroic.
Posted by monndo on 13 Nov 12 at 16:35
TECHNOxTRUCKERtheEchness, I completed Halo 4 on solo legendary difficulty on Tuesday and today I just read your strategy and it like you was watching me play because thats is the strategy that Ive been using. LOL. You know the Forerunner part with the Elite running for his Banshee; and you said kill the Elite but leave the Banshee. Thats exactly what I did. I left the Banshee and destroyed the three field generators. After that, I took the Banshee and fly to the top. That works but the enemies will be shooting at you. Dude you been watching me? LOL. Shutdown...I definitely had to take my time on that level. And the auto sentry was very helpful! Oh and here is a tip to make that level with the mammoth easier. Keep a Ghost and the Warthhog with the guass cannon in the Mammoth and you can fire through the side door of the Mammoth at enemy vehicles (Wraiths and Ghost) without putting yourself out in the open.
Posted by TECHNOxTRUCKER on 13 Nov 12 at 23:20
TECHNOxTRUCKERI dont remember if that Warthog had guass cannon or rocket launchers. But its right by the edge of the cliff on the Mammoth levels
Posted by TECHNOxTRUCKER on 13 Nov 12 at 23:29
theEchness@TECHNOxTRUCKER Ha, Ha, good one! You must have been watching me, cause that's what I had to do with the gauss warthog. That's a great point. I kept the gauss hog and one a.i. marine and centered him over the open door in the mammoth. He did all the work on the wraiths and ghosts. I bet that part took 10 to 15 minutes. I better update the guide with that.
Posted by theEchness on 14 Nov 12 at 00:33
TECHNOxTRUCKERWow! :) That's awesome. But I did that without the AI marine. The plasma mortar from the wraith cannot make it in the Mammoth. I park in a good position and got on the turret. But your strategies are not questionable to me because we seem to have thought alike while playing Halo 4
Posted by TECHNOxTRUCKER on 14 Nov 12 at 04:03
ICECLlMBERSHalo 2 PC is the hardest Halo. Talk about a pain in the ass.
Posted by ICECLlMBERS on 14 Nov 12 at 05:51
Frigid Arcticcan you use skulls? would the one that weakens resistances for enemies.
Posted by Frigid Arctic on 15 Nov 12 at 01:22
theEchness@LHR Frozen 6 No, not really. I think you're referring to the Tilt skull. Resistance and weakness are INCREASED. Unlike Gears, the Skulls/Modifiers don't do much to help, except for Grunt Birthday Party. Grunt headshots end with confettii. Only useful to make sure you got that headshot.
Posted by theEchness on 15 Nov 12 at 02:34
R1DD3R5Great guide, i personally read this after i finished it but otherwise its great :) I would recommend though that using the lightrifle is probably a best alterate weapon of choice if there is no DMR or battle rifle. Just because ammo appears almost everytime with the knights, which pissed me off no end, and they also occassionally drop one making ammo less scarce. In terms of skulls Grunt Bday party and the one which changes speech are just great additions to play with. On forerunner I personally used a combination of the ghost I was in and the banshee to clear everything out, was always satisfying to splatter that elite then move round to the side cave structures make assaults from there. I do agree with the use of autosentry, that thing was awesome in times of little ammo as holograms whilst it worked, for me weren't as effective. I personally hardly ever snapped off a turret, i hated walking slower :) Great guide though, i wouldn't say its the hardest halo, to me the hardest enemies were the knights and it seems the elites and hunters were easier to take out, but it might just be me.
Posted by R1DD3R5 on 16 Nov 12 at 01:01
theEchness@R1DD3R5 Thanks for the post! The Lightrifle is a great alternative to the DMR. Good point, I used it in the last half of the game. I came to like it so much, I made a loadout in war games with it. Seems like I'm the odd man out, in terms of using the autosentry. I never had good luck with it, but glad to hear it worked for you.
Posted by theEchness on 16 Nov 12 at 01:39
Aj6627A thought: has anyone tried, or know of someone who tried, doing the thing that works for the Spartan Ops legendary cheevo where you go up til the end in coop and then your partner quits out? It works for the legendary Spartan Ops one, so it's feasible that it might work in campaign.
Posted by Aj6627 on 16 Nov 12 at 05:12
theEchness@Aj6627 That's a great idea! I haven't heard of that at all! Can anyone confirm if this works? I'll update the guide if it does.
Posted by theEchness on 16 Nov 12 at 11:11
TECHNOxTRUCKERWhy solo legendary to difficult for you? I think the game keeps track of it by rally points. I dont think it will work. And the game tracks your co-op and solo progress individually.
Posted by TECHNOxTRUCKER on 16 Nov 12 at 16:59
Aj6627I wasn't commenting on difficulty. I was just thinking that it might work the same as Spartan Ops. I think the rally point thing might be an issue, but I'll see if I can find someone to try it out with tonight. Have one of us quit right before the rally point.
Posted by Aj6627 on 17 Nov 12 at 04:07
Aj6627I thought I had posted, but apparently not. I tried it the other night with a friend with him quitting out right before each of the rally points, and it did not work. But, my curiosity was satisfied, so I'm happy.
Posted by Aj6627 on 19 Nov 12 at 06:05
theEchness@Aj6627 Thanks for the update. Bummer to hear, but hey, you never know.
Posted by theEchness on 19 Nov 12 at 10:06
Bjarke Brieoddly enough, I had great success with the scattershot, whenever I could get it
Posted by Bjarke Brie on 24 Nov 12 at 21:52
SemanticV0idSo far this one is easier than Reach on Legendary. The enemies seem to go down easily enough and I only die when I make really bad decisions sometimes. In Reach the enemies were absolute bullet sponges and they would swarm me countless times. I haven't beaten this one yet but it definitely seems easier.
Posted by SemanticV0id on 28 Nov 12 at 09:15
RedoduaI found the scattershot pretty useful in the last level. If you're close enough, you can kill a knight with two scattershot headshots.
Posted by Redodua on 30 Nov 12 at 20:42
RhyoliticI'd say 4 is one of the easier Halos when it comes to doing a Solo Legendary run. Compared to Reach, it's a cakewalk. Ya, you're probably going to do a lot of backtracking to ammo caches, but I'd chalk that up more to the absurdly short time frame that dropped weapons stay in the game. I don't know why 343 decided to make them disappear practically as soon as they drop.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 05 Dec 12 at 18:52
a Fi1thy CasualNice tips, but I have to agree with Rhyolitic - this was one of the easiest solo runs on legendary. It took me 2 days, which is ridiculous for this franchise.

Also, you should not doubt the power of the Boltshot. 2 overcharges with the weapon will take out a knight. Seriously, that gun saved me a few times from a charging knight.

I barely used the noob combo. For some reason, elites we so insanely easy in this game it was pathetic. And knights, with a ranged weapon, fell easily too. I was expecting a nightmare with this game given the new enemy types, but it was far from that.

The biggest pain was ammo. You were correct with your guide: a full ranged weapon does not go far. I would have 108 with a full clip on my light rifle only to reload and find I used half my ammo. It was crazy.

Lastly, to your credit once more, head shots ARE a must. A binary rifle can take down a knight with two head shots. Just something for people to keep in mind (especially on the last level).
Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 02 Jan 13 at 17:51
theEchnessGreat tips guys. Thanks for the comments.
Posted by theEchness on 02 Jan 13 at 23:26
Funky MonkeeSo yesterday my campaign progress and spartan armour/loadouts were reset, really annoying as I was making progress. Anyone else have this happen? I'm a little shy starting again in case it gets erased, I think I'm just gonna have a Halo marathon and get it done in one day.
Posted by Funky Monkee on 13 Jan 13 at 11:20
theEchnessWow....I've never heard of that happening. Too bad, but I would think if you do have a marathon and knock it out in one day, that should take care of that problem, anyways. That really does suck though.
Posted by theEchness on 13 Jan 13 at 16:13
Funky MonkeeWell, I did the marathon lol, finished it today. I hope you guys realise you can start missions from rally points and it still counts, I only really had to play through 1/3 of the game, took about 4 hours.
Posted by Funky Monkee on 15 Jan 13 at 21:57
xTHx DiSToRTioNIf you're having problems with knights I found the assault rifle takes down their shields pretty well.
Posted by xTHx DiSToRTioN on 15 Feb 13 at 03:24
EGA BlackfireThank you a ton for this guide! It certainly made it a lot easier to trudge through Legendary.
Posted by EGA Blackfire on 16 Feb 13 at 20:02
Shadow XBLFYI, a scattershot will kill a knight in two hits if you're close to them. Shoot once, then once in the head/stomach. Done.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 04 Jul 14 at 16:30