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Digging up the Past

In mission 1, find and access Chief's record.

Digging up the Past0
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09 Nov 2012 09 Nov 2012
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Tip for those having trouble getting this achievement.
There's like 8 solutions already so read them to find where it's located...
BUT to those who the achievement will not pop for...

If it does not pop when you first hold X on the terminal, simple restart the mission from the start menu, walk past the set of stairs that leads to the "Records Terminal", hold X on the terminal that reads "Review Weapon System." Now turn around and go to the "Records Terminal" and try it.

This worked for me and I can only hope that it will work for everyone else.

If you add this to your guide please give credit.
I hope this helps.
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iamtfc This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!
Posted by iamtfc on 10 Nov 12 at 16:53
Mr Mp5 Thanks for the confirm that it works.
Posted by Mr Mp5 on 11 Nov 12 at 00:52
CobbFC09 Worked for me too. Thanks!
Posted by CobbFC09 on 08 Dec 12 at 06:08
Danny Dubs 86 Yep, that's what I needed, too. Thank!
Posted by Danny Dubs 86 on 06 Jan 13 at 15:34
Mister Buds Thanks, man. I couldn't believe that the first achievement was glitching on me! This got it to unlock.
Posted by Mister Buds on 29 Aug 14 at 22:27