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Cheer Leader

Cheer a friend

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11 Nov 2012
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You need a friend on Xbox LIVE who have played this game to get the achievement.

On the start screen right after you have logged in, you will see statistical information about yourself and your Xbox LIVE friends. Once a friend’s listing is open, swipe from the left across it to cheer on your friend. The achievement will unlock instantly.
i ride infinityI see the statistical information for myself. I have a friend who has Nike + Kinect Training and has played it. I don't see statistical information for them. I've waited and watched the information cycle multiple times. It will tell me how many friends I have online, how many sessions I have completed, but nothing about my friend who has the game.
Posted by i ride infinity on 04 May 13 at 20:19
Abbsters21I'm having this same problem
Posted by Abbsters21 on 12 May 13 at 16:22
i ride infinityI figured it out. Your friend has to be online playing Nike + Kinect Training.
Posted by i ride infinity on 16 May 13 at 02:44
ChronovoreOP should adjust their written Solution to include that the other friends must be online to show up on the Main Menu's statistics.
Posted by Chronovore on 18 Nov 13 at 03:11