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Lone Wolf Legend

Complete the Campaign solo on Legendary difficulty.

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11 Nov 2012
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Just finished Halo 4 on solo Legendary and like those above I've a few tips which others may find useful.

Running is your best friend in the earlier levels. On later levels I found that the more I tried to skip a mob, I'd either just get mauled to death or in one instance I managed to sequence break the game (leading to me having to restart the level from roughly the half way point) so you do need to be careful later on. This tactic did save my bacon on several occasions in levels 2-5 though so don't feel obliged to kill everything.

Unlike Bungie's Halo games, when you die in a vehicle the game does NOT save the vehicle damage you've taken to that point. Essentially meaning you can take a massive beating, hit a checkpoint, get yourself killed and then have a completely restored vehicle upon respawning. This works with all vehicles in the game including the Mantis. Traditionally, I've always found Halo's vehicle sections to be the most challenging and this turned those levels into a walk in the park for me.

Lastly, instead of using Hologram on the last level, I found it more achievable using Auto Sentry. Not only does the Auto Sentry draw fire as Hologram does but it also aids you in conserving Light Rifle ammo (fuck I'd HATE to have to do the last 3 islands with just a Boltshot), the only drawback is that the recharge time on Auto Sentry is fairly long so you'll have to employ plenty of patience, which you should have anyway if you are playing the game on solo legendary.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'll add more if anything does spring to mind.
Soundgoodizerthis is not true
Posted by Soundgoodizer on 04 Dec 12 at 20:31
Soundgoodizerokay correction it does work, but not always. also you have to make sure you DIE instead of restarting last checkpoint from the menu
Posted by Soundgoodizer on 04 Dec 12 at 20:39
PanesthesiaCongrats on working out and revealing to all what I said in the first place, "Essentially meaning you can take a massive beating, hit a checkpoint, get yourself killed and then have a completely restored vehicle upon respawning."

Didn't test whether it worked every time or not as I was more interested in.. you know.. finishing the game.
Posted by Panesthesia on 09 Dec 12 at 07:54
a Fi1thy CasualI agree with the last level - the auto sentry was more helpful than the hologram. As for the vehicle trick: I honestly did not notice that on my play-through (as you stated in the post above, I too was interested in just finishing the game).

Ammo is fairly scarce unless you take a second and look. I found that the moment I stopped to take a breath and look around there were guns galore. The ammo in your rifle is a different story: it seemed every bullet fired took a friend out of the clip as well. I would have a fully stocked light rifle (108 + the clip), reload and be left with about half. That made things difficult in fire fights.

You mentioned the boltshot (not wanting just that gun during the last sequence) and I agree: JUST having that gun would suck balls. But as a sidearm, that gun is extremely reliable. Two overcharges from that piece will drop a knight. Something others should keep in mind if they find themselves in a corner and a knight charging.

This has not been my first Halo run, as I have been a fan of the series since its debut in 2001, but I went into this campaign being told it was comparable to Halo 2's Legendary difficulty. It was disappointing to learn how this did not even touch Halo 3's Legendary run.
Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 02 Jan 13 at 18:05