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Get all character illustrations.

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13 Nov 2012
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To get every illustration, do as follows:

- Complete all Story Mode paths.
- Complete Arcade Mode using every character. (Beginner difficulty with 1 round is fine, and you do not have to reach Order Sol.)
- Complete EX Arcade Mode with every EX character. (Hold LT when picking Arcade from the main menu, press Start when selecting a character.)
- Complete Survival Mode.
- Get to at least level 500 in Classic Survival Mode. (Hold LB when picking Survival on the main menu.)
- Complete every Mission with every character.
- Get a "GGXX" rank on every Mission.

For Mission Mode, the game's difficulty does matter. In fact, you cannot get a GGXX rank on anything less than Maniac difficulty. Note that you only need to get a GGXX rank for one character each mission. All other characters are free to beat that mission on Beginner difficulty.
I Nevan IIt may also be worth mentioning that you can unlock the Normal and Ex Character Artworks while selecting Black/Gold Characters. HOWEVER, if you're playing EX Arcade Mode, you're not allowed to play Gold characters since it will not count towards the Gallery.

I tried it with Gold Sol and Gold Justice but Special illustration 12 would not unlock for me. Then I used Black Justice (press RT until "Reload Color" appears at the right bottom and then press RB), played through and got the Artwork. You're allowed to use Continues and change characters during your playthrough.

Playing EX Characters in EX Arcade Mode isn't needed either. I got Special Illustration 13 while playing with all normal characters in their Black versions.
Posted by I Nevan I on 17 Nov 12 at 17:03
Xerox1919Yeah, I just said EX characters in EX Arcade for the sake of simplicity. Since you have to beat EX Arcade with all characters, and you need to also use all EX characters (in either mode), you might as well just do both at once.

And great find on the Shadow and Gold characters! That would definitely make things quicker.

And yes, when going through Arcade mode, the only thing that actually matters is which character beats I-No at the end. (At least, it was that way on the PS2 version.) So if it's easier for anyone, it's totally doable to play through Arcade mode with any character, lose at I-No, switch to the character you actually want to complete the mode with, and then beat her.
Posted by Xerox1919 on 17 Nov 12 at 19:48
I Nevan IJust got the achievement and I want to add that it won't unlock until you go to the Gallery itself where it should state 154/154 illustrations unlocked. Just if people should get curious.

If anyone's having trouble with missions (mission 17 or GGXX rank) just tell me which character you're having trouble with and I can make a video if needed.
Posted by I Nevan I on 23 Nov 12 at 19:19
Zenn P+1
Also to speed up all the Arcade runs switch the difficulty to Beginner and Rounds to 1. Then go to Controller settings and set P+K+S+HS to LB. Start up Arcade Mode(or Ex by holding LT and pressing A) and select Justice with start button then choose GG Mode. Once the fight starts press LB for a tail attack. If successful, it will result in an Instant Kill. May take several tries but you'll get in on Beginner fairly easily. Once you get to I-No lose on purpose and select the character you need to clear Arcade with and defeat her. Each run barely took me 5 minutes with this trick. You can even Turbo down LB until you get to I-No to make it even easier.
Posted by Zenn P on 03 Mar 13 at 22:20