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Research Master

Max out research on all 9 research subjects.

Research Master0
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Arc VampireArc Vampire262,944
14 Nov 2012
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All of the methods offered here are great and I would like to share mine. The best, and easiest, way I found to max out research is by simply using the Camera and Phosphorus Buck shot. When an enemy appears start your camera, then hit them with a shot of Phosphorus. When the pellets explode watch the research score (it will explode as well). Using this method you can achieve an A+ score almost every time, meaning most subjects are complete within four to six research segments. Note that you can only continue to research a subject to the next research level. Once that is reached, the camera will stop until you find a new subject, so save your ammo. Also, Phosphorus Buck is not available when you first get the Camera, but is shortly after. I hope this helps...