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Not Worth It

Leave Lenny in the desert

Not Worth It0
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17 Nov 2012 18 Nov 2012
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In the mission "End of the Road" Lenny will give you some information, after that DO NOT KILL HIM. Get in your car and drive away and the achievement is yours. The Achievement is called "Not Worth It".
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UNeakOne Thank you
Posted by UNeakOne on 18 Nov 12 at 19:26
Legit Spam You can do this via level select...
Posted by Legit Spam on 29 Nov 12 at 02:20
Grotesque Fiend I didn't know you could get a achievement for not killling him.
Posted by Grotesque Fiend on 01 Jan 13 at 12:55
Diachron I didn't kill him the first time I played the mission, and the achievement didn't pop. I DID harass him a bit by chasing him around, pointing various weapons at him, etc.. but let him live.

The second time I played the level I just immediately got in the car, and the achievement popped. FYI.
Posted by Diachron on 06 Jan 13 at 07:17
deutschZuid Listen to his monologue after the level is completed. It's quite hilarious.
Posted by deutschZuid on 22 Jan 13 at 05:08
KGK Lunchbox it was way worth it. i blew him up with the dynamite. EPIC kill :p
Posted by KGK Lunchbox on 22 Jan 13 at 12:54
ProfanityBob Ugh, got to stop shooting everything that moves. This was the only secret one I was missing
Posted by ProfanityBob on 22 Mar 13 at 05:50
Santar0s if you look to the right of where he initially runs you will find a tree with a tomohawk stuck in it and if you knock lenny out you can get his derringer.
Posted by Santar0s on 24 Mar 13 at 12:10
Marc Pilkington Just did this now. I vaguely remembered this secret cheevo so just left him to make sure. After calling me a wimp for leaving him I couldn't leave without running after him and pointing a silenced gun at his face causing him to cower and ask for more 'noise' than a silencer laugh Kinda felt sorry for the poor guy afterwards...
Posted by Marc Pilkington on 29 Apr 13 at 22:43
zoidberg1339 "Oh no, not a silencer!" Yeah, that part was great.
Posted by zoidberg1339 on 14 Mar 14 at 11:24
Dragonborn Gear I was going to let him live the first time around, but then he didn't seem very grateful, so I cut him down thanks to his rude words.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 24 Apr 16 at 04:56