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Tower of Babble

In TranZit, obey the voices.

Tower of Babble-0.5
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18 Nov 2012 07 Dec 2012
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I want to make a guide that is less ambiguous than many others I've read, so here is my attempt. You need to be on Original difficulty level. This is all we did to get this achievement, we didn't assemble any obelisks or super weapons. This guide does assume you have some knowledge of how to play Zombies.

Step 1:
You need four players. In the bus station EVERYONE needs a windmill turbine. One player needs to have an EMP grenade. So keep using the box as soon as you start. Let one player kill all the zombies for the first 2 rounds and you should have enough money for three turns on the box at the Diner. If you don't get EMPs then restart the game.

Step 2:
Then at the end of the second round leave a couple of zombies alive and have one player look after them at the Diner so the rest of the players can go off to the power room (including the player with the EMP grenades), which is two bus stops after the Diner. Turn on the power by assembling the switch, then turn it off again after the voice tells you to (this step has created the electrical man that you need to kill with an EMP in step 4). Use a turbine to leave the power room and get back to the bus, but don't forget to pick it up again. Two players then walk back the way the bus came to get back to the cornfield and the overhead power line pylon that is there. One player needs to get back on the bus and ride it to the town where the bank is.

Step 3:
Once you have found your way to the pylon through the corn field, knifing the little goblins on the way when they jump on you (Don't hate them, they just want a little love), you need to put 2 turbines down inside the base of the pylon, you will be safe from the goblins here too. When the electrical storm is overhead at the cornfield, kill the remaining zombies to start a new round. (Some guides say that doing this when the storm is overhead guarantees that the electrical man will appear in the cornfield, though in my experience this hasn't been the case, but it doesn't hurt to wait until the storm is overhead, just incase).

Step 4:
You may need to fight a few waves of zombies until the electrical man appears, but when he does, wait for him to get into the centre of the pylon base, then EMP him to kill him. Loads of weird stuf will start happening then at the pylon. The player at the Diner should then put down his turbine under the street light outside the shed with the white doors at one end of the area, this will turn the light on. The player at the town should run back down the road the way they came on the bus (knifing goblins that jump on you) until they get to a street light and put the turbine down under it. Achievement Unlocked.

This address is to an article that I used to get this achievement:

EDIT: You don't necessarily need four players, or four turbines, but my guide just explains how I managed to do the achievement. Also why do some people call this an Easter Egg? If there is an achievement for it it's not an Easter Egg.
coreymawfSeeing as TA wont let me post my solution because I accidentally deleted mine I'll post my tips here instead.
I've done this easter egg three times today so listen up!
Make sure you also have a good connection.
RICHTOFEN STEPS such as the jet gun and navcard table DON'T MATTER.
- All grab turbines
- Get to the box round 1 (seems to increase chance of EMPs)
- Let zombies down you once or twice each (seems to increase chance of EMPs)
- Get the EMPs before the box moves (if you don't restart) <<< IMPORTANT
- When you get EMPs save a zombie
- If you don't have decent guns go another round.
- ALWAYS save walkers. Crawlers will die.
- Turn power on then off as soon as he tells you to turn it off, you should make it back on the bus
[If all players get off the bus it wont leave for far longer than if anyone stays on]
- Walk backwards through the mist to the cornfields. Hug the right side walls through the mist.
- When all 4 players are at the tower as well as the walker(s) ONLY kill the walker when there is lightning DIRECTLY above the tower and on all sides not just near it on one side and not just in a corner of the map. In order to spawn the electric zombie this lightning pattern must be running when the zombies begin to spawn the next round not only when the round ends so you have to end the round as soon as the right lightning starts not once its been going for a few seconds (if you miss it you'll have to wait about another 8 minutes).
- When you see the electric zombie spawn put two turbines down one at each leg of the tower near the back side so that you can protect them easily from the zombies while you wait for the electric zombie to get close.
- The electric zombie doesn't seem to spawn on round 1,2,3. I am unsure of 4,5, and 6 but i believe we've consistently had him spawn on around round 7.
- Only throw the EMP and kill him when he is DIRECTLY BELOW the tower or holding onto one of its legs [not just when he is near it]
All the guides say that was the hard part but in my experience this last step is the hardest.
The remaining walker(s) are your lifeline and also your death sentence at this point.
If two people still have working generators they should stay at the tower with the walker(s) however beware that if one goes down it will be hard for the other to revive him/her unless he/she runs out into the fields for a few seconds and then back under the pylon to pick up the downed player.
You will fail here consistently.
But the more you try, the better you get until eventually no one will die.
[IF anyone does die, simply all go back to the spawn area, allow everyone to get a turbine and survive on the bus until each person needs to get off and keep a walker/walkers]
But lets say no one dies, those that need new turbines should leave the fields and turn left, heading towards the power room. If you come to a lava pit that seems impassable (and almost is) you've gone the wrong way go in the opposite direction.
When everyone is at the power bus stop wait for the bus and then everyone there should get on it.
Pick up new turbines as you pass by spawn.
If you have a walker with you try get him off the bus at each stop if he gets inside, having him running behind the bus is ideal however hanging of the window is fine too as long as you keep repairing it and everyone gets to their stops before he dies or downs you.
- One player should hop off at the diner and preferably take the walker with him (unless the walkers are still at the tower) as the diner is an easy place to survive and run large circles around the walkers.
- Two players should hop off at the cornfields (unless they are already there)
- The last player should hop off at the town
The player going to the town will reach the lamp post last so wait on him/her.
When ready put both turbines under the tower down first, then the other two.
Wait a few seconds and the achievement will pop and you will be able to breathe again! :P
If the walkers give you any grief when you are all almost at your respective lampposts just kill it and in the time the next wave takes to spawn you should be able to get your turbines down in safety.
Your best players should be the ones staying with the walkers as even for extremely good zombie players, no juggernog combined with the stress of this achievement will see even the best of us go down time and again.
If the last person on the bus is alone and has the zombie with them and he gets on the bus (this happened to me on my third completion) PANIC. I stayed on and avoided him but alternatively you could get off and try and run it as its actually a higher chance of survival than being in the bus alone with a walker without juggernog [as long as you don't have to try make it across the lava].
Final tips
-If at any point you do HAVE to try and make it across the lava, wait until you've just killed a denizen and your health is restored then run while jumping across the lava. If a denizen attaches itself to you after you make it across or while you're jumping across you will die. You can shoot the denizen by waiting until you hear it then turning around immediately and firing into the air (usually one hit will kill it). Making it across the lava is mostly luck and only partly skill.
- You can store points in the bank vault at the town in previous games - use a nade on the vault door [not that helpful]
- You can store guns in the fridge at the farm in previous games - but not the raygun [helpful]
-As soon as someone has the achievement they CANNOT HELP OTHERS as once you are in a game with someone who has the achievement the tower will already be lit. I verified this by completing the egg on my same account and the other 3 players didn't get the achievement until I switched accounts and we did it again.
Unfortunately, seeing as I have no other accounts I won't be able to help anyone else other than with these words of wisdom ;)

This has been the longest comment ever.

Happy hunting
and happy failing

Posted by coreymawf on 18 Nov 12 at 19:31
TATZ DCGood guide and a much more in-depth comment. Thanks for that.
Posted by TATZ DC on 19 Nov 12 at 07:51
InigoMontoya80Nice guide!! I may offer a few helpful suggestions that may mitigate anyone have any difficulties with this. My differences from the guide are stay TOGETHER as a group. You can go to the tower and all stay there and fight off the waves. It helps out in the fact that if a teammate goes down somewhere else they are of no help. Yes they can respawn but will trigger another round.

Also you can put fans on the green light at the Bus Depot (spawn) and Diner and get the achievement. This negates any risk of someone wandering out of town into the mist and making a mistake. These are suggestions that may make the fight a little easier. Great guide and thumbs up!!
Posted by InigoMontoya80 on 19 Nov 12 at 08:18
EvilMoominThanks, good suggestions.
Posted by EvilMoomin on 19 Nov 12 at 10:29
mado260Can you knife the electrical zombie or do you have to use EMP grenades.
Posted by mado260 on 19 Nov 12 at 18:07
EvilMoominHave to use EMP as far as I know
Posted by EvilMoomin on 19 Nov 12 at 19:52
NJDuke007We killed him by knifing (and under the pylon with turbines up) and it didn't work so yeah it must be emp. Also killing the last zombie right at the peak of the storm will definitely make the electric guy spawn it just takes practice to get the timing right.
Posted by NJDuke007 on 20 Nov 12 at 00:14
MemoriesOfFinalAlternative start:

I highly recommend having people play solo at least once or twice before the easter egg run and store money in the bank. Pts from games played on Xbox Live that are banked carry over to future games played, even if done solo. The galvanized knuckles is a one hit kill until the end of Round 13, so a huge chunk of points can be earned from Knuckles + Jugg combo.

Even if only one person does this, everything can be prepared by Round 1. (It only takes 1,000 pts + 1 nade to open the bank, 1000 pts is given when withdrawn, then -100 pts from that). Imagine this: Juggernaut, Galvanized Knuckles, EMP Grenades, PaP weapons by Round 1. Easily doable now. As long as 1 person decides to prepare this way, points can be given to other people by activating the other withdraw spot with the Knuckles. (the box with 2 keys next to the window in the first room/non-vault room)

Alternative Strategy:

My team was getting absolutely fed up with dumb luck and people messing around and dying at the worst times so my final team did everything with Juggernaut ON. We hung out around the outside of power and spawned him by Round 5, picked up a nuke by accident, but left a walker and crawler on Round 6. We had 3 people lure him out to the field. One person stayed behind at power and turned off the power only when the electric zombie was in position to be emp grenaded. From there, we finished the Maxis easter egg like normal.

This mitigates the randomness of zombie windmill punches without perks on and makes it a bit safer to do this easter egg (at the cost of not being already at the pylon for the electric zombie). Doing it at power is easier to spawn HIM because the last zombie is usually easily in sight when it massively storms where as in the corn field, thats not always the case.

This way is much safer and much easier but takes longer. In the long run, it may be better as it is less likely for major screwups or dumb luck to occur.

Misc useful information:

There is a very nice shortcut just outside of the diner that can take you directly to town, skipping the farm and power.
Just after passing the first big patch of lava outside of driving out of the diner, there is a truck to the left. If you get off here and take that left turn where the truck is, its a quick straight shot into town.

You can safely travel from:

bus depot <-> diner
diner + bus -> town shortcut
power <-> town
power <-> cornfield

with Juggernaut, you can safely traverse through all areas (haven't tried town to bus depot yet, haven't seen the reason to)

There is a way to unlock PERMANANT quick revive for Tranzit Green Run:

You need to revive someone about 15-20 times (not sure if either its a single round or single game) until you see a green sparkle above the persons head. You will then have Permanant quick revive for any game from then on in this mode. It cuts revive time from about 5 secs to 3 secs. It stacks with Quick Revive and makes pickup times at about 1.5 seconds. That makes it possible to pick anyone up (finally) if they go down in the fog. I recommend doing this in split screen so you don't mess up someone elses Zombie rank. (but the effects carry over anywhere).

The earliest I've seen the Electric zombie spawn is the end of Round 3.

Combat knife overriders Galvanized Knuckles, dont bother.
Posted by MemoriesOfFinal on 20 Nov 12 at 13:52
D3dGr7sDntS4yNoI have tested this 5 times and a friend has also tested this. If you turn the power on/off in ROUND 1 the electric guy WILL spawn in ROUND 2 or 3 every time. I would like more people to test this, but it has worked every time so far.
Posted by D3dGr7sDntS4yNo on 21 Nov 12 at 07:58
Sh3ksDon't know if you have to use emp grenades for the easter egg, but you can kill the electric zombie with the brass knuckles.
Posted by Sh3ks on 21 Nov 12 at 11:58
D3dGr7sDntS4yNoKilling the electric guy with the knuckles will not activate the easter egg. YOU HAVE TO USE EMPS
Posted by D3dGr7sDntS4yNo on 22 Nov 12 at 04:17
BALLISTIC VIIVery detailed thank you!
Posted by BALLISTIC VII on 24 Nov 12 at 15:03
EvilMoominThat is a nice guide how2, you should post it separately. I went more in depth to try and avoid all the questions my friends were asking when we were going for the achievement.
Posted by EvilMoomin on 24 Nov 12 at 19:30
Why so confusing? You left a major step out, TURN OFF THE POWER! So you made a second comment to correct yourself! YOU are so confusing! Lol @ u
Posted on 25 Nov 12 at 07:14
IIII Aaron IIIIdoes anyone know if you can get this achievement if you have unlocked the permanent quick revive?
Posted by IIII Aaron IIII on 29 Nov 12 at 20:01
U can. I did.
Posted on 30 Nov 12 at 01:34
Two tips you gave are bad. At least in my experience.

Never take everyone to the corn field! 2 people go and 2 people split the diner and bus stop. This will allow zombies to split up and take most off the cornfield area. This is a big help! We had all 4 of our group die at the cornfield TWICE! we never died when we split up!

The money at the bank idea.... Bad! Takes longer!

Simply hit the box at the diner.... No emps? Box moves? Reload the game!

Why waste so much time chasing the box and getting money out, and also risking it at the same time.
Posted on 30 Nov 12 at 16:11
I hear what you are saying, but we tried 4 people there about 4 times... We died everytime.... We tried 2 people there 3 times and yes a player went down but none ever died.

Again it's all random and luck and stuff, but I'm just saying what worked for us.
Posted on 01 Dec 12 at 02:13
BlazinBuckwheatI recommend leaving the power on until last second. We had a group of 3 people. We left one guy at the power room and had 2 of us at the farm. He spawned at the farm with us, we just kept running circles avoiding him, he can only shoot his electric charge straight forward, so just strafe him. The guy at the power room kept a zombie alive. When that was the last one the 2 guys at farm got on bus and he attached to it. Got off at cornfield one guy goes straight to pylon, the other leads him to it. Then when he was close we had the guy flip the power switch, waited until our perks faded(so we knew power was off for sure), laid turbines, and killed him underneath with emp. Then we both picked our turbines up went to stop 1 and 2 while the other guy still was holding a zombie and laid the pylons, cheeve unlocked. So what I'm saying is use juggernog and leave power on until last second, and also have the guy controling the power also keep a zombie alive. We got it on wave 9 or 10 so it wasn't exactly early either.
Posted by BlazinBuckwheat on 02 Dec 12 at 22:03
That's sounds super complicated.
Posted on 03 Dec 12 at 02:03
Thief44This achievement sucks, hell the moon easter egg was easier than this shit.
Posted by Thief44 on 04 Dec 12 at 19:25
Im Sander CohenI put some money in the bank, we all got galvaknuckles and had settled under the pylon for round 3. Then just waited for him to show, first time he didnt show and we quit at round 14, second time he showed at round 11
Posted by Im Sander Cohen on 05 Dec 12 at 07:48
Thief44Just tried again and we did this all step by step and no luck i think you have to put the turbines down first to get the voice to say we need more power or additional power sources then kill the lighting guy but i followed this guide twice now and after two failures i have to change my vote to negative no hard feelings, i'm just finished playing cod games.
Posted by Thief44 on 06 Dec 12 at 03:43
Well yah we put our turbines down as soon as we started the new round that we thought the guy would spawn .... If he didn't spawn we picked them up.
Posted on 06 Dec 12 at 04:10
TRU x JEDITo answer the end of your guide, they call it an easter egg because the steps you follow to get the 75G achievement are actually the first set of steps you have to do for the easter egg.

Then afterwards you just have to complete Richtofen`s instructions to finish the easter egg.
Posted by TRU x JEDI on 08 Dec 12 at 15:36
Iva Bigani just got this with 2 people so can be done the maxis part anyway
Posted by Iva Bigan on 09 Dec 12 at 00:03
cupcakegoddoes anyone need help with this achievement?
Posted by cupcakegod on 11 Dec 12 at 08:54
Cpt Kent JamesYou do not need to turn of the power as there is 2 ways of getting the achievement but you get hints from a different person and have to make the jet gun good if you can't get the EMP but ive not tried going to pylon base with electric man doing this as I made gun and had to stop.
Posted by Cpt Kent James on 16 Dec 12 at 02:56
AC Cloud StrifeCan you get it with 2 players on EASY just like every other achievement?
Posted by AC Cloud Strife on 17 Dec 12 at 08:37
Track404Great guide EvilMoomin and comments. Could you also add this part to the guide. This may sound obvious but it cost us the achievement at least three times. You HAVE to wait until Maxis tells you to kill the avogadro under the pylon. 3 times before we just killed him when he was underneath and didn't get the achievement after placing the turbines under the lights. It was because we didn't wait until Maxis told us to kill him.
It may sound obvious but it could help a lot of people out. None of the guides really mention this as a key point apart from at the power station, but its equally important here.
Posted by Track404 on 23 Dec 12 at 13:50
MXEBNeeds to be on Original dificult!
Posted by MXEB on 23 Dec 12 at 21:55
MG Dano296so i done the maxis side and got an orange glowing pylon,
the done the richtofen side and i now have purple glowing pylon with sparkles and occasionally purple and green streaks going from light posts to the pylon.

any1able to confirm if this is due to both sides being finished or doses it change ceffect as you redo different sides of the easter egg ?

also if any1needs help msg me ON XBL ive done the richtofen side for/with 12 or more people by now

"Also why do some people call this an Easter Egg? If there is an achievement for it it's not an Easter Egg"
so all them easter eggs we done in BO1 are no longer easter eggs as they also had achievements (think b4 you type)
Posted by MG Dano296 on 28 Dec 12 at 20:31
BrumtownManglerGot this today +1 from me.

The important part is listening to the various dialogues all the way through, and not taking any of the steps UNTIL you have been told to do so.
There is an audio queue for pretty much everything you need to do.
It baffles me how many people have f*cked this up by NOT listening to the voices, it says it in the achievement description FFS!
Posted by BrumtownMangler on 28 Dec 12 at 20:59
FilthyMcNaasty1Anyone interesed in getting this cheevo hit me up. Im having trouble finding 4 people to do it.
Posted by FilthyMcNaasty1 on 29 Dec 12 at 14:20
AHGregIt also helps if you keep money in the bank for extra mystery box uses. I was lucky and got the EMP grenades on the second try. Or you could just buy the knuckles on the roof of the diner.
Posted by AHGreg on 02 Jan 13 at 21:23
MG Dano296@PiCkLE SQU1D
yh ive noticed that after the trek of redoing em both with/for ppl.
have2say doh the purple with sparks looks far nicer
and squid the way you said with2ppl and EMPs is the sex :)
Posted by MG Dano296 on 07 Jan 13 at 05:35
CloudCircusJust to let you know, you absolutely do not need 4 people. I got it with 3 and others have done it with 2. After you kill the electric zombie, leave one player at the tower. This player should occupy the remaining zombie in the round, preventing the next round from starting, and allowing the 2 other players to safely get out of the corn field and get to the two street lamps.
Posted by CloudCircus on 24 Jan 13 at 05:21
BrumtownManglerYou may want to update and let people know that as of the most recent patch you can no longer keep zombies alive AND travel from stop to stop.
This video explains:!
Posted by BrumtownMangler on 30 Jan 13 at 16:32
L2S The GameDef. can't use knuckles anymore to kill "him" for the achievement anymore, after the latest patch. I can confirm this.
Posted by L2S The Game on 01 Feb 13 at 12:19
cdawg512lookin for people to do this chievo
Posted by cdawg512 on 15 Feb 13 at 02:23
BILLION PLhelp to get gt: GYM PL
Posted by BILLION PL on 26 Feb 13 at 07:06
TrueBOHlieverAny one want to help each other get this? Hit me up with a message on here or on live if interested
Posted by TrueBOHliever on 29 Mar 13 at 06:45
ColicLionHeartCould use some help getting this? Message me
Posted by ColicLionHeart on 12 Apr 13 at 20:36
Silver Fire831@Coliclionheart I can help You get Tower of babble.
Posted by Silver Fire831 on 22 Apr 13 at 09:35
Kurenai KendoVery useful tips in the guide and the comments. I still need to get this one done, so if anyone still needs to do it just message me!
Posted by Kurenai Kendo on 28 May 13 at 12:00
Ant McGrittzlooking for help with this, still! message/add me...
Posted by Ant McGrittz on 12 Jun 13 at 21:56
BILLION PLhelp with this add me GYM_PL
Posted by BILLION PL on 23 Jun 13 at 15:17
NyxilPeople call it an Easter Egg because there was no achievement for the original one, on Ascension, so the name just stuck.
Posted by Nyxil on 03 Jul 13 at 05:48
Billy suck methanks your guide helped me so much.
Posted by Billy suck me on 03 Jul 13 at 06:20
GUNDAM90303Anyone up for it? Plz have mic!............. Add Me GUNDAM90303
Posted by GUNDAM90303 on 07 Jul 13 at 18:18
ClaytThaGreatI don't understand why this solution gets negative votes. It's a great guide. On 2nd thought, maybe it was because of that stupid easter egg comment..... even the activision devs refer to these as easter eggs bro.
Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 15 Jul 13 at 04:45
AttestedBarley2I recently got this the other day, with only 2 people (Maxis voice). This is how we achieved it.. we first started a custom game, on original. Built the pylon, banked money, died, started a new game. built turbine, saved a zombie from round 1. went to diner, put turbine to the left of the box aiming it at the box (this is supposed to glitch emps everytime) it worked for me first try, as my partner bought galvin knuckles. turned power on (yes we're still on round 1). after maxis is finished speaking turn power off. go to pylon, set 2 turbines at corners of pylon behind the table. maxis will start talking let him talk a minute then remove them. Wait for the storm to be directly above you, kill last zombie in round 1. round 2 kill all zombies saving one. wait for storm to be above you, kill him. this will attract the electric zombie. continue saving the last zombie of every round waiting on the storm, until he comes. once he's there, Make sure he is UNDER the pylon completely, attack him with knuckles or emp. until he flips around and zooms up the pylon. he is the "more power" maxis refers too. if your turbines are still alive (if not hit the bus depot and get another) one of you go to the depot light, the other go to the diner light place turbines simaultaneously (seconds apart is ok, I placed mine a good 3-4 seconds after my partner) one of your turbines will quickly zoom away, achievement will pop.

On our way to the depot and diner lights (after what seemed to be defeating the electric dude under the pylon) the electro dude appeared again, when he appeared this time I emp'd him. Not sure if he completely died, he just spun and zoomed up again like he did under the pylon, but I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but technically emp's arn't necessary. ALSO! before placing our turbines down at the lights at depot and diner, I made a portal, but never jumped in. not sure how relevant that is either. So glad I got this mofo out of the way!!! good luck!
Posted by AttestedBarley2 on 29 Jul 13 at 09:10
I need help with this achievement.. if someone can help me, message me and friend request... Gametag : xINFINITE FURYx
Posted on 21 Sep 13 at 21:34
RSDAYgot this with the bus stop and diner lights, for anyone wondering.
Posted by RSDAY on 20 Nov 13 at 04:38
XI AlphaMale IXWill this unlock for someone that joins a session in progress? Or do you have to start from the beginning?
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 19 Jan 14 at 16:16
ptracey1421AlphaMale, did you read any of the comments? PiCkLE SQU1D has already explained in detail that it works. Sometimes, reading Comments before typing your own can be beneficial.
Posted by ptracey1421 on 23 Jan 14 at 16:23
Legal IntegrityYeah, the Easter Egg comment is stupid. The guide is okay, but as everyone has recognized, this is an Easter Egg because like any other Easter Egg you have to do strange things to access it and also because the franchise simply calls it that. You should probably delete the comment so people just focus on your guide.
Posted by Legal Integrity on 07 May 14 at 17:00
Time2MeltYouStill need to do this Gt username
Posted by Time2MeltYou on 14 Dec 14 at 03:52
Rowdawg88Does anyone know if you do this easter egg in one path if you can go back and re-do it doing the other path? I did this one for Dr. Maxis and wanted to try Dr. Richtofen. Any ideas?
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 27 Jan 15 at 20:59
imfasnIf anyone wants to do this or any other zombies achievements add me "imfasn" i would love to do them all.
Posted by imfasn on 21 Jun 15 at 16:59
I x ShockWaveZI want to boost this, I'm quite good so send a message if you know how to play.
Posted by I x ShockWaveZ on 11 Dec 15 at 21:49
EhrenfriedI encountered a little problem here.
I've done the EE and I let another player host the game (he hasn't done it)
but every time we got into the game, the EE was done (pylon disco lights where up)

what did we do wrong?
Posted by Ehrenfried on 29 Jan 16 at 14:19
I x ShockWaveZMaybe you can't do it in a custom game?
Posted by I x ShockWaveZ on 13 Feb 16 at 19:33
PulzyLooking for a co-op buddy to do this with. I know what to do and have a mic.
Also keen to knock off other co-op cheevo's for the DLC if there are any...
Region: New Zealand / Australia
GT: Pulzy 21
Posted by Pulzy on 16 May 17 at 00:54
YoungGunzz11I'm not sure if anyone is still yet to do this, but I recently found a youtube video that shows how to do the achievement completely solo. It requires a bit of luck and is somewhat difficult, but it is nice to do completely solo.
Posted by YoungGunzz11 on 05 Apr 20 at 21:34
BabyishDuckAmazing it's possible on solo now.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 21 Jun 20 at 16:36
DazedAssass1nLooking for someone to buddy up with on this one.. if anyone wants to give me a hand ? :)
Posted by DazedAssass1n on 17 Jan at 10:39
HinnyforlifeNeed Help Doing This EE
Msg me: Anim3Snipes
Posted by Hinnyforlife on 17 Jan at 23:31
DazedAssass1nAnim3Snipes, I added you and messaged you to do this EE
Posted by DazedAssass1n on 19 Jan at 10:22
audgattilooking to do this add me GT: audgatti
Posted by audgatti on 03 May at 13:22
THE MEEK JOKERneed help with this
Posted by THE MEEK JOKER on 31 Jul at 01:10
BILLION PLAdd me: billion pl
Posted by BILLION PL on 07 Nov at 17:37