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TBoGT: Gold Star

Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star+1.6
11 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
Trikke den 1eTrikke den 1e555,315
26 Nov 2009 23 Feb 2017
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Edit (26/12/2016) : It has been brought to our attention by Elliot Pierson that the mission #23 "In The Crosshairs" seems to be glitched, and this for a couple of years already.
I wasn't able to verify this ; confirmation needed. If so, I'm not sure of this achievement becomes unobtainable because of this. -> JonathanX64 confirmed having got the achievement and nothing seems to be glitched at all...

Edit (25/01/2017) : edited YouTube links into 'spoilers' in order to reduce loading times for this solution guide

Hereunder you will find the vids related to all 26 missions, so you would know what to do, where to go, which vehicule to use, etc... in order to get the 100% for every mission.

I'm just linking from youtube, nothing more.
ALL credits go to GTASeriesVideos for making these useful videos.

Mission #01 - I Luv LC

Mission #02 - Chinese Takeout

Mission #03 - Momma's Boy (Losing Cage Fight)

Mission #04 - Corner Kids

Mission #05 - Clocking Off

Mission #06 - Practice Swing

Mission #07 - Blog This!...

Mission #08 - Bang Bang

Mission #09 - Boulevard Baby

Mission #10 - Frosting On The Cake

Mission #11 - Kibbutz Number One

Mission #12 - Sexy Time

Mission #13 - High Dive

Mission #14 - ...Blog This!

Mission #15 - This Ain't Checkers

Mission #16 - Not So Fast

Mission #17 - No. 3

Mission #18 - Ladies' Night

Mission #19 - Caught With Your Pants Down

Mission #20 - Going Deep

Mission #21 - Dropping In

Mission #22 - For The Man Who Has Everything

Mission #23 - In The Crosshairs

Mission #24 - Ladies Half Price

Mission #25 - Party's Over

Mission - Ending / Final Mission

Any suggestions to improve this guide are welcome!

Thanks for voting thumbs up if this solution was helpful.

Good luck!
Brutal Mepthanks man . this really helped . i'm almost done with it
Posted by Brutal Mep on 26 Nov 09 at 18:20
Trikke den 1eI really wonder why people feel the need to vote 'thumb down' on this...
If it's not good enough, I'll remove this solution and you go help yourself on youtube god damn it.
Posted by Trikke den 1e on 06 Apr 10 at 06:43
BantriThanks, having all these videos in one place and in order helps. Ignore the thumbs down, those people are just ignorant.
Posted by Bantri on 24 Apr 10 at 17:21
MAGNUS 7000What else do these thumbs down people want ? For you to play the game for them? Idiots. Oh & No.3 is fickle. I followed as close if not closer than this vid and the stupid box didnt check for me. I'll keep trying.
Posted by MAGNUS 7000 on 29 Apr 10 at 06:12
MAGNUS 7000It wont let me save vehicles before hand when I try accessing the mission via cellphone. They always disappear when it starts.
Posted by MAGNUS 7000 on 09 May 10 at 01:14
Trivial FactorAre they on a 56K or something? Load times are the consequence of lots of information.. the video links are necessary. The only other alternative is to do it all in text. They'd downvote that too, so don't worry about it. Good guide :)
Posted by Trivial Factor on 24 Jun 10 at 01:52
Trikke den 1eI can always remove the videos and put the direct links instead. That would speed up loading times indeed. But, you would have a bunch of new explorer screens opening. I only thought it would be better to stay on TA.
Posted by Trikke den 1e on 24 Jun 10 at 05:50
Trikke den 1eThanks Kung Fu, it might indeed be helpful.
Posted by Trikke den 1e on 12 Nov 10 at 06:34
S3BDAMANGreat guide man! It will help me a lot. Thanks!
Posted by S3BDAMAN on 20 Jan 11 at 14:44
boodomiIn Momma's boy, to get the 100% you need to win all the fights and them fight against Santo (who has a knife) without losing more than 10% of your health.
Posted by boodomi on 01 Feb 11 at 22:34
Tha dumb g00sethumbs up. ignore the haters, lots of jerks just thumbs down solutions because they want the quickest method possible to do it, and figure this probably isn't it. Sorry to break their bubble but there's no faster way of doing this :)
Posted by Tha dumb g00se on 25 Feb 11 at 00:13
FirvagorIf you have autosave on, do a manual save every time you make progress. If you miss a goal on another run, reload the manual save so you won't have to keep buying RPG ammo or something and end up running out of money (which also means saving time from having to get money from drug wars).
Posted by Firvagor on 08 Mar 11 at 01:49
Zer0eThumbs up from me. But it wouldn't surprise me if if some voted negatively because you yourself don't have the achievement. I know of a few that actually do that, no matter the quality of the solution.
Posted by Zer0e on 08 Mar 11 at 22:02
I HawK I SlipAm i allowed to cheat to get this achievement ?
Posted by I HawK I Slip on 29 Apr 11 at 07:34
Lone Wolf 8720Thumbs up, great job :D
Posted by Lone Wolf 8720 on 09 Jul 11 at 20:45
MG Dano29623.. if like me the chopper vanishes wen you use your cellphone spawn a bullet to the location via cellphone then start the mission with a fresh bullet. cerfull driving rewuired. i got it in 4.14
Posted by MG Dano296 on 23 Jul 11 at 09:20
Disturbed XBAFinally beat Sexy Time by 2 seconds! Didn't go to the drop off point and used a car to get to the boat. Didn't even follow the video. So chuffed :D.
Posted by Disturbed XBA on 19 Aug 11 at 03:33
ClaytThaGreaton "Departure Time," I can never catch Timur. The fact that after the cutscene, I'm automatically in cover and have to get out of cover, then go around the corner, Timur is already heading away towards more henchmen. This is my only complaint.... seriously xD
Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 11 Sep 11 at 23:44
Slim PanatellaGood tip for Momma's Boy if you're having difficulty with not losing over 10% health. Beat the 3rd guy then run off when you're supposed to kill Santo. Keep running until he is a way behind and look for a hot dog stall, replenish your health there and then finish him off. You will get 0% health lost for that mission. Works on other missions too when you have to do a task like evade the police etc.
Posted by Slim Panatella on 02 Oct 11 at 15:46
DillionDayHoly crap! Bolg this was a pain in the ass.
Posted by DillionDay on 08 Oct 11 at 23:17
DeadMartenthe thing the guy says before the 'dropping in' mission about the vehicle doesn't work for me, and i see it hasn't for someone else too.
Posted by DeadMarten on 12 Oct 11 at 19:44
SETH PLSEXY TIME: The best way to destroy three boats very fast is? to switch to FPP mode. Then using ammo gun - easy and quicky
Posted by SETH PL on 13 Oct 11 at 08:21
ZurbumThumbs up, great guide.

The helicopter trick doesn't seem to be working in the mission "In the crosshairs" for those who start it from the phone.

I couldn't have done it without this alternative method:
Posted by Zurbum on 09 Sep 12 at 12:59
PapaTheHutDoes cheats for spawning cars and replenishing health affect the achievement?
Posted by PapaTheHut on 04 Nov 12 at 16:08
JaucoholicWhile I didn't vote you down because your solution is helpful, the videos are a real in the butt. I would highly suggest putting direct links so the people that want to watch them can choose to open them, and the people that don't want to watch them don't have to load them every time. It's pretty annoying to have to wait like a minute every time I go to this achievement, as I never watch the videos anyway. Just a suggestion....
Posted by Jaucoholic on 20 Dec 12 at 20:03
Dark ConfusedEven tho your "solution" is okay for the time runs you mention nothing about the other goals (eg headshots, accuracy etc) but the main reason I have to give your solution a mark down is due to the fact that you haven't obtained the achievements yourself and just copied and pasted these videos for a quick thumbed up solution.
Posted by Dark Confused on 28 Jul 14 at 02:01
Trikke den 1eSince when does one have to unlock the achievement in order to have the right to post a solution???

It has nothing to do to gather thumbs up or not (FYI, your "thumb down" has no effect at all on my average solution scoring), it is a way to help other gamers out.

As a matter of fact, the postee vids helped me 100% some missions, but I did not lock the achievement because:
- Perhaps I did want to invest more time than I already did,
- maybe I do have a wife and kids who also require my attention from time to time (which actually is)
- maybe I felt like willing to start something new, a new game maybe that just got out,
- maybe I suck at this game and am probably not as good as you are :)
Posted by Trikke den 1e on 16 Sep 14 at 19:34
Paul CesarQuick question: Has anyone else noticed that getting all the requirements to 100% a mission in one try isn't necessarily required to get 100%? What I mean is, in the "this ain't checkers" mission, for example, I kept getting all the requirements except landing on the boat (even though I did), then on the 7th try, I finally got the boat requirement and the rest but didn't get the time one. However, it says now on my phone that I got 100% on it. This has happened on 2 other missions that I'm aware of. It's like it's counting all the requirements cumulatively as opposed to getting them all in one go. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be worried that they don't count?
Posted by Paul Cesar on 30 Dec 14 at 02:28
WaggiesaurusRexPaul Cesar, I've always been under the impression that the requirements don't have to be achieved in one go, they can be done on multiple playthroughs of that mission. That is how I achieved the 80% achievement so nothing to worry about!
Posted by WaggiesaurusRex on 04 Jan 15 at 13:28
magikman79The load times are BEYOND EXCESSIVE, if you are trying to view this on the Xbox internet explorer or a mobile phone it's just IMPOSSIBLE...
Voted negative because I couldn't even get past your solution to see the others
Posted by magikman79 on 13 Feb 15 at 20:38
JonathanX64Got this achievement today. Nothing is glitched.
Posted by JonathanX64 on 23 Feb 17 at 10:22
Jimbo LaFleurI can also confirm that absoletely nothing is glitched - got this achievement yesterday and had 0% in "In the crosshairs" before I started working on this.
Posted by Jimbo LaFleur on 03 Mar 17 at 08:53
Kung Fu RikiGreat Guide!

If you had as much trouble with Blog This!... as I did, try this alternate route:
Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 03 Mar 17 at 12:33
EarthboundXIn The Crosshairs is not glitched at all.

What did he mean by port?
Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Mar 17 at 12:38
Aquahaze2Wow i didn't expect an up to date guide for this, I'm going for this after i 100% gta iv and wanted to know what i was in for
Posted by Aquahaze2 on 25 May 17 at 08:18
B Scrizzle21On the mission bang bang I follow the guide but the helicopter is not there for me? I have completed the story and done all drug wars and other achievements. So what’s going on please help!
Posted by B Scrizzle21 on 13 Jul 18 at 06:10
DELT4 UKOn mission 23 "In The Crosshairs" I accidentally blew myself up after taking down all four snipers, I got knocked off the roof and survived. It then said to just escape so I did and got 100% in only three minutes or so..
Posted by DELT4 UK on 20 Oct 18 at 08:24
Brett Evans15Hey guys, so is that right to get reload the last save and get a few tries and got 100%?! And there’s one last thing, so is that right to use a phone to go to missions tab and get completed the other objectives (checkmarks) and got 100%?! Do you think it doesn’t matter on both of them to get Gold Star Achievement or no?! I hope this works or not. Please let me know it. Thanks!
Posted by Brett Evans15 on 08 Apr at 15:35