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South Park TFBWSouth Park TFBW417,581
21 Nov 2012 21 Nov 2012 24 Feb 2014
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**PLEASE keep in mind that I completed the game in ONE SITTING meaning I started playing at around 7:00PM (11/20)- then to about 1:00PM (11/21). Basically, I got 1000G without turning off my Xbox or leaving the game***

Ok ALOT of people report this as a glitched achievement.I had no problem unlocking this,my final achievement was for completing 30 waves.Now,it's not fully confirmed how this will glitch on you.

After about 8 months of questioning this achievement, it's kinda confirmed how it will glitch on you.. It's pure randomly. It might or might not glitch on you. But, ALWAYS FINISH WHAT START. Meaning don't quit out of anything like taunting with peter or quaqmire FINISH THE MULTPLAYER MATCH. Extremely important.

Anyway, the real thing is literally do every achievement all over again. Yeah you heard me. Start with the multiplayer achievements THEN the campaign achievements.It's more likely the multiplayer glitched on you then the single player.

If you have any more questions,feel free to comment.Remember,i'm not God so asking me a question doesn't mean you will still 100% this game.It's still unconfirmed.

Also,double check the store to see if everything is brought.Someone has reported that he got the achievement for getting everything in the store (Mort Will Now Lend You Credit) yet, things were still unbrought.SO basically check the store again.

Please comment if this glitched on you and you found another way to unlock this.

I would like to say that this glitched on me. How you ask? Well, I finished the 30 waves which took like 3 hours and it didn't pop. I almost lost my mind. I was back in the main menu and out of nowhere it suddenly pooped.

UPDATE 1- Ok so since this has 100+ comments, I have read all of them and really there can be ALOT of reasons why this glitches.It's no just MP achievements like I thought it was. Sadly, still no exact reason why this

UPDATE 2- Based on even more feedback, this is still no exact way to unlock this. As you can see in the comments, almost everyone has a different way they unlocked this. The only real solution is to complete the game...Again. Meaning, get every achievement again. It must be something with the saving system. which is why I said never to quit games.
NutriWhip I'm one of the ones who it glitched on. Really sucks. I know redoing everything won't unlock it either as there is no achievements left to unlock to register this achievement.
Posted by NutriWhip on 21 Nov 12 at 21:26
CRX300X Well what was the last achievement that each of you unlocked? Maybe it's glitched if your final achievement is "X" for example. That would at least help narrow down why it glitches. Maybe? What was your final achievement SouthPark?
Posted by CRX300X on 21 Nov 12 at 23:14
Martel18 My last achievement was to buy everything in the store, both popped at the same time.
Posted by Martel18 on 22 Nov 12 at 02:29
NutriWhip Mine was the buy everything as well.
Posted by NutriWhip on 22 Nov 12 at 04:12
CRX300X Interesting. Well I wonder what it could be then. Anything strange happen for either of you? Something unexpected apart from the achievement glitching? Maybe lose connection during play time or anything? I know that can (rarely but possibly) corrupt save data. Nut, are you the only person that you know of so far that has had it glitch?
Posted by CRX300X on 22 Nov 12 at 05:45
NutriWhip Only thing I can think of which I posted over on x360a is that I did the Quagmire MP achievement and then quit out without finishing the match. Searching around the web, it looks like I'm the only one who this has happened to so far.
Posted by NutriWhip on 22 Nov 12 at 08:45
NutriWhip Just looked and it glitched for DeadPoppasmurf as well.
Posted by NutriWhip on 22 Nov 12 at 08:49
South Park TFBW Man that really sucks you didn't unlock this.I would lose my mind if I didn't.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 22 Nov 12 at 09:35
South Park TFBW My final achievement my for surviving 30 waves.And my did glitch aswell.I actually had to go into the main menu for about 20 seconds until it popped.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 22 Nov 12 at 09:39
DeadPoppasmurf I didn't get it ether FML ...... :/
Posted by DeadPoppasmurf on 22 Nov 12 at 09:40
CRX300X Did you do anything like posted above when you were playing Dead? Like quitting early or anything like that?
Posted by CRX300X on 22 Nov 12 at 21:19
DeadPoppasmurf Ye i did but i went back on all of them but it didnt fix it :/
Posted by DeadPoppasmurf on 22 Nov 12 at 21:43
CRX300X Maybe that is the issue then? Gaining an achievement and backing out? Maybe the game has an awards tracker and when you leave, it doesn't process the award properly and makes it unobtainable. Just a theory. Also, anyone know if the waves achievements mean consecutive waves or just waves in total? Was wondering about that today. Challenge mode and the waves are waaaaay harder than the main game. haha.
Posted by CRX300X on 23 Nov 12 at 08:20
South Park TFBW @CRX300X, you need to do the waves in order.I needed my brother to help me because it was so damn hard.It takes about 2 hours to complete.:/
Posted by South Park TFBW on 23 Nov 12 at 17:09
FrustratedNerd Did you guys try clearing your cache and playing the game again? Might be worth trying. Maybe completing another match of multiplayer or a level afterwards? Just some ideas.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 23 Nov 12 at 17:40
NutriWhip Those were the first things I tried. Activision suggested the cache method and obviously it didn't work. I'm waiting for them to fix their terrible support website so I can let them know that it didn't work.
Posted by NutriWhip on 23 Nov 12 at 21:47
CRX300X That's strange. Well, not the terrible customer support sites. That's sadly too common. I hope the community can come up with something that will help with/prevent this from happening.
@SouthPark - What map/character did you use? Single player I got to level 5 but coop I could only reach level 2. :(
Posted by CRX300X on 24 Nov 12 at 01:06
FrustratedNerd Ah yeah it doesn't always work. I'm used to being on the Ambassador chat and people having no idea about the cache. That sucks. Hesitant to get the game.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 24 Nov 12 at 14:57
South Park TFBW @CRX300X, Me and my brother both used Brian for his shotgun,sniper rifle,and rail gun.The map was Quahog.And here's where I went.Go infront of the parking lot,and go down the street.There should be 2 allyways accross from each other.One should have a health pack,grenades,and ammo pack.Me and my bro took one ally way each and basically camped there the whole time.And remember it takes roughly two hours to complete.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 24 Nov 12 at 15:15
Sir Vegemite It glitched for me to. My last achievement was 30 waves. Playing as Quagmire in his Pilot outfit, I had done 7 waves then killed myself with a Mine (accidentally). Then I clicked retry and done 30 waves. Also on 2 waves the last enemies got stuck in a building.
Posted by Sir Vegemite on 25 Nov 12 at 04:38
GTB Atom Glitched for me as well.
Posted by GTB Atom on 25 Nov 12 at 06:06
PK84xD One more for the team... glitched for me too...
Posted by PK84xD on 25 Nov 12 at 11:01
PK84xD Guys, unlocked for me. Try repeat multiplayer achievements. For me unlocked after I redo "capture the greased-up deaf guys" achievements.
Posted by PK84xD on 25 Nov 12 at 12:18
South Park TFBW Yeah maybe the multiplayer achievements have something to do with the glitch.And it really pisses me off that people thumbs down this because they didn't unlock it...
Posted by South Park TFBW on 25 Nov 12 at 14:58
NutriWhip I gave neither a thumbs up nor thumbs down but I would imagine that people gave a thumbs down due to this not really being a solution like BraveZach said. At any rate, I'm going to try what xD PK suggested and report back.
Posted by NutriWhip on 25 Nov 12 at 20:38
NutriWhip IT WORKED! I completed another Infiltration map and the achievement unlocked!
Posted by NutriWhip on 25 Nov 12 at 21:03
South Park TFBW @Nurtri Congrats!
And also,somebody messaged me they thumbs this down because he didn't unlock it.I won't give there name but that person is a dick and I hope he looks at this.

Anyway,I guess i'll put that in the solution.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 25 Nov 12 at 21:30
JuniorMT I tried replaying all mp modes doing all the requirements for the mp achieves, and I got nothing :(. I played the first level coop with my kid and then played the rest of the game solo. Wonder if that goofed it. Will update with results.
Posted by JuniorMT on 25 Nov 12 at 23:01
JuniorMT Nope didn't work. SoL is what I am...
Posted by JuniorMT on 25 Nov 12 at 23:32
South Park TFBW ^That sucks man.I feel your pain.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 26 Nov 12 at 00:35
Sir Vegemite I done a Greased up Death Guy match nothing, infiltration got nothing, TDM got nothing then I t-Bagged Lois with Quagmire and got it.
Posted by Sir Vegemite on 26 Nov 12 at 08:55
JuniorMT ^^^
Lol I thought I would try it and sure enough, t-bagged lois with quagmire and blam, achievo unlocked! Thanks for the tip!
Posted by JuniorMT on 26 Nov 12 at 10:56
TricKyRicKy xD Glitched on me too, started a game as meg..and the achievement unlocked =D
Posted by TricKyRicKy xD on 26 Nov 12 at 16:04
Bringin SXC bak This just glitched on me too... Should I pretend I'm not crying right now so nobody laughs at me?
Posted by Bringin SXC bak on 27 Nov 12 at 07:25
in her blood JUST UNLOCKED
Hey guys, just adding my bit of info to the pool.

I was glitched out of it, I tried redoing ALL of the multiplayer ones as suggested, it did not work. Then I cleared my system cache, loaded up Infiltration as Peter, did a few random taunts [because bird is the word], and completed the match. The achievement popped as soon as WINNER came on the screen.

So for those of you who have tried redoing all the multiplayer achievements with no success, try clearing your cache and try again. I found it odd that an Infiltration win unlocked it, you obviously can't quit out early after getting the Bestest Infiltrator achievement, so that seems to put a hole in the previously mentioned theory about meeting achievement prerequisites and then quitting the match without completing it. Hope this helps, good luck guys!
Posted by in her blood on 27 Nov 12 at 07:54
Stallion83 Just redo what you may have quit out of and it should unlock. I knew I quit out after doing "Teabag a D-Bag" I went and did that and the achievement unlocked immediately.
Posted by Stallion83 on 27 Nov 12 at 17:58
Hannibalking519 Thanks for such an in depth guide!
Posted by Hannibalking519 on 27 Nov 12 at 18:46
GTB Atom I've tried re-doing everything. Still can't get the damn thing to unlock.
Posted by GTB Atom on 27 Nov 12 at 18:49
South Park TFBW Ok i'll add some more things in the guide. Thanks for tips.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 27 Nov 12 at 20:17
Bringin SXC bak Cashe cleared. All possible achievements that are unlockable middway through anything have been written down, redone, and ticked off. Still no luck for myself unfortunately. Guess I'll add this to the big ol' pile of games I can't complete because of non popping achievements. Ahhh well
Posted by Bringin SXC bak on 27 Nov 12 at 23:46
GTB Atom Hopefully they release a patch for those of us who can't unlock it no matter what we try. I won't hold my breath though.
Posted by GTB Atom on 28 Nov 12 at 01:49
BeaveHuntr I've also re-done all the multi-player stuff & no luck. Cleared cache too.
Posted by BeaveHuntr on 28 Nov 12 at 02:18
Randomnutta Yep me too.
Posted by Randomnutta on 28 Nov 12 at 08:49
Porter026 as anyone found a non MP way to unlock this as on my main account I have done all the MP ones about 30 times each and it is still not unlocking and I know I didnt quit out after unlocking anything. have also cleard the story mode 3 times picking up all the collectables and the madess 3 times on diff maps.
Posted by Porter026 on 29 Nov 12 at 12:11
BeaveHuntr ^^^ I started over in a different save spot. Im a little over halfway done with campaign & did all the MP stuff & it hasn't popped yet. Ill update tonight when I finish so no one else wastes their time if it doesn't worl
Posted by BeaveHuntr on 29 Nov 12 at 15:57
Randomnutta Thanks buddy, you're awesome!
Posted by Randomnutta on 29 Nov 12 at 16:17
ScreenSingerX ^^ Are you redoing story items besides collectibles, cause it definitely isn't just MP achievements that cause this to glitch. My first time playing through I quit out in the middle of the Amish level, so I had to play a second time to get Obsessed. On that second run, I wasn't really trying to redo the campaign achievements, so those were the first things I thought of when this glitched on me. I got mine after burning down the pot fields again. So if you remember quitting out of a level with one of those achievements, I would try redoing that.
Posted by ScreenSingerX on 29 Nov 12 at 16:22
BeaveHuntr I re-did the entire story with all collectibles and did the pot fields, pinatas etc. No achievement yet. Re-doing the challenges tonight. Also I didn't back out of anything when I first played though and haven't backed out of anything this time either.
Posted by BeaveHuntr on 30 Nov 12 at 02:37
Devils Bayou I just dont get it, I have cleared my cache, replayed the whole single player campaign, replayed deathmatch, capture the grease guy and infiltration and nothing. I dont understand how it will unlock for some but not everyone. I guess I will have to redo the challenges as well as the multiverse madness. This totally sucks ass.
Posted by Devils Bayou on 30 Nov 12 at 22:02
BeaveHuntr ^^^ Good luck. I just finished re-doing EVERYTHING in a separate save slot and still didn't get it. I'm giving up now since I've done everything twice with no backing out of anything and I did it once solo and once co-op.
Posted by BeaveHuntr on 02 Dec 12 at 04:13
Psycho0022 Also glitches for me. Did all of the multiplayer matches over again and still nothing. Last achievement I unlocked was Mort will now lend you credit. Would burning it to your hard drive factor into the glitch equation. I noticed everytime an achievement would pop it will freeze for a good 2 seconds or so before resuming play.
Posted by Psycho0022 on 03 Dec 12 at 01:47
DxAxGOOSEN This worked just fine for me. I did the multiplayer stuff first. Then did the story mode. Then did the challenges. Then played santas sweatshop for the remaining money to purchase all the stuff. After that I did the 30 waves of multiverse madness and both achievements popped. I did all missions in one play through getting all objectives and achievements. The only thing i had to play again was for the money. I did this for a friend in 6 hours and got him all achievements too. Are you guys quitting levels or anything like that? I played through every level and match. The only thing I can say is to clear the cache and play through the whole thing again. Like I said it took me 6 hours start to finish. Good luck fellas
Posted by DxAxGOOSEN on 03 Dec 12 at 23:02
Ole Man Logan I just spent 3 hours working on getting the 30 Waves completed since it was my last achievement to get. I always completed every level after getting all the collectibles in them in. Completed every MP match never quitting out of them. Still final achievement not unlocked. Pretty fucking pissed right now.
Posted by Ole Man Logan on 04 Dec 12 at 00:30
Ole Man Logan I just spent 3 hours working on getting the 30 Waves completed since it was my last achievement to get. I always completed every level after getting all the collectibles in them in. Completed every MP match never quitting out of them. Still final achievement not unlocked. Pretty fucking pissed right now.
Posted by Ole Man Logan on 04 Dec 12 at 00:46
Ole Man Logan Whoa wait a minute. for some reason even though I bought everything in the store and got that achievement a while back, I was just looking randomly through things to figure out what I might have to do to fix this glitch in game. Looked through the store again just in case, there was a shit ton of costumes not bought for some reason. Possibly the game has problems saving the info. So I bought all the ones I needed to again and pop final achievement unlocked. So word of advice even if you bought everything, double check the store again in case. That's what worked for me.
Posted by Ole Man Logan on 04 Dec 12 at 00:49
South Park TFBW ^ Very strange! I'll add that.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 04 Dec 12 at 03:48
LeRoiNL I started this game a few days ago hoping to avoid any glitched achievements by taking a different route to the end. I started out with the story and colletable achievements, then went on to MP. Finally I did the challenges (first and last one did co-op, rest solo). I finished up by replaying the Chicken Fight level to earn the last bit of money I needed to buy the unlocked costumes, etc by completing the challenges. Alas the final achievement did not pop. Was really disappointed but tried replaying some MP to hopefully get it. I finally got it when re-doing the achievement to kill 3 members of the opposing team. So I'm really happy now :)
Posted by LeRoiNL on 04 Dec 12 at 20:09
South Park TFBW ^ Nice one man!
Posted by South Park TFBW on 04 Dec 12 at 20:30
True Marvellous Just to add more to its the MP goals that are not tracking properly.

I too encounterd the glitch so I started working my way through the MP goals again and off all things it was choose meg in a mp match that hadnt tracked lol.

Would also confirm hat I never quit out of a level or a mp match and my money grinding levels were fully completed to.
Posted by True Marvellous on 05 Dec 12 at 16:04
RobbiWanKenobi Has it popped for anybody after doing secondary objectives or challenges? I've redone MP cheeve requirements multiple times with no luck. So pissed off...
Posted by RobbiWanKenobi on 08 Dec 12 at 02:46
H4MED3000 i have the game but didn't start it so far because of this achievement. waiting for a patch :(
Posted by H4MED3000 on 10 Dec 12 at 09:10
Drop The Mikee After reading everything doing it all twice i still cant unlock it!!!! :(
Posted by Drop The Mikee on 13 Dec 12 at 02:57
South Park TFBW Just noticed Stallion83 commented on this =]
Posted by South Park TFBW on 13 Dec 12 at 20:49
Lee291286 Glitched on me! taunting over meg again with quagmire and it popped
Posted by Lee291286 on 13 Dec 12 at 23:12
Drop The Mikee ok so i spent 20 mins on the phone with activision and i reported the problem and the lady was very nice and understanding. she filled out a report and sent it to up. So im asking everyone to just take 10 to 20 mins and call them so we can get this fixed!!!!!! PLZZZZ call everyone!!!!!
Posted by Drop The Mikee on 14 Dec 12 at 00:28
Molneze Like Lee said above, I too got it after I beat everything. The achievement glitched and didn't pop for me when it should have. I loaded up a Multiplayer, free for all, picked Quagmire, and played against Louis. I killed her once, stood above her and taunted and the achievement popped immediately. Thank GOD!
Posted by Molneze on 15 Dec 12 at 03:56
UTBcannon Glitched for me, cleared chache, repeated all MP achievements. Nothing. So goddamn annoying.
Posted by UTBcannon on 17 Dec 12 at 15:10
South Park TFBW that sucks
Posted by South Park TFBW on 17 Dec 12 at 22:59
ninjeestarr Yea, fuck this game. I played the game without quitting anything then went and redid all of the MP. Fuck it, I'm done.
Posted by ninjeestarr on 22 Dec 12 at 00:54
WEBHEAD 7 ok, now i'm pissed. this is the first game to officially glitch on my profile. pretty sure i didn't quit out of anything after getting an achievement. i always waited for whatever it was to finish and save.
i did have to replay the amish level and the santa level to complete the the seconadry objectives, and then i had everything done except purchasing everything from the store, so i replayed the first couple levels just collecting cash and not bothering with the objectives again.
i've tried replaying a deathmatch, an infiltrator match, t-bagging lois with quagmire, etc.. stuff that others have mentioned.
really the only thing i can think it might be it that because of using mission select for cash collecting,, that i have to replay the whole f***ing game again to get all the secondary objectives in one playthrough.....
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 25 Dec 12 at 21:12
WEBHEAD 7 just got it!!!
got it by taunting 5 times with peter in a deathmatch. don't think i noticed anyone else mention re-doing that to get it to pop... so i'm thinking that maybe it's not a particular thing that you have to re-do. maybe the game re-scans your achievement count every few times you do an achievement-related task...?
and then again... maybe not, since some have said they've re-done everything with no luck. : (
anyways, good luck all
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 26 Dec 12 at 00:55
South Park TFBW ^Yeah man it's not yet confirmed but alot of people report the Multiplayer achievements mess this up. =]
Posted by South Park TFBW on 26 Dec 12 at 04:41
RobbiWanKenobi What are the odds that EA will release a patch for this to coincide with the DLC coming out?
Posted by RobbiWanKenobi on 26 Dec 12 at 05:05
X PenguinK1ng X Thought mine was glitched,but played a death match game with peter,tryed doing the kill 3 players with meele and taunting at the same time and i got it :)
Posted by X PenguinK1ng X on 26 Dec 12 at 08:27
UTBcannon Went and done all that WEBHEAD stated but nothing helped. Short of running the whole game again(read: not happening) I don't know if I'll ever have it. Shame. I'll hold on to the game and see if a patch is released. If not, 98% will do.
Posted by UTBcannon on 27 Dec 12 at 01:26
WEBHEAD 7 keep at it, UTBcannon. somewhere along the line, one of your achievement-related tasks (more than likely a mp achievement) didn't save. in my case i think maybe i was just unlocking them too fast for the game's autosave to keep up,, what i mean is, i unlocked 9 achievements in my first deathmatch played, all in pretty quick succession. maybe the autosave wasn't entirely done saving the last one before i popped another. maybe that's reaching, but it's a theory..
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 27 Dec 12 at 08:26
South Park TFBW UTBcannon, I say re-do all of the the MP is your best bet.Maybe switch the map or character might help.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 27 Dec 12 at 22:08
STViii Glitched for me guys, retried MP achievements. Finally popped after shutting another team out of a CTGUDG match.
Posted by STViii on 27 Dec 12 at 22:41
MIK813 OMG i can't believe how many peeps this has not worked for!!
Any tips or help, i did all OBSESSED didn't pop deleted all memory etc. Then did again realising i didnt do shark secondardy as i went along then popped, then i did 21 stars for the missions popped and then bought all from store that popped which was my last achiev. i had re-done multiplayer but not done challenge wavws 1 -30 this is my last idea if not HELP!!

i did quit out i think when i did Meg & quagmire achievs not 100% on what map and who as 2nd player does this matter?

Sorry to all havn't got n the best of luck either reply or message my GT MIK813 if have any ideas.

Thanks to ALL in advance!!!!!

Happy Hunting!
Posted by MIK813 on 29 Dec 12 at 15:29
Mark Farley I had to re-do some of the mulitplayer achievements and it popped whilst I was taunting with Quagmire.
Posted by Mark Farley on 30 Dec 12 at 16:13
South Park TFBW @ MIK813, I say turn off your xbox, start up the game,head to multiplayer,and re-do all the mp achievements.It should work.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 30 Dec 12 at 19:39
I Dr Flames I tried everything, still no luck
Posted by I Dr Flames I on 30 Dec 12 at 21:48
CLARION 85 Glitched... finished a Deathmatch make 10 kills in a row and spot a dead men with Quagmire and Achievement popped after Match end
Posted by CLARION 85 on 02 Jan 13 at 15:26
DarKraii1 its glitched on me too..done evrything going by all the comments on this n i still got nothing.. stuck at 900G :( that thing i did on the game was the 2ndary objectives for 50G picking up the things i missed out on each level, and then buy the last character needed from the store for 30G..
Posted by DarKraii1 on 07 Jan 13 at 02:09
Petrified It glitched on me I never quit out of anything either.... I redid an Infiltration match and it unlocked thankfully.
Posted by Petrified on 09 Jan 13 at 08:41
BillJones0302 I completed 30 waves of Multiverse Madness and the achievement popped just after Cartoon Apocalypse unlocked. No glitches, just made sure to complete all missions once started despite unlocking achieves.
Posted by BillJones0302 on 09 Jan 13 at 20:59
CorleoneGang I redid all the MP achievements and nothing...gonna redo some of the secondary objectives that I think saved over the completed list...
Posted by CorleoneGang on 11 Jan 13 at 02:26
StephenM 84 Also glitched on me never quit out of any multiplayer game or single player. Redone the multiplayer ones nothing,
Posted by StephenM 84 on 12 Jan 13 at 20:20
CorleoneGang I have all done MP achievements again...redone secondary objectives on levels 6-10 and level 1 and nothing popped yet...
Posted by CorleoneGang on 12 Jan 13 at 20:45
CorleoneGang I spoke with Activision support and this is a known issue and supposedly an update will be coming out soon that fixes this problem...
Posted by CorleoneGang on 13 Jan 13 at 04:28
StephenM 84 hopefully
Posted by StephenM 84 on 13 Jan 13 at 15:18
DRUNKEN G1MP I didnt quit out of anything but achievement still didnt pop. I redid ALL multiplayer ones and it popped after winning the greased up deaf guy match ( which was the one i left till last )
Posted by DRUNKEN G1MP on 13 Jan 13 at 17:56
CorleoneGang You redid all the MP ones including the survive 15 and 30 waves? I don't know what else to do...I got the survive 15 levels achievement then died in level 17...then I played all the way through level 30 got the 30 wave achievement...I was messing around the other day and died in level 1...I guess I should redo all the way to level 30 to see if it pops now...I don't know what else it could be...
Posted by CorleoneGang on 13 Jan 13 at 18:39
StephenM 84 any news on a update yet
Posted by StephenM 84 on 16 Jan 13 at 18:13
CorleoneGang This has been "escalated" to activision's network team and hopefully heavy iron studios for a fix. The problem is obviously with the way the game saves as many people are unlocking this achievement by doing different things...based on how the game saved.
Posted by CorleoneGang on 16 Jan 13 at 20:28
StephenM 84 I tried going through the multiplayer ach multiple times still nothing. I just don't get it, I never backed out of anything apart from after a completed a mission when it saved I returned to the main menu that's it.
Posted by StephenM 84 on 16 Jan 13 at 20:36
StephenM 84 cheers for the update
Posted by StephenM 84 on 16 Jan 13 at 20:38
South Park TFBW DLC I believe came out about 1 week ago.Most likely,if they realize this problem,it will get fixed.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 17 Jan 13 at 02:50
LitaOsiris This glitched for me too even though I kept the buy everything from the store achievement until last. I had played every multiplayer mode except for Deathmatch on the one day. So I turned off my Xbox first, loaded back up the game, started a Deathmatch as Meg against Meg (which is what I did originally) and just did all of the Deathmatch achievements again. It unlocked when I got the 10 kill streak.

For the record, I never quit out during any multiplayer mode or whenever I got an achievement during the story. I always made sure it saved.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 19 Jan 13 at 20:37
DarKraii1 do ya recon the chevo will unlock if ya buy the DLC and then buy the costumes in game?? anyone tryed that yet? am thinking of doing that
Posted by DarKraii1 on 25 Jan 13 at 05:22
PACKERFAN FLA Ugg, I cant get it to unlock. I never backed out and always completed everthing cause I read up on this issue before I started playing. I tried practically everything listed in these comments before and after clearing system cache. My last ach was buying everything from the store. Replayed all MP modes on multiple maps, taunted with Peter and Quagmire, played with Meg and killed Meg. Did not retry MV Madress, I dread doing 30 waves again. I triple checked store nothing to buy. Any suggestions are welcome. This is all rediculous, they should bepatching this issue, how hard should it be for a game to understand what ach you have and dont have,
Posted by PACKERFAN FLA on 25 Jan 13 at 07:07
ElBlaze2010 Packerfan, I presume the game has a hidden stats file but these stats are only saved when the game is (either manually in campaign or autosaved at the end of a match or level).

I think the problem is that there is no way of viewing whatever this stats page has recorded, so you can't see what you missed.

I mean don't forget it could also be a cumulative achievement such as kill enemies with so many grenades, or get a triple melee kill or even a combination of these - I see no one has suggested these yet which people could easily be missing.

I know I quit out after getting the triple kill achievement, so its kind of indirect user error, probably our fault, but we have no way of rectifying it by telling us which achievements haven't fully saved.

I think what they should have done is somehow make it possible for the game to read from your achievements which ones you have/haven't unlocked rather than an in-game stats file.

I have also been through every single MP achievement, and even cumulative single player ones, so I know I have been very thorough (which is clear from my suggestions) and believe there is a chance of a bug here, but I don't rule out that I made a mistake somewhere I can't solve.

Either way, they need to get this fixed ASAP.
Posted by ElBlaze2010 on 25 Jan 13 at 14:51
Pusherman Yea, I have redone everything, and nothing. This always happens with these kinds of achievements!
Posted by Pusherman on 26 Jan 13 at 05:34
DirtyLittleSith Glitched on me. Followed all the suggestions here including leaving purchasing all store items last. When it didn't click off I ran through all the MP achievements again in the same order I unlocked them. Still nothing. Very unhappy.
Posted by DirtyLittleSith on 27 Jan 13 at 05:14
kungfu77 glitched on me.did absolutley every single achievement again still nothin. its unobtainable unlessthey patch it
Posted by kungfu77 on 02 Feb 13 at 13:59
Simm My final achievement was 30 waves of madness, I was pissed when I didn't get the cake achievement. I checked the solution here and redid all the multiplayer achievements and got nothing. I checked the store and sure enough, a ton of things I had purchased were locked. I bought all the stuff again and the achievement popped. Thanks TSOT!
Posted by Simm on 02 Feb 13 at 19:34
South Park TFBW ^ Happy you got the achievement!
For everyone else,try turning off your Xbox and re-boot the game.Then play some multiplayer.Again,no solution is actually confirmed yet.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 03 Feb 13 at 05:30
b30118218 Not sure if this will help but my achieve also glitched, I had gone through the multiplayer twice before also because i was aware of the glitch, however i decided that one last attempt at doing the multiplayer for a 3rd time I got the achievement to pop after I redid the infiltration achievement again.

So possible the infilitration achievement could also be saving bugged causing the achievement not to pop.
Posted by b30118218 on 04 Feb 13 at 14:58
CorleoneGang Is the 30 waves achievement considered a MP achievement also?
Posted by CorleoneGang on 05 Feb 13 at 02:49
South Park TFBW ^ Yes but I reccomened doing it last if nothing else is working.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 07 Feb 13 at 22:27
LMEPHISTO Ok i finished the multiverse madness and it dint popped. I tried some of the suggestions and nothing. I even tried to clear my always nothing. Though i saw the comment about peters taunts and i said what the hell lets try that. I did it and it popped. I dunno if that helps anyone :)

Thanks for the help all.
Posted by LMEPHISTO on 10 Feb 13 at 01:58
Jewlez Joining the glitched club. Did everything as player 2 and got all but the Mort and challenge achievements so went through and played the entire game again and nothing tried all mp achievements and misc achievements and you got it . . . Nothing
Posted by Jewlez on 10 Feb 13 at 18:41
fkn0rb3rt Hello Everybody! I'm a proud member of the glitched club too.:( I wrote a letter to Activision Assist on facebook and they wrote this answer: "We have verification from our production team that by redoing the Multiverse Madness game mode the achievement will unlock. Unfortunately patching the issue may not be the answer for the limited number of players affected". BAD NEWS. :(
Posted by fkn0rb3rt on 13 Feb 13 at 18:42
StephenM 84 @ fkn0rb3rt did you try Multiverse Madness again?. Mine is glitched also and I have still to repeat Multiverse Madness again.
Posted by StephenM 84 on 13 Feb 13 at 21:51
StephenM 84 Finally got it. I just redone Multiverse Madness again and it unlocked.
Posted by StephenM 84 on 13 Feb 13 at 23:59
fkn0rb3rt I got it! :) But I can confirm that not just the multiplayer achievements can be glitched. In my case was the "IEDead" achievement. I was playing Multiverse Madness in quahog with Brian and on wave 3 I achieved the achievement. I was trhowing a lot of grenades at the enemies and it popped.
Posted by fkn0rb3rt on 14 Feb 13 at 10:57
Luddy420 Redid Capture the Greased Up Deaf Guy & Shut Out the other team, and it popped. Was having same issues as everyone else, and I knew about the glitch before and never quit out of any games. So obviously that mode is glitched and it looks like infiltration, so try those out.
Posted by Luddy420 on 20 Feb 13 at 01:53
o Heisenberg v Cheevo glitched on me there. Done all MP cheevo's again and still didnt pop. Remember i quit straight after the "Day Labor"(destroy all pinata's on its all greek to me) cheevo so I started it up and done the rest of the mission including all collectable and it popped. was so glad.
Posted by o Heisenberg v on 20 Feb 13 at 19:45
o Heisenberg v Cheevo glitched on me there. Done all MP cheevo's again and still didnt pop. Remember i quit straight after the "Day Labor"(destroy all pinata's on its all greek to me) cheevo so I started it up and done the rest of the mission including all collectable and it popped. was so glad.
Posted by o Heisenberg v on 20 Feb 13 at 19:48
o Heisenberg v Cheevo glitched on me there. Done all MP cheevo's again and still didnt pop. Remember i quit straight after the "Day Labor"(destroy all pinata's on its all greek to me) cheevo so I started it up and done the rest of the mission including all collectable and it popped. was so glad.
Posted by o Heisenberg v on 20 Feb 13 at 19:49
TuftyAlx312 This achievement sucks!
Posted by TuftyAlx312 on 20 Feb 13 at 21:30
Stevio9 This achievement was driving me insane. Had redone all of the multiplayer chievos and all of the challenge mode ones and was 4 levels into my second playthrough when I got killed by one of Stewies satchel charges for the achievement for getting killed by your own grenade and my last achievement popped. From what I've seen this can glitch with any achivement in the game so stay at it and keep retrying ALL achievements and it should pop eventually!
Posted by Stevio9 on 01 Mar 13 at 05:06
ElBlaze2010 Finally just got this damn glitchy achievement after going through multiverse madness a second time.

Not sure if clearing the cache helps as I just got this without the update so others might want to give that a try and go through some of the more simple achievements.
Posted by ElBlaze2010 on 07 Mar 13 at 21:04
Homunculus Fury i'm also glitched followed the guide and did the store last and it still glitched. i'm sad
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 20 Mar 13 at 05:13
Homunculus Fury ok cleared the cashe redid the MP all but Multiverse madness. I finished Multiverse madness again and it just unlocked. I did die at level 13 and had to restart again but it still unlocked
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 20 Mar 13 at 16:31
x The Rook x I know there were collectibles I missed and when I went back to the levels I only collected the complete set for those I had missed and not all if there were multiple colelctibles on each level. I did get the Obsessed achievement but thought because I hadn't collected all collectibles in each level on one playthrough that this had caused me to miss the last achievement.

I had tried the MP stuff again with no success and couldn't face the thought of going through all the levels again for the collectibles, so I didn't... until recently. I did the first level again and then decided to try something else.

I deleted the cache and replayed Multiverse Madness and my achievement popped, even though I aready had the achievements for levels 15 and 30 in that mode.

That's the game maxed for me, thankfully. I don't see this getting patched so I hope everyone can find what is causing their glitch.
Posted by x The Rook x on 26 Mar 13 at 15:01
BlackMage Felix I keep retrying. No idea anymore as to which one is glitched
Posted by BlackMage Felix on 05 Apr 13 at 11:07
LadyWolf629 I did the same as in her blood above. Only I didn't clear my cache. I went into an Infiltration map as Peter, taunted a few times in it, and completed the match. The achievement finally popped as soon as the match was over.
Posted by LadyWolf629 on 08 Apr 13 at 23:35
South Park TFBW @StrayWolf33
Yeah, there are alot of reported ways to get this achievement to pop. It appears that it glitches more in multiplayer than single player.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 09 Apr 13 at 02:37
chefdrew07 IT WORKED! I completed another Infiltration map and the achievement unlocked! And all multiplayer achievements redone to be safe.
Posted by chefdrew07 on 01 May 13 at 05:23
arasma This glitched for me, I followed advice here, cleared my cache and taunted as Peter in an infiltration match and it popped before the game finished.
Posted by arasma on 01 May 13 at 19:46
ModifiedMag8 Any news on a update for this bullshit? I've done every fucking thing listed in here, online... cleared cache.. did em all offline.. nothing fucking works. cycled through every single achievement 3 god damn times. and nothing. Fuck this game.
Posted by ModifiedMag8 on 02 May 13 at 00:08
ModifiedMag8 OK this makes no sense... but I got mine to pop.. I cleared my cache, and went through all of the achievements. I played through the campaign.. ( a fourth time) making sure to get all collectibles.. and for whatever reason, when I killed the giant egg laying chicken my achievement popped. Makes no sense cause there's no other achievements on that level and I wouldn't have quit out of it. Despite the fact that I never quit out of anything through this game cause I saw this guide before I started. Anyway, that's what popped it for me. Fucking strange right?
Posted by ModifiedMag8 on 06 May 13 at 02:55
Randomnutta That is fucking strange but grats on it popping! I'm thinking of running through to campaign again to see if it randomly pops.
Posted by Randomnutta on 06 May 13 at 03:56
South Park TFBW Yeah, this achievement seriously makes no sense. Mine randomly pooped after I beat all 30 waves at the main menu like 1 minute later.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 06 May 13 at 06:20
oG Yeah To anyone wondering this: If you beat the game but didn't get enough money for all costumes you can go back to the elf killing farming level for cash and you DO NOT have to collect the collectibles again for this achievement I thought for sure since I didn't I wouldn't get it but as soon as I finished wave 30 I got the achievement. :)
Posted by oG Yeah on 06 May 13 at 09:53
II Rich Hobo II Mine glicthed too ;( .. Ill try some of these ideas, but I'm not doing the story mode again.
Posted by II Rich Hobo II on 08 May 13 at 19:38
AmaTIGRESS Mine also glitched. I tried redoing many of the multiplayer achievements, played through some of the story levels again, cleared my cache, and none of that worked. I figured I'd give Multiverse Madness one last run-through and then be done with the game as soon as/if I died. Fortunately, this achievement unlocked for me after I beat 15 levels! I originally got the achievements for MM in two separate playthroughs as co-op.
Posted by AmaTIGRESS on 17 May 13 at 19:08
time2munch79 Popped after redoing Teabag a D-Bag and I know for a fact I didn't quit out of this one the first time (I read these comments beforehand), but I did quit out after the Mr. Unpopular / Shut Up Meg achievements yet didn't have to redo them. Screwy achievement indeed.
Posted by time2munch79 on 21 May 13 at 02:55
BobWings The achievement glitched for me as well. I played a game of infiltration and won. The achievement unlocked after I won the game. There is no rhyme or reason to this achievement.
Posted by BobWings on 23 May 13 at 18:07
Synyster Drag0n This glitched for me also. If you are one of the people like me who re-tried the multiplayer chievos, the story collectables and multiverse madness with no luck then try the "Day Labour" chievo at the beginning of the story where you have to shoot 6 Piñatas at the house where the party is. The achievement popped for me as soon as I shot the last Piñata. Might not work for you but worth a try if you haven't already.
Posted by Synyster Drag0n on 05 Jun 13 at 15:31
darkerbydesign I just popped this now, i thought it had something to do with collecting all the collectibles again as i went into the levels again to make money to buy stuff from the shop, but it turns out that was not the case, i loaded up an infiltration map with 2 controllers used quagmire and kill the other player and t bagged them and it popped hope this might help some people
Posted by darkerbydesign on 12 Jun 13 at 16:01
RYN16 I Did everything right. Finished all games, only went back to main menu at the start of a new level and did the store achievement last still no achievement so retried the multiplayer and after 11 taunts as peter the achievement popped This achievement really is screwed and appears to just randomly glitch no matter what you do so just keep retrying achievements
Posted by RYN16 on 18 Jun 13 at 20:45
xDisturbedx666 Mine glitched!! I was mad but started going through the multiplayer achievements and it popped for the "pick meg in multiplayer" lol stupid meg!
Posted by xDisturbedx666 on 25 Jul 13 at 21:43
NeilArnold1987 I tried multiverse madness and made it to level 18, then died. i did it last night made it to round 30 and finished it. did all the deathmatch/greased up deaf guy/ infiltration stuff including killing myself with a grenade nothing yet, so i should probably redo multiverse madness again, or should i clear cache and start over again?

also someone said it popped at the main menu after beating the 30 rounds of multiverse madness. if i load up the game ya think it would unlock..... think i may try it now get back to you on if it works
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 29 Jul 13 at 17:09
NeilArnold1987 also everything is bought from the store, any advice, did the santa level since i finished it but didnt do all the secondary objectives when i was money farming, got em all this time and nothing, even did the taunt lois wit quagmire (t bag the d bag achievement requirement) and nothing
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 30 Jul 13 at 05:25
Flydog92 personally for me, i had to replay the 3rd level, the handicap one, and re-get all the shortbuses and handicap tag things and beat the level for it to pop because i had remembered playing the level, quitting to do a session for left 4 dead 2, and coming back on it and my count for short buses being the same as i left it, but i could re destroy busses i had already destroy cuz it made me start the level over. so the auto save feature isnt the greatest in this game and probably is a reason for this achievement being buggy. However, if you quit a level after collecting things or doing what i had done, re collect everything and beat the WHOLE LEVEL and hopefully it'll pop.
Posted by Flydog92 on 31 Jul 13 at 01:09
NeilArnold1987 did it with its all greek to me since the first couple of achievements i unlocked in this game i had no complete level achievement so i went back and did that and same for santas workshop, even got the pinatas for its all greek and still nothing
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 31 Jul 13 at 17:15
NeilArnold1987 think if you have the dlc downloaded it would affect this? any thoughts?
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 02 Aug 13 at 05:00
RodersArgoders Glitched on me so went through the mp achevos once again and it unlocked once i started an infiltration as ''Meg''
Posted by RodersArgoders on 03 Aug 13 at 00:19
NeilArnold1987 in the deathmatch if i did a free for all or a team one would i have to redo the exact same match type or just a deathmatch one
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 09 Aug 13 at 14:29
Anorexic Dwarf So. Bloody. Frustrating. Please, spam Activision Support twitter and comment on their facebook wall, they can't ignore us in hundreds!
Posted by Anorexic Dwarf on 02 Sep 13 at 22:54
BadMoney883 My last achievement was buying everything in the store. After that achievement popped nothing else did... I was pissed.
I started doing random mp achievements and it popped when I did the Quagmire taunt.
The glitch seems to be random but it is attainable.
Good luck everyone
Posted by BadMoney883 on 03 Sep 13 at 03:41
NeilArnold1987 really wish they put out a patch and, then when u do anything for any of the achievements it would pop
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 04 Sep 13 at 13:58
CRAZE KILER I have done every multiplayer achievement 4 times (three times after clearing my cache), only twice in Multiplayer Madness (completed it the second time after clearing my cache). I have redone the pinatas, pot burning achievements and gone through the only levels I may have quit out on, getting collectables on two of the three levels. I still have not got the achievements. I really do not know what more I can do, I guess I will try to get all of the bonus objectives on the remaining levels and if I can get it to pop I will note it here.
Posted by CRAZE KILER on 06 Sep 13 at 08:12
Anorexic Dwarf after contacting their twitter, they say 'you seem to be the only one with the issue', honestly flabbergasted. everybody should contact them, actually then they might realise it is broken?
Posted by Anorexic Dwarf on 14 Sep 13 at 22:38
kianjroberts This is bang out of order glitched on me and there's no way I'm doing the mp again
Posted by kianjroberts on 24 Sep 13 at 13:11
WebMan F@#K ... add me to the list, no achievement. I read this post before I started the game and was very careful to never quit out of a level or game. I am sure that I did not.

My last achievement was the 30 levels and it popped right on queue., but no cake achievement. I have replayed several levels and most of the MP with no luck. I am very pissed that developers can't get these types of achievements correct, and worse do not put out a fix.
Posted by WebMan on 29 Sep 13 at 01:14
WebMan Based of feedback from the developer that I read in another thread, I replayed all 30 levels of Multiverse Madness ... and still no achievement. That was a waste of time. This is very disappointing.
Posted by WebMan on 29 Sep 13 at 05:05
WebMan YES ... Finally got it!
I played Deathmatch with Quagmire vs Lois. I used no time limit with a winning score goal. I killed her every time with headshots and after about 10-15 kills, the achievement popped in game. I can only assume that it was related to the Boom Headshot achievement not registering properly. I'm now 100%. Yeah!
Posted by WebMan on 29 Sep 13 at 05:29
nfgmusicPaul I got the achievement for buying everything in the store, offline cause my way internet went out. This was the only achievement offline. If I start a new game and unlock only the store achievement, will THAT save want me to unlock every achievement in order to unlock the cake?
Posted by nfgmusicPaul on 24 Oct 13 at 22:08
nfgmusicPaul I finally got it after doing 30 waves again!
Posted by nfgmusicPaul on 27 Oct 13 at 16:52
Jibbermidget Glitched out for me, my last achievement was 30 waves. I re-did all the mp achievements, making sure not to quit out, didn't work. Deleted/re-downloaded my profile, and did all the mp achievements again. Still didn't work, so I started working my way through the story, getting all the collectibles. Achievement unlocked for me as soon as I finished the fourth level.
Posted by Jibbermidget on 08 Dec 13 at 17:17
DX Phenomenon If you never quit out of anything, and no achievement, its most likely that its multiplayer that's screwing up this achievement. Clear your system cache and start doing all the Mp achievements again, and if that doesn't work redo the Multiverse madness again.
Posted by DX Phenomenon on 04 Jan 14 at 16:09
NeilArnold1987 i dont like the fact it says unlock all other achievements so when you get all but this one it should automatically unlocked, now i wish they really would patch it cuz it kinda stupid these achievements are there, 100% progression and such is not bad, but an achievement that specifically says unlock all other achievements found in the game, that DOESN'T POP WHEN YOU UNLOCK EVERY OTHER ACHIEVEMENT IN THE GAME is kinda stupid they should patch it and when you load the game up the achievement should unlock
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 06 Jan 14 at 18:23
XxB3asti3xX Just glitched on me but I did finally get it to pop. I went back and started doing all of the multiplayer achievements going in order by the way the walk-through ( Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Page 4 - Multiplayer )shows and making sure to finish every game completely. I skipped over the Multiverse madness because I had just done those today but when I finished the infiltration game it unlocked.
Posted by XxB3asti3xX on 13 Jan 14 at 02:39
The Bus JB 36 I clear my cache and redid the mp achievements. No luck. Second time clear my cache again and I got it. My suggestion is if your doing the mp achievos do a few at time. Don't try to go for all of them at once. I personally think it has trouble keeping up with the tracking. Good luck.
Posted by The Bus JB 36 on 31 Jan 14 at 23:11
Spartan UK What a Nightmare "Theres is No Cake" Achievement after redoing all multiplayer achievements and replaying the Santa Money Grind Mission it turned out i had to do 30 Waves of Multiverse Madness again BOOM Unlocked Thank God!
Posted by Spartan UK on 06 Feb 14 at 23:53
Uber Silk Road If u are reading this for a laugh msg this for a laugh via xbox live his tag is '' kod ands chips '' and just say there is no cake he can't unlock this ceevo an he has the rest lol he done the same for me on saints row 4
Posted by Uber Silk Road on 25 Feb 14 at 18:42
South Park TFBW ^What the hell are you talking about?
Posted by South Park TFBW on 25 Feb 14 at 20:09
AH GamerScore It glitched on me too. The first time I played I didn't do it in one sitting, I did it in 4 sittings. After I deleted my game save and redoing all the story mode, bonus objectives, extra stuff, challenge mode, multiplayer and madness all in one sitting I still didn't get the achievement. Once I looked over the achievements one last time I didn't do the kill yourself with a granade/satchel charge and once I done that gloop achievement finally unlocked for me :)
Posted by AH GamerScore on 03 Mar 14 at 23:17
FullMoonBeaver After 3 months I came back today to complete the 21 stars in challenge mode and buy all items in the shop. Needless to say, it glitches on me. So I will load it up after I have fed daughter and put her to bed. I will say that I had to download a patch when playing earlier, but it doesn't seem to have fixed it as I am still 100g short. Hopefully a fix can sort it out for me. Will report back if I can figure it out.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 30 Apr 14 at 16:50
Mantle 117 another member of the glitched club, I assume there's no concrete way to pop this short of doing everything again?
Posted by Mantle 117 on 09 May 14 at 01:10
Tucky90 If you quit out on something in multiplayer and you can remember what that is then try that first as I accidentally quit out on a game of infiltration and the achievement glitched. Went back and played another game and it popped.
Posted by Tucky90 on 20 May 14 at 23:41
blackboxrory This one glitched on me after purchasing all the items in the store it did not unlock after my 47th achievement as expected. I ran through all of the MP scenarios again, the only one I didn't think to hit was 25 taunts.

After much exasperation I deleted my profile from the console and re-downloaded it as well as cleared my cache. I launched the game, took the TU, and then ran through the MP achievements in the order of the walkthrough. The only deviation I made was that I accidentally hit Next Map and did 2 Deathmatches in a row.

The achievement finally popped after a very long last game in which I taunted a good 40+ times. At the conclusion of the match the achievement popped much to my delight as I was 5 mins away from throwing in the towel on this one altogether.
Posted by blackboxrory on 25 Jun 14 at 02:59
Mr Granstaff I haven't unlocked all of the achievements yet, but I recall the level when you kill the Alien Chicken Queen (I guess?), the achievement unlocked right away. From previous levels, the "complete level" achievement would usually unlock during the recap/rewards screen. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not. I'm thinking if I run into this infamous glitch, I'll go back to this level first.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 26 Jun 14 at 14:02
Mr Granstaff Also, I unexpectedly unlocked the achievement where you blow up yourself, snagged the first two individual collectibles on the last level and decided to quit out (it was late for me), so I'll probably blow myself up again during that level and redo that level as well if I happen to run into the glitch. I do recall quitting out to the main menu and not just shutting down my console, so the game will probably save those collectibles, unfortunately.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 26 Jun 14 at 14:05
Antr0p0phagus After I tried all the MP achievements a second time (even though I didn't quit out), I still didn't unlock it. I also replayed Santas Sweatshop and the Chickens ins Space level, because I was farming money in Santas and at the end accidentally clicked "continue". Still nothing. Then I replayed a few other levels, also going for multi-melee kills, double grenade kill etc. Nothing...
Then I remembered that i unlocked the Perverted achievement when I was playing in co-op and hence didn't stay in one room with Quagmire for 30 seconds on my actual playthrough. I did this and the achievement finally unlocked! I'm really happy now. Maybe this helps someone. If secondary objectives don't unlock, try the Quagmire one, it just worked for me.
Posted by Antr0p0phagus on 02 Jul 14 at 14:40
Mr Granstaff Forgot to come back to this, but I had no issues netting this achievement. I can only assume that others are quitting out too soon, not backing out of the game properly or playing in co-op, which could cause these issues others have been experiencing.
Posted by Mr Granstaff on 02 Jul 14 at 14:44
Steve Redman I have done all 30 waves in a single 60 min session by myself without dying once with either person I picked did all maps on each game type with each person and all shutouts as well. The thing is still glitchy might have to delete my save file and do all the collectibles and multi-player in one go. Fuck I hate this game
Posted by Steve Redman on 11 Jul 14 at 00:09
l BlackBrian7 l This glitched on me at first but i just got it to unlock. I loaded up multiplayer and started a game of Infiltration. I used Peter and i found somewhere safe, then I used 6 taunts in a row without touching any other buttons on the controller. I let each full taunt play out and didn't move. After the 6th one, the achievement popped on the spot, I didn't have to finish the game.
Before this, I killed myself 3 times by holding a satchel charge. Always watch the full taunt without clicking another button. Hope this helps.
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 07 Sep 14 at 22:31
Capt Poopey Even after following the walk through's suggestions (leaving Mort's credit achievement for last) and always being careful to save correctly, mine glitched yesterday. Rebooted machine, did not clear cache or delete my profile. Tried all the easy multiplayer stuff first (not the 30 waves of MM!), nothing worked until I played an Infiltration game on Quahog. Started with Meg as my character, swapped out to Stewie mid match. Enjoyed the taste of non existent cake as soon as I finished the match and it said 'winner'. Sphincter now (delightfully) less clenched when compared to yesterday. Best of luck to anyone reading this thead, it means you probably hate this game a lot right now. I was going to burn my copy but have decided to keep it if only to enjoy another chicken fight one day :-)
Posted by Capt Poopey on 07 Oct 14 at 07:06
JQ1017 T-Bagged Lois with Peter for awhile then BOOM achievement unlocked. Cheers for the tips guys. I was freaking out about not getting this one.
Posted by JQ1017 on 29 Dec 14 at 09:58
Pynnokyr I did exactly as the guide said saved morts credit for last made damn sure whatever I did I finished the level or match and it unlocked first try thank you!
Posted by Pynnokyr on 26 Mar 15 at 09:46
Floruci This guide says i need to do mort as last, on the forum they say to do the 30 waves as last.. which one should i choose?
Posted by Floruci on 13 Jul 15 at 17:12
CJRD Re-doing the "capture the greased-up deaf guy" missions bagged me this achievement, it was a glorious feeling compute
Posted by CJRD on 14 Feb 16 at 18:40
ShannonCharger Just replayed all 30 levels of multiplayer madness....pop....after 4 years pop. This was the worst. Best of luck to all others that are missing this. I still feel your pain.
Posted by ShannonCharger on 17 Jul 16 at 21:48
Blastbeat Bill It glitched on me aswell. I did another round of Infiltration and it popped.
Posted by Blastbeat Bill on 17 Mar 17 at 12:42
Steve Redman Just spoke with heavy iron studios on Facebook and they say that they are not going to release any patches or fix any bugs. They claim it's up to Activision to do so. Looks like this will stay incomplete for me
Posted by Steve Redman on 04 Jun 17 at 22:52
South Park TFBW @Steve Redman - No way this game is ever going to get a patch. Almost 5 years since release.
Posted by South Park TFBW on 05 Jun 17 at 00:22
Interracial I completed all other achievements and this did not pop for me. I had a look through the comments on this solution and attempted a replay of Infiltration. I literally just won the game, did no other achievements, just finished the match and... POP! Very weird glitch with this game, the glitch for this achievement appears to be completely random!
Posted by Interracial on 30 Dec 19 at 12:13