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Complete Hitman: Absolution™ on any professional difficulty

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22 Nov 2012 21 Jan 2013
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CS2FreedomCan you re-do missions on any professional difficult if you pass the game on normal or do you need to start a new game? I don't want to loose all my completed challenges…
Posted by CS2Freedom on 22 Nov 12 at 20:16
Maka91I don't think you'll lose your challenges either way, but from what I understand, you can select individual missions. Very few people have beaten the game, so it's a little hard to tell.
Posted by Maka91 on 22 Nov 12 at 22:19
CS2FreedomSo I need to start a new game? Can't I play every mission on hard? That's no good…
Posted by CS2Freedom on 24 Nov 12 at 00:21
Fat SKoTafter the fourt mission on normal i thought screw it il start again on hard so if i lost my challenges i would only lose a few, but i didnt lose any as far as i can tell. great guides so far im now back to where i was before but on hard mode. as long as you dont get seen its still easy lol. its when you get seen and the sh!t hits the fan where it all goes bad haha
Posted by Fat SKoT on 24 Nov 12 at 12:56
steelwormi can confirm you can use mission select if you've already done a playthrough on normal. Started it on hard and got the achievement.
Posted by steelworm on 26 Nov 12 at 15:17
ApexiosUsed the solution purely for the FUCKING Countdown level. Worked a treat, good guide.
Posted by Apexios on 29 Nov 12 at 18:59
Legit SpamGreat solution but you really should edit out any & all mistakes. We shouldn't need to sort through them, that is what your editing is for. Video guides should be a simple copy this walkthrough...
Posted by Legit Spam on 29 Nov 12 at 22:26
Major Alenkothanks man helped me on some of the later crappy brutal missions
Posted by Major Alenko on 30 Nov 12 at 02:36
Maka91@Legit Spam, you clearly haven't seen the videos, there are no mistakes, and the videos are all edited to take the fastest path. The entire walkthrough is about 3.5 hours, as to where the game will take you 6-8+ hours. I have killed some people, but there are no mistakes anywhere.
Posted by Maka91 on 30 Nov 12 at 14:07
I3EAR iN MiNDMistakes ?Haven't spotted a single one all i can say is well done sir,well done indeed !! I even passed a couple of missions on purist using your tactics
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 02 Dec 12 at 12:56
Tony Starcdownvoting because it's youtube videos only and ain't nobody got time for that. put up a text guide with tips and i'll change it
Posted by Tony Starc on 15 Dec 12 at 09:46
WLC93Seeing it would be better for a Hitman game.
Posted by WLC93 on 17 Dec 12 at 00:46
TYR I MATTGreat guides! It is better to see what to do, rather than just a text guide, because it helps to time your movements perfectly.
Posted by TYR I MATT on 26 Dec 12 at 20:10
d 3 4 t h f xEpic guide 10/10 great help on a couple of spots
Posted by d 3 4 t h f x on 27 Dec 12 at 12:54
InstantMash v2LMAO at Tony, how in the hell would you use a text walkthrough on a game like this, with a vid you can see patterns of movement and where to go which will be a damn site easier than attempting to play from text, anyway, guides look great, thanx for the effort MaKa91, will continue to use your guide.
Posted by InstantMash v2 on 28 Dec 12 at 20:25
DownInFlames85Thanks a ton Maka! Subbed to your channel on Youtube and liked/thumbs up on here as well!
Posted by DownInFlames85 on 02 Jan 13 at 01:38
PanukiaJust to clarify, starting an entire new game is not needed? I've completed A Personal Contract and King of Chinatown in the purist difficulty through level select but the rest on normal. So I can skip them and level select those I've completed on normal?
Posted by Panukia on 02 Jan 13 at 18:16
MazraelMaybe there's upgrades I'm missing, still getting spotted for the same actions :S
Posted by Mazrael on 02 Jan 13 at 21:59
Maka91@Mazrael, There are no "upgrades". Only upgrades for weapons, which I don't use.
Posted by Maka91 on 02 Jan 13 at 22:54
SpinkyMinkyThis is helping massively, thanks. Upvoted.
Posted by SpinkyMinky on 03 Jan 13 at 11:07
BogusWeevila new game is not can just level select.
Posted by BogusWeevil on 07 Jan 13 at 02:16
CornerscoutAnyone know if you have to do every hard level back to back? Like, you can't play a level on a lower difficulty until you beat the whole game on Hard? Because I know I've beat every level on Hard, but in between I played a level on Normal to get a collectible and I don't have this achievement.
Posted by Cornerscout on 08 Jan 13 at 17:49
LizardKingv666I used your guides for Mission 6 Rosewood and the first part of Mission 20 Absolution. Amazing strategies!!!
Posted by LizardKingv666 on 14 Jan 13 at 08:00
Euler13Nice strategies in your videos! I know it's already been said, but I can also confirm that you are able to play through on Normal then use mission select on Hard to get this achievement. If anyone is like me then you will absolutely hate Rosewood, Countdown, and the first stage of Absolution.
Posted by Euler13 on 27 Jan 13 at 01:57
deutschZuidYou don't need to start a new playthrough on hard. Just do mission selects on a different difficult level.
Posted by deutschZuid on 28 Jan 13 at 09:34
StridentPizzathanks for a great guide.
Posted by StridentPizza on 28 Jan 13 at 20:38
E5SX B01Just another confirmation regarding level select, I've just completed the game on purist difficulty using level select and the achievement popped up after the final mission.
Posted by E5SX B01 on 13 Feb 13 at 18:17
Clap That FoolThis guide was Awesome Thanks Maka they saved me a lot of frustration haha
Posted by Clap That Fool on 25 Feb 13 at 23:17
TheDevilHandIf your using Level Select is there any way to track which levels you've completed on Hard if your not playing them in order?
Posted by TheDevilHand on 31 Mar 13 at 10:56
ryu7536Thank you for this guide, is amazing clap
Posted by ryu7536 on 01 Apr 13 at 14:36
CovetousCash64So, to be the guy who asks the dumb questions: which difficulties are the 'professional' difficulties? And if there's more than 1, is there any reason not choose the easiest of them (other than pride)?
Posted by CovetousCash64 on 04 Apr 13 at 22:37
RobertOrriCovetousCash64: When you pick a mission you will be prompted with a difficulty selection. There's two types: "Enhanced" (Easy, Normal) and "Professional" (Hard, Expert, Purist).
Posted by RobertOrri on 06 Apr 13 at 14:39

To continue with the second part of my question, is there any reason not to pick 'Hard'? Eg. There doesn't seem to be an achievement for completing the game on Purist.
Posted by CovetousCash64 on 07 Apr 13 at 22:59
Maka91@CovetousCash64, Hard is the hardest difficulty you'll need to play to unlock all the achievements.
Posted by Maka91 on 08 Apr 13 at 19:05
FoolsAndKingsThank you for this excellent set of Videos. The only problem I had was that for some reason it didn't count "The King Of Chinatown" on my 1st playthrough. I thought as the achievement didn't pop I would have to do it all again cry, but it went when I redid that level, luckily its only short. smile
Posted by FoolsAndKings on 28 May 13 at 17:28
Paully05Amazing solution, and great videos, helped me out so much. Downvoters on this solution are just plain stupid and should not be on this site, this kind of solution is exactly what this site is all about. +1, Thanks.
Posted by Paully05 on 29 Jul 13 at 19:15
Reefer420ATKOk so wtf can i do. i beat the game before just to get a feel for it. then level selected missions for hard. i did them all and wait for it.....nothing. the achievement didnt pop. i can tell i did them all tho because my 1st playthrough was on easy and then i went to hard. so tell me is there something i did wrong. i kinda dont want to play this game a 3rd or 4th time so please help
Posted by Reefer420ATK on 03 Aug 13 at 15:28
The level select doesn't indicate which difficulty the level was completed on. More than likely, you have one of the 20 missions that you didn't do yet you just don't realize which one. That's the problem with doing level select in this game, if you don't keep track manually it's easy to f-up and miss a level if you're skipping around.
Posted by Patriot65108 on 09 Aug 13 at 07:16
CYBORG TANKv18Do anyone know if after I finish the story on normal and then do mission select to start on hard will I lose any of the challenges I done completed during my 1st playthrough on hard?
Posted by CYBORG TANKv18 on 28 Sep 13 at 00:59
CYBORG TANKv18I beat the game on hard on my 2nd playthrough but no achievement pop up... i did level select for each one of them. Do i need to get a certain score in a level or something? I don't want to do another playthrough
Posted by CYBORG TANKv18 on 07 Oct 13 at 14:54
Priest CrowBrutal guide. excelente so far! Thumbs up and keep up the amazing work!
Posted by Priest Crow on 20 Jan 14 at 22:59
NeverUnluckyMaka <3
Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 05 Apr 14 at 01:00
AnemonemanGreat guide, thanks
Posted by Anemoneman on 12 Apr 14 at 07:51
Paul ZapDoes anyone know if I start a new game on Hard if it will reset my challenge progress? I've already beaten the game, and I'm working on challenges, but I also want to get this achievement in between. Should I wait until I get all the other achievements before attempting this or does it not matter? Also, if I chapter select A Personal Contract on Hard and just do the whole story, will that count or is starting a new game absolutely necessary? Thanks in advance to whomever answers this.
Posted by Paul Zap on 14 Apr 14 at 00:25
UmrathumaI dunno if there is a points threshold required for this cheevo, but I can say that for all you chaps/chapettes out there not fussed about leaderboards and what not, you can beast through the levels killing all the baddies with wanton cruelty. Most times my game was like the police station scenes from Terminator!!
Posted by Umrathuma on 08 May 14 at 20:42
SilentExiledOneI'm working through this achievement at the moment. I did a full playthrough on normal and then started a new game on hard. I can confirm if you start a new game after completing it once you WONT lose your challenges etc. Judging by what others have said, if you decide to go with the level select option you may not unlock the achievement. Easier to start a new game on hard to make sure it counts every level completed correctly.
Posted by SilentExiledOne on 20 Aug 14 at 07:56
iTiiDuS iNcStill an excellent guide in 2016. Thank you.
Posted by iTiiDuS iNc on 31 Oct 16 at 14:48
L4D Pills HereI beat every level on hard difficulty and it still didn't pop, this game sucks
Posted by L4D Pills Here on 30 Apr 18 at 03:19