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Easy Three

Clear the Easy Level in either Planet Quest, Survival Four, or Co-op With COM.

Easy Three0
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Leo AscendentLeo Ascendent495,819
26 Nov 2009
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Easy to do as you have unlimited continues. If you lose, you can retry that level instead of restarting. There's only one real piece of advice to give that will make ALL difficulties easier, and that is to master Hyper Mode.

In order to activate Hyper Mode, you must have 42 blocks drop down on you in two turns WITHOUT getting a beat drop (this is simply holding the control stick down). If 42 blocks drop in those two turns, you will see the gauge on the left side of your area light up. Activate Hyper Mode by performing a successful beat drop.

It might take a bit of practice to master Hyper Mode, and note that you and the computer will send each other 100's of blocks until one of you loses.