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Revive 10 incapacitated Survivors while under the speed-boosting effects of adrenaline.

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26 Nov 2009 30 Aug 2014
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You need to have 2 people (or a second controller) to do it this way.

Find some adrenaline, and then find a ledge. Have the second person walk off the ledge, then have the first use the adrenaline and pick them up. Have the second person walk off the ledge again and repeat the process until the adrenaline wears off, then maybe one more time, just in case you can get one off the tail end of the adrenaline.

You can do this 3 to 5 times per adrenaline shot if you do it quickly enough and they will all count for the achievement.

EDIT: This still works as of Aug 30, 2014, thanks BRARROW for letting me know.

EDIT: Just did this with my girlfriend, she got 5 revives in one shot, so it is possible t get up to 5 revives with one shot if you do it quick enough.

I found this out on the Hard Rain campaign, a teammate got hit to the dock by the tank, and I used the adrenaline shot to see if it would count, I had him walk off the dock 2 more times, and checked the achievement progress and found out all 3 revives had counted.

EDIT: It has pointed out to me that doing this on Dead Centre Survival mode is a good place to go as there are several adrenaline shots you can use. When doing it here have both of your human players grab adrenaline so when one shot wears off you could just have the other one given to you.
Thanks splicegraph for the tip

EDIT: Some people reported having trouble getting this, and found out that you have to do this by walking off the glass paneled walkways, rather than the stairs. (forget who said that, but it was before the site went down, sorry I can't attribute this tip to whoever said that).
EDIT: This tip is courtesy of DragonYen. Thanks for the tip, apparantly your comment was restored, so I can finally accredit you with the tip you deserve :)

EDIT: It has been pointed out that the AI sometimes will interfere with you reviving the teammates. Simply grab the auto shotgun in the beginning and down one person, rather than reload just grab the same one and it should be fully reloaded for you. You should be able to down them before the fully heal, if not you'll have to do it again. While the second AI is picking that person up, shoot them down. When they are both incapped you will be able to do this without any interferrence.
Added this courtesy of SnelleSjonnie.
Tm5kDidn't know helping people hanging off ledges and not yet incapped counted as revives. Good tip.
Posted by Tm5k on 30 Nov 09 at 16:07
Scott308Yeah, that is nice to know. You can get credit for helping without needing someone to take all the damage.
Posted by Scott308 on 03 Dec 09 at 06:24
splicegraphI discovered this by accident myself, great solution. Probably the fastest way to to get this achievement. 2 or 3 shots max of the juice. Dead Centre on survival to boost. Don't need to start the horde, and there are tons of adrenaline shots laying around.
Posted by splicegraph on 06 Jan 10 at 22:21
GremUKVery good tip. Should be nice and easy to get this. And nice tip Splicegraph on the Dead Centre survival tip
Posted by GremUK on 11 Jan 10 at 14:38
BPH Avengeryea u didn't figure that out, i saw ur guide b4 and it was different way different, you just copied off other people
Posted by BPH Avenger on 17 Jan 10 at 01:06
Quarantane@darkavenger- I did NOT steal any part of this guide. I may not have been the first person who discovered this but I did find this out on my own, and write every word of this guide myself. I did NOT take any part of this guide from anyone that I did not mention.
Posted by Quarantane on 17 Jan 10 at 03:04
Clash Mother watch this
Posted by Clash Mother on 18 Jan 10 at 23:54
SwervinCurvinEasy as pie. Did it in the Mall atrium and got Shock Jock right behind it
Posted by SwervinCurvin on 28 Feb 10 at 20:15
Quarantane@clash mother- He's using the same technique I described, except he only revives once with the shot, if he were to walk coach off several times with the one shot, he could easily get the achievement seeing as there are 3 shots.
Posted by Quarantane on 01 Mar 10 at 16:16
Ashen SeraphThis doesn't seem to be working for me and a friend.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 01 Mar 10 at 16:35
DragonYenDoesn't seem to be working for me either (split screen) I walk someone off a ledge, I use the shot, I pick them up, walk them off, pick them up, walk them off, pick them up, check my progress -- still have the 2 I had to begin with.
Posted by DragonYen on 24 Mar 10 at 12:45
QuarantaneWeird, I'll check it out with another one of my accounts
Posted by Quarantane on 26 Mar 10 at 06:07
DragonYenI finally got this to work. I was originally using the stairs... I switched to one of the "glass sided" walkways. For some reason it counted the "pull ups" from there, but not on the stairs. I did the exact same thing both ways. (+1 positive vote)
Posted by DragonYen on 29 Mar 10 at 14:08
DjDooksyNice guide. Shame it dont wosk on the stairs tho. Still easy tho. Cheers
Posted by DjDooksy on 29 Apr 10 at 08:50
ClevelandFanDoes not work. Glass or not. Does not work anymore, must have been patched.
Posted by ClevelandFan on 14 Aug 10 at 23:14
JD5Hya doesnt work and my ai always revive him
Posted by JD5H on 21 Aug 10 at 03:34
SnelleSjonnieDoes not work for me - the counter is simply not updated... Also, the AI keeps interfering so you might want to spend a few words on that in the solution. We can obviously kill them but that takes long and will cause them to occasionally grab the adrenaline shots right away from you. I also tried blocking the stairs with molotovs, that might help.
Posted by SnelleSjonnie on 02 Nov 10 at 00:23
Dezzie Kdunno whats up with the last few posters but this method worked fine for me, just unlocked it moments ago, thanks. (did it connected to xbox live and obviously updated game)
Posted by Dezzie K on 23 Nov 10 at 14:11
Full Tilt PanicI deleted the patch, switched to offline and did this spiltscreen with no problems. Got about 3 revives per shot using the Mall Atrium level of Dead Center on the top floor walkway.
Posted by Full Tilt Panic on 20 Aug 11 at 16:43
JakeBryantThis still works, great guide, Thumbs up +1
Posted by JakeBryant on 08 Aug 12 at 22:56
I Argonaut IThis still works! Thanks.
Posted by I Argonaut I on 24 Mar 13 at 06:30
Shadow XBLThis works. You should have the 2nd controller grab the 2nd shot, and then get on the ledge railing, about to drop off. Stand behind that 2nd player with the player getting the achievement. Use your shot, and as you stick yourself, move the 2nd controller off the ledge. Hit X on the 1st controller almost immediately and you should be the one who helps them up. Do this 3-4 more times until it wears off, then have the 2nd controller give you the other shot. Repeat. Thanks!
Posted by Shadow XBL on 27 May 13 at 04:35
BRARROWstill works as of 8/30/2014
Posted by BRARROW on 30 Aug 14 at 17:44
Dingus McKahFor the record has to be done in one game. You cannot reload and try again. The patch restricted that. There is 5 adrenaline shots so you should have plenty of chances
Posted by Dingus McKah on 09 Mar 17 at 01:09
torrens7760^ This doesn't have to be done in one game. I reloaded to get the last attempt and it unlocked after that.
Posted by torrens7760 on 02 Apr at 13:55