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F1 Race Stars achievements

F1 Race Stars

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There are 64 F1 Race Stars achievements (49 without DLC) worth 3,451 (1,300)

7,405 tracked gamers have this game, 246 have completed it (3.32%)

Shortcut Expert in F1 Race Stars

Shortcut Expert47 (10)

Take every shortcut in the game

  • Unlocked by 336 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.69) 7,417  
579,482 (275,890)
Achievement won on 24 Nov 12
TA Score for this game: 2,716
Posted on 24 November 12 at 20:47, Edited on 31 January 13 at 09:09
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big thumbs up to pivo1889 for his guide, it helped me understand that you had to get each tracks shortcuts in one run.

***there are some great tips in the comments which may help***

firstly my tip is to use a red bull car, the slipstream boost is easily the best.
i got my achievement through the 'play' option in the main menu though i'm sure 'career' will work just as fine.
each track has a locked shortcut, you need to find the key to open it, the key only appears once per lap, and never appears for the person in 1st place, this is the hardest thing about this achievement, i recommend always trying to get the locked shortcut on your first lap and re-trying if you fail
the way i list the shortcuts is the order in which i found best to get them.
some shortcuts slow you down, but if you use a boost and the correct time (why red bull works great) then they don't slow you down at all

here you go:

38 shortcuts to take

2 shortcuts
1. just after the factory take an immediate right (most AI cars go this route by default it seems)
2. get the key by following the path which starts immediately to the left of the rapids, and use the key to the right of the factory entrance

4 shortcuts
1a. at the start of the race there is a dirt road off to the left by the first corner, if you time it right you'll get the shield key
2. after you drop back down from getting the key, there is a shortcut immediately to the left, keep you're eye out as it is quite easy to miss
1b. take the furthest right path through the castle for the locked shortcut
3. there is a big jump that you can land on a high route up through the top of a castle, you need a full KERs corner boost to make it
4. just before the final couple of corners there is a small narrow road to the right which cuts them both (behind a little blue hut)

3 shortcuts
1. right at the beginning go to the left to skip the first chicane
2a. collect the key, as you enter the Colosseum take the path on the right
3. after collecting the key to the locked shortcut, the road splits, to the right is a group of charging shields, to the left is a little ramp, take the ramp
2b. after the long straight where you weave between the broken bits of the bridge, they'll be a left hand corner, stay on the right and keep your eyes open for a gate

4 shortcuts
1. at the first corner you want to cut across the grass and hit the boost pads
2. after the next KERs corner take a sharp right, jump up on the roof to the right and get the key. in the big round area of the carnival there is what looks like a chicken head towards the back left, that's your gate to go through
3. on the big wooden part of the track there is a narrower path off to the left that goes across the pond
4. 2nd lap just before the carnival take the ramp on the left to jump onto the roof and stay on it all the way to the end

Abu Dhabi
4 shortcuts
1. just after the roller coaster there is a chicane, head towards the right and go over the gravel trap to skip it
2. collect the key from just inside the first building, there is a path immediately to the left as you enter, use the key a little bit later before exiting the building on the left
3. on the next lap just after you come off of the moving platforms held up by cranes, you'll have to go around hairpins in the sand, after the first there is a path in the wall on the right
4. immediately after the last shortcut there is a KERs corner, charge your boost and go straight forward, aim for the ramp, and jump over the puddle

3 shortcuts
1. just after the fountain area take a sharp left (just before there is two moving vehicles), you'll go through a shopping mall kind of area, this is where you collect the key, as you come back onto the road take a right through the gate (just before the next hairpin)
2. immediately after the locked shortcut take a right up onto the path (you'll go over a swimming pool)
3. on lap 2 after the tunnel there is a chicane, cut across the grass on the right to skip it

1 shortcut
1. in the fountain area take a right for an alternative route, this will get you the key. just after the start/finish line there is a split section where the track is divided by a wall as you go down stairs, take the left path and go through the gate

3 shortcuts
1. Just after the stadium at the beginning take a right out onto the docks and ride across the piers
2. on the straight with trams take a left path to find the hidden key, use it as you enter the sharks mouth on the right hand side
3. on the next lap back on the straight with the trams there is a jump over a sculpture on the right

9 shortcuts, yes 9! bear with me on this one, the ordering might not be great, but its the order i did them in
1. as you get to the dirt track area, head to the left where there is a ramp
2. when you see the first set of tractors, head right through a barn
3a. get the key from the jump to the right of the first pit lane
4. after the dam cut the first 90 degree corner
3b. take the locked shortcut, its a gate just to the left of the last shortcut
5. head straight through truckasaurus' legs and ride over the slow dirt behind him
6. 2nd lap, during the canyon area before the dam, ride the higher path on the left all the way to the dam
7 & 8. towards the end of the lap (just before truckasaurus, you slalom around a couple of field goals, cut across two pieces of grass here for two shortcuts
9. 3rd lap, in the canyon area, they'll be an opening to cross a small stream, cross it

3 shortcuts
1. near the start, the road forks, to the left tarmac, to the right it drops down onto dirt and has 3 red boost pads, take the dirt road
2a. collect the key from inside the first factory, there is a path immediately to the left upon entering.
3. after jumping out of the factory you slalom around 3 hay bales, planes fly by and blast the hay bales away, you want to time it so the planes have blasted the hay away before you get there, and cut across all 3 corners
2b. take the shortcut, as you enter the first airfield, at the back right of the field is a big plane you cut through

2 shortcuts
1. in the area with the robot girls on wheels go out of the building to the right, follow the path to get the key. use the key just after the start/finish line through a big red semi circle fan
2. on the 2nd lap, right after the building with the Japanese robot girls (seriously what do you call them?), just outside of that is a grass shortcut to take
Chris8875 The US course is a shocker to be honest. Chaotic and disorganised. The rest are relatively easy.

Great guide - thanks so much
Posted by Chris8875 on 25 Nov 12 at 03:28
destinee ehgc Does it tell you anywhere which ones you've done or do I need to start a list? Thanks, great guide :)
Posted by destinee ehgc on 27 Nov 12 at 17:14
PixelPusher87 You'll have to make a list in afraid, you can view how many times you've earned the explorer badge in the stats menu, but you won't know what tracks its from
Posted by PixelPusher87 on 27 Nov 12 at 18:34
Chris8875 destinee - agree with loserb0i - need a list. Checking on the number of "explorer badges" you have doesn't work because you can get multiple ones for the same track.

I have two of those badges, but both are for the Belgium track. This could be the most annoying achievement in the game.
Posted by Chris8875 on 29 Nov 12 at 01:41
MrLister92 do you have to get the explorer badge for each race?
Posted by MrLister92 on 29 Dec 12 at 15:12
PixelPusher87 Essentially, yes, if you see that badge at the end, tick that track off
Posted by PixelPusher87 on 29 Dec 12 at 17:27
Minchy Munchkin You can do America in 2 laps. Either on lap 1 after getting the key, when rejoining the road you can get up to the raised short cut directly opposite or the same place after taking the stream cut on lap 2.
Posted by Minchy Munchkin on 29 Dec 12 at 23:54
Tan110688 Good guide and thumbs up but any chance of a couple of pics to help us less experienced at driver games. Thanks.
Posted by Tan110688 on 04 Jan 13 at 23:26
PixelPusher87 Pics will be a little difficult, but if there is any corner description catching you out tell me which and I'll give more info on it
Posted by PixelPusher87 on 05 Jan 13 at 09:43
HAMbidextrous1 There is a Youtube video with the key locations, very helpful. Also, the Explorer icon DOES NOT always show up at the end of a race. I just did Singapore and it did not show at the end of the race but it did in the My Stuff menu.
Posted by HAMbidextrous1 on 06 Jan 13 at 15:00
Alangelus The explorer icon shows up after you've done the last shortcut, not at the end of the race. Also, loserb0i, they're robot geisha girls. Not that that helps probably lol.
Posted by Alangelus on 10 Jan 13 at 12:41
Scowy Great guide, I'd like to add, i found it easier to customise the race to 9 laps, simple power ups and no damage, if you don't know exactly where the key is, or struggle to get it, you can sit near where it spawns and let them come back around once you know where it is, sit there and pick it up as soon as it spawns, you'll have plenty of time to get them all before they finish, as soon as you get the explorer badge, quit the race and go to the next one.
Posted by Scowy on 30 Jan 13 at 22:23
Rick Neto 21 It is a great guide, however I follow all the shortcuts here described and the achievement did not pop up. I did all in Play option. Does it need to be done in the career???
Posted by Rick Neto 21 on 13 Feb 13 at 21:04
PixelPusher87 i did mine in the play option too so it's not that. just be sure you are getting all the shortcuts for a track in one race, this will unlock the 'explorer' badge, if you don't see that badge unlock then you know that track isn't complete
Posted by PixelPusher87 on 14 Feb 13 at 11:16
Chris8875 This is a great guide, by the way. Followed it and got the achievement. The US track is perhaps the most annoying because of the sheer number of alternative routes. Definitely up the lap counter to 9 and do a very long race for that one!
Posted by Chris8875 on 28 May 13 at 23:35
Chris8875 This is a great guide, by the way. Followed it and got the achievement. The US track is perhaps the most annoying because of the sheer number of alternative routes. Definitely up the lap counter to 9 and do a very long race for that one!
Posted by Chris8875 on 28 May 13 at 23:35
Hawkes67 Thumbs Up!! Just got the chievo - I followed this guide to the letter ... without it I would've struggled! Excellent - Cheers!! clap
Posted by Hawkes67 on 31 Aug 13 at 15:21
EVGEN RUS 05 how do I know on which tracks the Explorer icon has not yet been received? I passed all the tracks, but the achievement was not opened! please tell me
Posted by EVGEN RUS 05 on 18 Jul at 14:13