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Poison Control

Cure poison on five soldiers in a single mission. Single player only.

Poison Control0
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Follow our video guide, from, to help you get the Poison Control Achievement.

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oakdale7Nice.. Thumb up!!
Posted by oakdale7 on 02 Dec 12 at 15:57
CMSR MolotovThank you for the tip to use the General Van Doorn council mission for this. I only faced Thin Men in this mission, which made it very easy. One thing I found useful (though I appreciate it is very situational) was to Mind Control one of the Thin Men so I had access to the poison-spitting ability, allowing me to control how my squad got poisoned.
Posted by CMSR Molotov on 13 Dec 12 at 20:08
MushaConvoyThank you! I couldn't work out why my guys weren't getting poisoned, figured it was Easy difficulty. My problem was everyone had medpacks :)
Posted by MushaConvoy on 29 Jun 16 at 12:05