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Play 200 ranked Multiplayer matches

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29 Nov 2009
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After getting this achievement for over 7 different people (including myself) I can definitely say that this achievement is glitched up. I wouldn't recommend trying for 200 ranked matches, your best bet is 200 ranked wins, and most importantly: KEEP TRACK OF YOUR WINS!

To get a ranked match started, you need 6 different gamertags in the lobby (3 vs 3, you cannot start with severely uneven teams). Make sure to set the creature density to HIGH and the animus max to 100. Keep Alpha werewolfs "ON".The map I found easiest to boost on was New York, simply because right at the beginning of the match, an Alpha werewolf spawns at the firetruck right outside of spawn. Alpha's drop exactly 100 animus energy, so if you absorb all that (holding down the "Y" button next to the energy) you should be ready to fill up your machine. Once your team wins, in most cases, watching the cut-scene didn't matter, you can skip it with the "A" button. DO NOT LEAVE BY PRESSING "B and A"! Leave the match only by Pressing "A" then "A" again. This is the only reasoning we can think of why some people got the achievement at 200 wins and not 310-400 wins, so better to be safe than sorry.

So just rinse and repeat. I suggest you keep one side the winning side but switch the people out every 5 matches to be fair.
**EXAMPLE: Red Team wins 5 matches, then everyone on red team moves over to blue team and blue team moves to red team. Red wins 5 and then switches with blue team again.**

Well good luck to anyone who tries to get this achievement in this game, and remember to be fair and stick around until everyone in your boosting session gets the achievement, you couldn't have gotten it without them.
NEO CRIMS0Nwhats with the negative votes?
Posted by NEO CRIMS0N on 06 Dec 10 at 09:19
B8TINGUAgreed with COURAGE.. comepletly random.. in everyway.. took me over 500 matches and I tried ever imaginable way of doing this. I started with the push A button twice to leave the matches..and nothing.. It poped for me after I continued to watch the end cut scene, all the way thru but I think even that had little to nothing to do with it.
Posted by B8TINGU on 03 Jan 11 at 03:08
NEO CRIMS0NRegardless of how glitchy this achievement is, I posted what my group did and we unlocked it at roughly the 200 game mark for the most part. Negative votes are completely unnecessary
Posted by NEO CRIMS0N on 03 Mar 11 at 03:42
xxx ALUp to 600 matches, no achievement.
Best advice ever?

Don't start this game.
Posted by xxx AL on 14 Aug 14 at 17:56