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Perform your first Animality

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04 Dec 2012
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This achievement can only be performed in UMK3, I sugest you use 2 controlers (don't need sign in a second profile)

1 - Choose Nightwolf (is the easiest to do Animality in my opinion)
2 - Your opponent (CPU or 2P) doesn't matter, can be anyone.
3 - Win the first round (you)
4 - Lose the second round (for the CPU or 2P)
5 - Win the third round (you again)
6 - When the message "FINISH HIM" appear, just back up all the way., and quickly you need perform "MERCY" (give a second chance to your opponent)
7 - To do "MERCY" you need hold Run buttom (LT - Left Trigger), and press 4 times down, after that release quickly LT)
8 - If you done correctly the "MERCY" message will appear and your opponent will regenerate a little bit of life, just hit him to appear "FINISH HIM" again.
9 - When "FINISH HIM" appear (will be the second time), you need be very close to your opponent and do the Animality.
10 - Nightwolf Animality: quickly press forward, forward, down and down)

If you done this right, Nightwolf will transform and will kill the opponent., and after that the achievement will unlock.
BARTEK 0077how to play multiple players without controllers?
Posted by BARTEK 0077 on 31 Mar 13 at 22:48
Screw this! I can't enter mercy mode at any circumstances... I got my running button on "f". I win first round, lose second, win third and whenever I press f+(d-d-d-d) and release f it wont give me the mercy state. What happens is the AI just falls to the ground after a while and I win. Does this not work in Arcade mode?
Posted on 24 Dec 13 at 15:38
Ok, FINALLY I got that! You have to wait a little after the last down to realease run! Dont rush the button press shit! Watch this video if you need help:
Posted on 31 Dec 13 at 12:38
ZalexzySeriously, tried multiple times to get mercy done with no luck, finally got it by spamming down more than 4 times
Posted by Zalexzy on 06 Jul 17 at 10:35
anthonyd46I find it so much easier with Liu kang you can use his ranged fire of forward forward x to get the last hit and that way you are in ample distance for the mercy. Once you get the mercy it's down down up while close to perform his animality.
Posted by anthonyd46 on 25 May 20 at 02:02