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Threat Level Red

Complete all episodes on Red (hard) difficulty

Threat Level Red0
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Jackey Boy 217Jackey Boy 217373,314
29 Nov 2009 10 Jan 2010
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first complete the game on any difficulty (shouldn't take too long but they do not stack so you have to complete it on every difficulty). once you have done one play through you can choose any level and any chapter, and there's a nice little glitch for all these difficulty achievements. you only have to complete the last part of every level in order. so choose the first level and then the last part, then do the same for the second and so on and then ta da! achievment unlocked. then just repeat the same steps for whatever difficulty your missing.

for people who are struggling with the final boss, there is an easy way to beat him. you need to start off as normal and deactivate the laser. but instead of going into the centre with summers, go back to the higher ground before that. then all you need to do is just move forward so you can only just see summers head above the floor. that way you can just shoot him in the head while he shoots the floor. it may take about 4 or 5 clips to kill him but you probably won't even get hurt. i'll provide a video when i make one, if this descriptions hard to follow just send me a message.
AlexLancerthanks alot!!! i couldn't beat him in the centre but this made him so easy
Posted by AlexLancer on 11 Dec 09 at 18:29
II THE PLAYA IIthat made it easier, thanks
Posted by II THE PLAYA II on 11 Dec 09 at 18:32
edlighThe Good advice! Helped! Thank you
Posted by edligh on 14 Dec 09 at 18:27
redlink13SWEET! thanks :D
Posted by redlink13 on 20 Apr 11 at 10:44
GatorFistTo clarify where to kill the final boss: When you shoot out the last two panels that have the green lasers; there are two walls (one under either green beam). I hit behind the right one and shot him in the head no problem, without him shooting me at all. Shot until I ran out of bullets, then ran in and finished him off with more ammo. You could alternatively just get killed and start over at the boss fight with full ammo.
Posted by GatorFist on 01 Jun 11 at 04:29
Pedle ZelnipHaven't done red yet, but on orange I found that the above trick didn't work, he still saw me & shot at me. Shooting at range while trying to dodge his shots I went through a full M4 set of ammo and he was still standing.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 08 Jun 11 at 00:42
Jackey Boy 217it's not from range that your ment to shoot him. every time you go up a ramp after you avoid the light beam, straight ahead you'll see a small wall used for cover, once your aloud to go to the middle don't, just stand on the corner of one of the small walls, move yourself lower till he can't see you and only his head will be visible. this does work as other people have said, you must just not have understood what i'm saying
Posted by Jackey Boy 217 on 09 Jun 11 at 12:01
Tan110688Going to have to try this, I wasn't guna bother as it wasn't an amazing game but you can't deny the gamerscore now that its been made simple
Posted by Tan110688 on 20 Apr 12 at 17:15
x Tango Sukka xI can confirm this works, took me all my ammo from the assault rifle. Now just for these online achievements ;-( sad face!!
Posted by x Tango Sukka x on 21 Jun 12 at 18:11
SquAshyyy94Tip worked great, took a few try's but worked, thanks
Posted by SquAshyyy94 on 16 Jul 12 at 14:06
DcupsOfJusticeI can see how this can work. However, after 5 tries I still don't have it. I can get to the spot you are referring to, if he moves from the top of the ramp, but then he'll move closer to the edge leaving no where safe.
Posted by DcupsOfJustice on 29 Jul 12 at 02:39
A 0 E MonkeyAn easier way for the final boss I found was to die at the checkpoint to get full ammo, then back all the ways back down the ramp then there are little slopes on the bottom of these pillars, stand on the base of the one on the right (when facing the centre) and you should be able to shoot him easily here without him moving or shooting back. I used all my ammo for the M4 so I ran up the ramp and picked up the boxes and ammo here. The boss now moved and I couldn't see him from the pillar but I could just stand out in the open near where I picked up the ammo and just see his head, not quite as good but worked just fine :)
Posted by A 0 E Monkey on 01 Apr 13 at 21:13
Or1g1nal S1nn3rWorked perfectly for me, thanks.
Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 13 Jun 13 at 01:20
UnKn0wN DiSeAsEWorked Like A Charm
Posted by UnKn0wN DiSeAsE on 06 Nov 13 at 23:28
flubberfudgedefeating that xeno fire brute wasn't easy either... lol
Posted by flubberfudge on 29 Sep 18 at 03:01
DadmixI can youch this works. I somehow managed to miss the chapters doing it legit as I hadn't seen this. I finished the game loaded up the last two bosses and after killing the second bingo,so yeah cheer
Posted by Dadmix on 04 Mar 19 at 10:42
EarthboundXNice tip for the last boss, I just beat him on hard, managed to shoot him in the shins a bunch, after he leaps down from those four platforms. I hid behind one of the green pillars, and just aimed, and shot him in the legs a lot, he didn't move much.

Not the best AI, haha.
Posted by EarthboundX on 04 Mar 19 at 11:00
GottleI killed him standing on the orange glowing ramp that leads to the centre.
I don't know if it's what you suggested, but worked great! smile
Posted by Gottle on 08 Feb 20 at 11:43