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Score 2 word multipliers with one word

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05 Dec 2012 29 Apr 2013
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This one will take a bit of time and manipulation. In order to unlock the achievement, you will need to create a 9-letter word that will span across both 'DW' bonuses at the same time. You can do this in a local 'Pass & Play' game. choose a word based on your starting letters from here:

You'll have to abuse the swap-tile feature, but if you keep doing that, the game will start giving you back the tiles you first swapped out. Just use what you don't want on another part of the board and hold or build part of the word you've selected, with the other tiles.

I used the word 'RETENTION' spanning from the upper-right 'DW' to the lower-right 'DW'

- I started with a word that ended with an 'N'. The 'N' was positioned between the two 'DW's
- Next, I built my letter up to the word 'EN'
- After a few turns, to 'TEN'
- A bit more tile-swapping and built it up to 'TENT'
- Now held the remaining tiles needed until I could complete the entire word 'RETENTION'
Just remember. You have to use both 'DW' spaces at the same time.

Good luck.

Edit 04.29.13: Here's some visual aid.

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image
Drunk 18yr Girlthank you for this, helped a lot.
Posted by Drunk 18yr Girl on 05 Dec 12 at 20:04
Knockout MooseWorks perfectly
Posted by Knockout Moose on 05 Dec 12 at 20:13
Crimson RidleyI just did this with "INTENTION", and didn't get the achievement. :(
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 05 Dec 12 at 22:21
Crimson RidleyWent back and did it with the same word as you; "RETENTION", and it unlocked! Thumbs up from me. :D
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 05 Dec 12 at 23:43
izret102INVIGORATES - 72 points

Thumbs up :)
Posted by izret102 on 06 Dec 12 at 01:04
Teh Paralyzertook 3 tries to get it but RETENTION wins!
Posted by Teh Paralyzer on 06 Dec 12 at 09:44
xRoller187xworked nice thanks
Posted by xRoller187x on 06 Dec 12 at 10:18
WhiteShadow994thx=))Worked perfect=)))
Posted by WhiteShadow994 on 06 Dec 12 at 15:14
Hampshire VeganIncredible guide.
Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 07 Dec 12 at 10:56
SashamorningPerfect! Only took about 10 minutes.
Posted by Sashamorning on 09 Dec 12 at 17:34
M0NKEY R4NGERThanks for the help! Worked perfectly. Worst part is waiting for it to swap you the tiles you need, lol
Posted by M0NKEY R4NGER on 10 Dec 12 at 02:50
General JouryThank you! This worked like a charm.
Posted by General Joury on 16 Dec 12 at 01:15
Knuck13z1your the man got it on my first try thanks alot
Posted by Knuck13z1 on 16 Dec 12 at 07:34
oOo Gandalf oOoGood job men.
Posted by oOo Gandalf oOo on 19 Dec 12 at 12:59
BeanpotterHuzzah! Thx.
Posted by Beanpotter on 19 Dec 12 at 23:16
BigFriendlyGeekGot this with this exact solution. Nice one, sir.
Posted by BigFriendlyGeek on 23 Dec 12 at 18:53
RaySullyPlaysI did 'detentions', and the guide worked awesomely. Thanks!
Posted by RaySullyPlays on 31 Dec 12 at 15:51
Stinkman68Exact and perfect solution, did it in my 2. game. Thanks!!!
Posted by Stinkman68 on 14 Jan 13 at 06:48
xThe SpartanThank You. Great Guide
Posted by xThe Spartan on 30 Jan 13 at 00:57
neeker75Retention FTW.
Posted by neeker75 on 03 Feb 13 at 18:26
B8TINGUI did this and used a wild card achievement, for retention on the starting star spanning both DL tiles.. Will try again without the wild card.
Posted by B8TINGU on 10 Feb 13 at 09:32
B8TINGUDid this again off the starting star no wild card tiles, nothing...then realized it had to be done on the DW tiles, NOT the DL again and BAM!! Unlocked!! Thumbs up from me! Thanks!
Posted by B8TINGU on 11 Feb 13 at 07:19
flash1ightsperfect! thanks
Posted by flash1ights on 01 Mar 13 at 04:50
AIZZYNice one. Thumbs up from me
Posted by AIZZY on 03 Mar 13 at 11:56
Dannyboi511Tried this twice in one game, nothing happened.
Posted by Dannyboi511 on 06 Apr 13 at 01:25
AC1DGro0ve 3o3Make sure you're not placing any tiles on the DW spaces until you can use both in the same turn.
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 06 Apr 13 at 02:04
NickMon68Really dont understand how you do this, local play ? and some how get the letters to make RETENTION in between the DW squares, how do you get to work out the words to get the right letters in ...
Posted by NickMon68 on 26 Apr 13 at 17:09
TheIcemanComethGreat solution, +1 from me! I wasn't able to follow the same pattern you did, but I used the same word. Did it first try. AlphaJax is done! smile
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 27 Apr 13 at 01:11
AC1DGro0ve 3o3@NickMon68, Yes, in local play. You certainly don't have to use RETENTION, it can be any 9-letter word from the included URL above. I chose to use RETENTION, because of how many 'sub-words' it contained. (i.e., EN, TEN, TENT, etc.) Thus, allowing me to slowly build upon it. Then, finally finishing it off with the remaining tiles needed for the entire word. Make sure to use both 'DW' spaces at the same time. I've added some pics to help explain. Hope they help.
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 29 Apr 13 at 14:33
NickMon68@AC1DGr0ve 3o3 - Thanks for the info, and with the update above that makes it clear for me. Thanks for doing that.
Posted by NickMon68 on 30 Apr 13 at 07:13
JungleWookieeWorked first time, thanks
Posted by JungleWookiee on 15 May 13 at 00:00
IRISH PSYCHO UKThanks works a treat
Posted by IRISH PSYCHO UK on 22 May 13 at 17:22
Vor Calv 06thanks for adding the pic on the update ta :-)
Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 14 Aug 13 at 17:00
eeysisweet ! took me 3 tries !

big plus , excellent walkthrough
Posted by eeysi on 19 Sep 13 at 01:54
DoinWhatiDoBestThis dude is the bomb!!! clap
Posted by DoinWhatiDoBest on 27 Nov 13 at 04:08
olde fortran 77Wildcards work. I used the wildcard on one of the Double Word tiles and the achievement popped.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 24 Dec 13 at 17:12
MCASguruWorked perfectly; thanks so much!
Posted by MCASguru on 27 Dec 13 at 10:57
CreuilI found an easy way:
I tried to follow your solution, i had a 7 letter word between both DW. I couldn't make a 9 letter word. So i tried random letters on both DW, word was not valid, i did not remove bad letters, i gave up and achievement unlocked. Sorry for my bad English, i'm french.
Posted by Creuil on 21 May 14 at 21:49
Im the LoraxDifferent words to get there but retention was perfect thank u
Posted by Im the Lorax on 29 Jun 14 at 12:45
lfcjohnwork like a charm!! got this for 1st time try to build up the word retention.

just to confirm don't need to be your main account for local play.
Posted by lfcjohn on 19 May 15 at 09:14
OneShotMooflesFYI - similar word but I did this with INTENTION
Posted by OneShotMoofles on 15 May 17 at 18:33
BROOKER 513underaged, doesn't fucking work even though its in the dictionary
Posted by BROOKER 513 on 16 May 18 at 04:46
squsoI wasn't paying attention while I did this in local play. I did 'STANDINGS' on the local users turn and it still unlocked. It looks like it doesn't have to be your main account that makes the word.
Posted by squso on 16 May 18 at 17:19