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Stealth wealth

Collect all Gold bricks. (Single Player Only)

Stealth wealth+0.4
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To unlock/collect all 130 gold blocks, you must:

*Complete all single-player/story missions. Don't forget to play Hostage Crisis & Castle of Doom(located in Cis ship) & The Zillo Beast(after completing all 18 story missions).

*Find/collect all minikits in each mission(excluding ground assaults).

*Complete all space missions(in Ryloth, you must first control the Republic ship's guns with a good guy and destroy an object/ship; same goes with Maridun except with the Cis ship's gun with a bad guy to unlock mission).

*Complete all ground assaults with Republic & Cis.
AntagonistGoose You also have to get True Jedi on all single-player missions (including two hidden missions) AND complete all Bounty Hunter missions........if you're gonna offer a solution, at least have it complete and without holes in it......
Posted by AntagonistGoose on 07 Feb 14 at 14:34