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Lone Wolf Legend

Complete the Campaign solo on Legendary difficulty.

Lone Wolf Legend+0.5
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14 Dec 2012
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For those of you looking for the easiest solution

1. Complete the game on Co-op Legendary
2. Play solo on Legendary and just go to the last checkpoint on each mission.

If you don't believe me just try it on ONE level and once you complete it you will see that it will give you credit for completing it under the mission selection screen. "Highest Difficulty Completed" it WILL show Solo Legendary.
JamP0undDoes it have to be done co-op legendary beforehand? Or as i've finished the game on normal could i just do the last checkpoint on legendary or would that not work?
Posted by JamP0und on 17 Dec 12 at 11:55
CorpserYou don't actually have to complete it on co-op first, playing through the game on easy solo and changing to legendary on the last rally point of each level will also work.
Posted by Corpser on 24 Dec 12 at 13:34
MythzYes he is right easy on solo would work just fine too. However, I would not recommend it because you need to get used to the difficulty of the game or you are still going to have a hard time.
Posted by Mythz on 24 Dec 12 at 15:19
Crater BobSweet, that'll save some time getting to Raider DSTT armour, and it'll get Lone Wolf Legend out of the way before I start classes again in nine days, thanks boys!
Posted by Crater Bob on 29 Dec 12 at 12:04
GdinutThis Saved me a lot of time and a lot of headaches, thanks for posting, thumbs up!
Posted by Gdinut on 07 Jan 13 at 07:15
FPSDeathSo for every mission you started at rally point bravo??
Posted by FPSDeath on 13 Jan 13 at 02:40
NeedlessBeastCan you clarify on this. Do you need to complete on coop legendary first. I have finished it on heroic coop and tried the last checkpoint but get no credit when completing a level.
Posted by NeedlessBeast on 15 Jan 13 at 17:13
MythzAccording to some it doesn't matter as long as you load the last rally point on each level to legendary. However, the way I did it was beat the campaign on Coop Legendary, then went to solo and loaded the last rally point on each level for achievement.
Posted by Mythz on 16 Jan 13 at 02:03
Dontasciimejust play it properly stop cheating yourself
Posted by Dontasciime on 21 Jan 13 at 13:58
DJ 0311^ there's one of the negative votes. I don't understand people like this, TA is dedicated to unlocking achievements and this solution states the most efficient way to unlock this achievement. I love Halo and am willing to put in the time to get the completion, but not everyone does. Personally, I think you are on the wrong site if you are going to hate on people for using a legit method to unlock an achievement.
Posted by DJ 0311 on 26 Jan 13 at 05:07
Posted by Mythz on 26 Jan 13 at 05:22
xSinisterStrikeThumbs up from me brother!
Posted by xSinisterStrike on 02 Feb 13 at 11:44
SpKXmasSpiritif it works here's to ya
Posted by SpKXmasSpirit on 03 Feb 13 at 09:00
Religious NutThumbs up from me...can't believe it worked
Posted by Religious Nut on 05 Feb 13 at 03:29
BrutalGuitarThat's a positive vote from me. Saves a lot of hassle by bypassing a lot of troublesome areas.
Posted by BrutalGuitar on 12 Feb 13 at 04:09
LeedomCrud27worked no problem
Posted by LeedomCrud27 on 28 Feb 13 at 23:00
Leo AscendentErmehgerd ur cherting!1!1!2!!1

Love when people cry about 'cheating' on ta, great solution.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 08 Mar 13 at 12:56
MattSE14Does this still work?
Posted by MattSE14 on 14 Mar 13 at 13:25
helscreamcurreyit still works. just finish today!
Posted by helscreamcurrey on 15 Mar 13 at 14:00
PHILG1984Does that still work after the title update ?
Posted by PHILG1984 on 01 Apr 13 at 15:39
RickytheWCCan confirm it still works (Title Update 1.04.00 - Displayed on top right corner of main menu)
Posted by RickytheWC on 03 Apr 13 at 06:01
ZymoticI just did this today. As others have said, it doesn't have to be co-op or on legendary. I first did the co-op on Heroic and went back and got Lonewolf on Legendary. +1
Posted by Zymotic on 27 Apr 13 at 05:41
SnivyIvy EskimoThanks for the guide i just got the achievement today and this saved me alot of time. Thumbs up
Posted by SnivyIvy Eskimo on 19 May 13 at 01:14
MikenStock17Still works, even with the new weapon update. (just saying) Thanks gantz2109!!
Posted by MikenStock17 on 07 Jun 13 at 02:37
Im Invisible xIm about to try this, but you are a god for posting this. I worship you <3
Posted by Im Invisible x on 02 Jul 13 at 08:17
jordan macitits worked on the first mission so i trust you now!!! +1
Posted by jordan macit on 03 Jul 13 at 06:11
Its worked on the first 4 missions that I got through yesterday, a bit time consuming dodging and shooting, then running out of ammo, but its legit. +1
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted on 10 Jul 13 at 10:21
Sgt CatastropheJuly 10, 2013. Still works, just got it.
Posted by Sgt Catastrophe on 10 Jul 13 at 16:22
John CabooseHey man you should change your solution to reflect the fact that you don't need to finish it in co op legendary. Just say "finish the game either solo or in co op on any difficulty".
Posted by John Caboose on 19 Jul 13 at 13:57
Izzy of AlbionI would like to add that although the mission will count as being completed on legendary as far as the achievement goes, it won't count for a challenge. What I mean is, I had a challenge available which was "Complete Requiem solo on legendary difficulty". I hadn't done it on legendary before. I loaded Rally Point Bravo. When I finished the mission, it had counted as being completed on legendary, but the challenge was not completed. I had to do it again from the start for the challenge to pop.
Posted by Izzy of Albion on 20 Jul 13 at 08:18
roxanaversteegit dousent work anymore i tryed it on 2 different missions mission 5 and 6 and in the mission option it still seas finished on easy not legendary.
dous it still work or not anymore
im playing offline.
dont have internet in the vacation home im at wright now.

if i dous work what am i doing wrong????
Posted by roxanaversteeg on 31 Jul 13 at 15:01
x DistinctZIf your trying to get this achievement trust me this still works.
Posted by x DistinctZ on 07 Aug 13 at 04:55
Jay InsomniakStill works tried it on mission 1
Posted by Jay Insomniak on 09 Aug 13 at 15:57
THEpaynexkillerI lol'd at 'roxanaversteeg's message.
Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 22 Aug 13 at 23:25
WayzoftheRavenStill works as of August 25, 2013
Posted by WayzoftheRaven on 26 Aug 13 at 13:22
MCmichaelDDoes this work in reach also?
Posted by MCmichaelD on 02 Sep 13 at 01:29
That Fella TimStill works as of Sept. 6 2013
Posted by That Fella Tim on 07 Sep 13 at 18:09
PHILG1984Still works ?
Posted by PHILG1984 on 05 Oct 13 at 17:16
xMANNY FRE5HxYes it still works. Unlocked the cheevo last night using this method.
Posted by xMANNY FRE5Hx on 15 Oct 13 at 14:46
HarbringernightI understand the cheated as in self cheated. Never would have used myself (have a thing about beating every halo on legendary) but more power to people who want to.
Posted by Harbringernight on 25 Nov 13 at 19:21
Sofrech1991Though I personally disprove of exploits of this nature, I applaud the people who find them and point them out to the gaming community. Thumbs up from me!
Posted by Sofrech1991 on 02 Dec 13 at 14:08
YaziteI always do every halo campaign on solo legendary legitimately. Its kinda like a state of habit with me.
Posted by Yazite on 11 Dec 13 at 20:26
FuzzedUpCookieas of 04/02/2014 it is still working!

normally i would play through legendary all the way but this campaign is so boring and has lame enemies, im going to use this great trick :P thanks and +1 from me ofcourse :D
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 04 Feb 14 at 21:05
THEbigBROWNIEwith update 1.05.01 as of 3/25/14 it appears to still be working...+1 from me!!
Posted by THEbigBROWNIE on 25 Mar 14 at 18:25
NitrousSpeedIts not easy cause u still have guys to face
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 14 May 14 at 07:39
OMG IT5 EJI hope this still works
Posted by OMG IT5 EJ on 15 May 14 at 09:43
NitrousSpeedOMG IT5 EJ - It still works I have 4 more missions to do
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 15 May 14 at 18:19
Multip1eSarcasmThumbs up.... Nice find!!
Posted by Multip1eSarcasm on 18 May 14 at 13:00
L0rdJKingStill working, thanks!
Posted by L0rdJKing on 15 Jun 14 at 14:35
The SharkopathSaved so much time and headache doing this method! Thanks! Thumps up!
Posted by The Sharkopath on 05 Aug 14 at 20:34
Armored CantusI did it legit. I beat the campaign from start to finish on Legendary. It was very challenging.
Posted by Armored Cantus on 15 Oct 14 at 23:06
SilentExiledOneStill works as of 01/11/14, massive time saver. Thumbs up
Posted by SilentExiledOne on 01 Nov 14 at 11:04
Leo AscendentNo one cares if you guys did it "legit".

Just got around to doing this, obviously, still works.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 16 Dec 14 at 19:33
Chosen One 41As of July 25th, 2015 this still works

Also I find it quite funny that a few people think this is cheating. You still have to be good enough to play on legendary solo to get this, this method just shortens the amount of time it takes to get it.
Posted by Chosen One 41 on 26 Jul 15 at 03:35
LordSuprachrisAs of today, it still works :)
Thanks for pointing me this strategy, it saved me a lot of time (and nerves ^^)
Posted by LordSuprachris on 30 Sep 15 at 14:59
mereel12016-01-07 it still works
Posted by mereel1 on 07 Jan 16 at 23:42
Crater BobStill working as of October 2nd, 2017.

I've been working on the missions (about five years later than I started) the last few days/nights, and now I just have Midnight left. There were a few headaches, but booting up the last checkpoint of each mission still works, all my missions so far read completed on Legendary, and once I get Midnight done on the last checkpoint, the achievement should pop, I'll report back when Midnight is finished.
Posted by Crater Bob on 02 Oct 17 at 06:08
Posted by Crater Bob on 03 Oct 17 at 00:30
Such SolitudeWorks on X1X. Just did two checkpoints and got Solo completion.
Posted by Such Solitude on 08 Apr 18 at 22:15
In Gyi Yoonwow, i feel dumb doing it entirely legendary now
well in my mind i did it legit atleast (but who cares hm :( )
Posted by In Gyi Yoon on 11 Apr 18 at 15:40
Harbringernight^^ No one cares about this comment.
Posted by Harbringernight on 11 Apr 18 at 23:10
FuzzedUpCookiedo you have to do a level on easy and do last checkpoint on legendary straight after or just have it all done on easy and go to the last checkpoint on legendary whenever you want?
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 18 May 19 at 15:28
MisterSledgeDid this today. Can confirm it still works and I didn’t have to beat the level on Legendary Co-op first. I had some that I had beaten on Easy or Heroic. Loading up last checkpoint worked for all. Thanks for this tip!
Posted by MisterSledge on 16 May 20 at 22:49