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Tour of Duty

Cooperatively complete all Terrorist Hunt missions

Tour of Duty0
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21 Dec 2012 28 Dec 2012
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You can either do this locally/offline in splitscreen (2 players) or online multiplayer (2 to 4 players). It does not matter if you do it in ranked or in player match. If you like you can also mix the different types as long as you complete the following maps:

Boarder Town
Calypso Casino
Casino Vault
Kill House
LVU Campus
Research Lab

Remember that each player only has one life - no respawns! If you die it will still count as a win if at least one teammate is still alive when the last enemy is killed.

To make things easier for yourself, you can set difficulty to normal and enemy density to low.
Mr FORTY SEVENShould I play map packs if I have downloaded them?
Posted by Mr FORTY SEVEN on 21 Jul 14 at 00:34
SrfsmurfNo, but if you have downloaded the map packs beware that:

"Downloading the free map DLC packs will cause the Special Operations achievement to become unobtainable for some players."
Posted by Srfsmurf on 21 Jul 14 at 12:41
ZZRsyIf the maps have been downloaded and not played you shouldn't have an issue, just delete them.
Posted by ZZRsy on 25 Apr 15 at 12:31
SiRFaPaLoT420Hey guys I have a t hunt session posted for next Sunday at 4 pm pst you know what to do!
Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 11 May 15 at 07:13
GodLike499"Boarder Town" LOL
Posted by GodLike499 on 11 Feb 18 at 16:45
Elliot PiersonThis achievement is host only
Posted by Elliot Pierson on 28 Sep 18 at 11:11
GodLike499@Elliot: Is that a question or a statement? Either way, no or you're wrong. I hosted this in a session a few months back. I hosted all the matches and everyone in the session ended up getting the achievement. If you didn't get it, you must've missed a map.
Posted by GodLike499 on 28 Sep 18 at 19:48
Elliot PiersonOkay then in that case this achievement is officially glitchy. My coop partner got it but I did not
Posted by Elliot Pierson on 28 Sep 18 at 23:53
GodLike499Are you sure your partner didn't already have a map completed, and he skipped it during your session?
Posted by GodLike499 on 29 Sep 18 at 00:06
Elliot PiersonNope because we did it locally
Posted by Elliot Pierson on 29 Sep 18 at 01:37
GodLike499Oh, then perhaps it is host only when done split screen. When I did it, we were on xbl and everyone got it.
Posted by GodLike499 on 29 Sep 18 at 05:22