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Pac-Man Championship Edition

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There are 12 Pac-Man Championship Edition achievements worth 377 (200)

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Posted on 04 December 09 at 01:49
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Pac Man Championship Edition (Xbox 360) Review


Pac-Man is one of those Coin Op Game Characters from the 80’s that never seem to die off. Championship Edition has a few modes that not only brings the Pac Man experience to the latest generation of consoles but also add a different twist. This is the second Pac-Man live game available. I am writing this review on the premise that most gamers will know what Pac-man style games are like. Enjoy.

Game play: 7/10

There are a few different game modes mainly 2 with each having variations. The same layout applies with you controlling Pac-man and traversing the maze swallowing pellets and power ups while avoiding ghosts. While each you start with lives, developers added set times to end the game. While the original game has set puzzles of pills to digest, one mode of Pac-Man CE does add a twist. Once you chomp down all the pellets on one side of the puzzle a fruit appears near the middle and once you swallow the fruit the completed side changes the puzzle on the go. This makes some interesting combinations on terms of how your overall puzzle looks like as you can continuously clear one side of your screen while leaving the other side alone. The other mode is a faster pace, as Pac-Man with plenty of tunnels to go from one end of the screen to another with all characters seemly on permanent energy drinks.

Graphics: 4/10

I thought developers would have added a 3D mode to enhance the experience. Sadly all modes are just as graphically as their co-op ancestry. The screen does look like its 8-bit predecessors and nothing more. There are not even little movies or opening intros that separate the game to show its now in this generation of consoles.

Sound and Music: 4/10

Menu music is standard and repetitious as most of the in game sounds. After a few minutes you might want to just lower the sound.


Very easy game, very little areas where one can get frustrated.

360 Achievements

Very easy 200 points that can be done within a few hours if not less. Some achievements might generate a few anxious moments but sequences can easily be memorized to gain big points.

Final Thoughts:

Being a person who grew up with the Coin-op version of Pac-Man, I enjoyed the countless hours (and quarters) the original game offered. I am somewhat disappointed that there is no “endless” mode where you can play until you run out of lives and not get restricted on time. It’s a decent game that will not wow you because of newer puzzle games out there. A great value at 400MS Points also you can get yourself a version inside Namco Vitual Museum or Certain Xbox Bundle CD that came with Arcade versions of Xbox 360.

Tasty Pastry Good review. I'd give you a thumbs up, but I've written a review as well.
Posted by Tasty Pastry on 04 Dec 09 at 07:07
kingrich06 thanks I liked your review too, I just review every game I finish.
Posted by kingrich06 on 04 Dec 09 at 12:33
Brandon OGOD I had this on the arcade disk, the challenge modes were too hard for me =/
Posted by Brandon OGOD on 04 Dec 09 at 15:09
thomaskorat I did not find it easy. Rather hard, instead. You must have perfected your Pacman strategies.
Posted by thomaskorat on 05 Dec 09 at 16:11