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Revive 10 incapacitated Survivors while under the speed-boosting effects of adrenaline.

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BPH AvengerBPH Avenger295,845
04 Dec 2009
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Have you and a guest signed in. go into a survival match at the dead center level. pick up a adreniline shot. have the guest go up 2 floors and stand on the railing. pull your adreniline shot out and stand in front of the guest and hold down X. On the guest controller you just hold foward and you will revive the guest like 4-5 times in one shot. i found this to be the easiest and the fastest way to do this acheivement.
Mr Manley AKThis is exactly what I did. Works like a charm.
Posted by Mr Manley AK on 08 Jan 10 at 23:49
Lazy SavantThis one worked like a charm. I got four revive's before the achievement popped up and got another afterwards.
Posted by Lazy Savant on 23 Mar 10 at 00:14
DrinkingDark1Doesnt work for me : (
Posted by DrinkingDark1 on 26 Mar 10 at 16:48
Jhous10I got this achievement as well. I played solo and revive survivors that way.
Posted by Jhous10 on 10 Mar 11 at 05:31
FairPowerTried this and it didnt work...?? Neither do any of the other guides wtf?? I'm doing everything right
Posted by FairPower on 11 Jul 12 at 23:51
SluggorAI unfortunately revives them too quickly some of the times when I get the guest incapacitated
Posted by Sluggor on 17 Jun at 18:34