Wordament (iOS) Review by G Mason Patriot

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26 Dec 2012
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This is my first review. I have been a member of this site for about nine months and thought this would be a good time to contribute. smile

This is the first game with achievements to be published for the IOS or I-phone. The game is free and has 50 gamerscore to be earned.

The game is similar to "Boggle". You have a 4x4 board with randomly placed letters and have to find as many words as you can before time runs out. The game tells how many possible words can be found and awards you points based upon the length of word or letters used. Every other round has a theme. For example, if the theme is "Babies" it clues you in to look for words related to babies, such as: crying, or bottle. You get "star" or bonus points for finding theme words.

At the end of a round, your score is ranked against other players. A great feature of the game is that it shows you all of the words you found next to the list of possible words.

The achievements are easy to earn. One achievement requies you to switch languages and create a word in that language. I picked spanish and was randomly trying to create words. The game made me laugh when it admonished me by pointing out that I was guessing.

I had one big problem with the game. It would frequently crash upon loading. The failure to load left me staring at a blank blue screen similar to Microsoft's "Blue screen of death" when your desktop crashes. cry I would have to turn off my phone and turn it back on to get the game to load.

Overall, I found this game to be addictive and kept playing, "Just one more round." It is fun to play, the price can't get any lower, and the achievements are easy to earn. I hope this is the first of more achievement related games to come out for the I-phone. clap
young tugboatzBrilliant review and very true, but the I-Phone doesn't need a hyphen between I and Phone.
Posted by young tugboatz on 26 Dec 12 at 17:13
WingZ3ro V2Good Review, my new Touch crashs at loading from time to time too. Thumbs up for review, btw
Posted by WingZ3ro V2 on 26 Dec 12 at 19:55
wBRYYa my ipad would freeze up as well. Looks like they need an update already.
Posted by wBRY on 27 Dec 12 at 03:48
The GlobalizerNice review. I've had the same issue with crashes on my iPad 2. Seemed to happen when I went in an out of the app a bunch of times without rebooting.
Posted by The Globalizer on 27 Dec 12 at 20:57
I Highway IThe game is really addictive I completed all the achievements 4 times in 2 days because I played so much the iPad version works fairly well only problem is when you back out to the iPads main screen to many times it will make the screen goo black except for a row on the bottom also it says 4 cause I played on my brothers account as well
Posted by I Highway I on 16 Feb 13 at 17:54