Jurassic: The Hunted Review by BillJones0302

05 Dec 2009 05 Dec 2009
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If you were hoping for a Jurassic movie-to-video game adaptation, keep looking because this is not it. The plot unveils in historic Mesozoic era Earth (the scenery and presence of dinosaurs are the only "Jurassic" comparables I noted). There are no DNA reproduced dinosaurs seizing control of theme parks or cities in this game. The game reminds me more of "King Kong" (just the dinos and scenery) meets "Darkest of Days" (time bubbles warping you into and out of trouble).

Jurassic: The Hunted is produced and distributed by Activision (it looks like an early COD4 graphic engine?). The quality is apparent. Video is crisp, audio is clean, gameplay is solid (similar button controls as other Activision games), a large assortment of weapons (both good and bad), and plenty of dinosaurs. The achievements are somewhat challenging, but not too difficult, and all are singleplayer. The toughest rely mainly on completing the game on its hardest difficulty without dying. There are only two difficulties (Normal and Hard). Unlocking the hard difficulty requires completing the game on Normal.

As with every video game (at least the ones I have played), Activision used their developer's "magic" to warp the true nature of realism. Jurassic: The Hunted takes this to an annoying level...fixed weapons with plenty of ammo on prehistoric Earth, T-Rex battles (will he just die) with Pterosaurs (flying dinosaurs) thrown in, log walking (easy fall-to-your-death moments), a convenient plasma weapon (to add a helpful cheat) on the Hard difficulty, and much more.

The game requires around 6 hours for two playthroughs to complete 1000gs. Most of the time will be spent on the Normal walkthrough. The majority of the achievements are story related, few require any "real" effort to complete. One, in particular, requiring you to kill a dinosaur using each weapon does take time. If you miss a weapon, die, etc. you can repeat individual levels (from the level select menu) to complete an achievement. As mentioned before, the game lacks online multiplayer capabilities. None of the achievements were glitched for me (all unlocked without incident). Easily completed in one rental.
Rating: video-7/10, audio-5/10, gameplay-6/10, controls-7/10. Overall-6/10. Enjoy!
Tasty PastryQuality, thumbs up
Posted by Tasty Pastry on 05 Dec 09 at 05:44
Hillenmeyer1Beware, the achievement where you kill a dino with every gun can sometimes be glitched. Left me 25 away from 1000...sucks
Posted by Hillenmeyer1 on 05 Dec 09 at 17:31
LeffsquatchTo unlock killing a dino with every gun you have to play on Hard with the plasma rifle unlocked.

The "Hardest difficulty" achievement glitched on me when I skipped the final cinematic. I just replayed the final spinosaurus battle from the the level select and let the final cinematic play out and it popped. Maybe this will work for weapons you missed?
Posted by Leffsquatch on 01 Jan 10 at 09:11
I'm surprised that you didnt mention is a carbon copy of Soldier of Fortune: Payback, just with dinosaurs instead of gore. The guns (mainly the "Shotgun," which was the CAWS-12 in Payback) and sound effects (a dino hitting you sounds exactly like getting rifle butted in Payback) are literally ripped from that game.
Posted on 24 Jun 10 at 15:35
BillJones0302Thanks for the input Doominatorx6, I did not mention a similarity because I did not play Soldier of Fortune.
Posted by BillJones0302 on 26 Jun 10 at 04:07
DampfshoppingNot to mention the sniper rifle including elaborate reloading animation is recycled directly from Civil War: Secret Missions (which is also an Activision game based on the COD4 engine)
Posted by Dampfshopping on 21 Nov 10 at 23:47
Sneaky G WizardYou can't play this game in the UK?
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 19 Feb 14 at 09:46
CassiopeiaGamesIt's US only from what I remember.
Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 19 Feb 14 at 11:52