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Wail of the Banshee

Zero fault the Hard as Nails tournament using the Banshee.

Wail of the Banshee-0.1
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29 Dec 2012
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There is not really a 'solution' to this achievement. It's down to you, watching replays won't really help. You need to be good enough to 0 fault a hard track the majority of the time, if it takes you many tries to 0 fault any of the 5 tracks in this tournament then you need to practise some more.
The tracks in order are:
Nature Calls
Bazaar Run
Overpass Action
The Dome of Doom

Start with practising all these 5 tracks to the point where you can:
A) 0 Fault it 60-70% of the time
B) Know where every obstacle is off by heart

Then you want to tackle the tournament, give it a go and if you fault keep going until you finish it, then re-try it over and over improving each time until you finally reach 0 faults. This will take many many attempts. My first go it took me 15, then I got it down to 7, then 5, then 2, then 0. But I didn't just have 5 goes at it, it was more like 30-40.

Take it slow, one obstacle at a time. My time ended up being about 6 minutes which is almost double the time of the top riders.

That's pretty much what I did, sorry I can't put more here but like I said it's down to you to practise. Unfortunately you cannot watch replays of a full tournament run either.
Good luck with this achievement everyone
Octobot SuperI'm at 5 right now after a few tries, which is heartening. Also nice is the fact that the two hardest levels are the first two. If I can get a run where I get past the first two with 0 faults, I think I might be ok for the rest of the run.

Mostly, the ramp in the middle of the first level (which I'm learning to deal with) and the last jump of the second level are the big obstacles.

I've tried a few things that I thought might help with the last jump of the bazaar:
- hitting the ramp fast and bunny hopping off (i.e. what was intended),
- stopping at the top of the ramp, doing a quick stoppie and then bunny hop (which only works like half the time), - and getting the bike up on the ramp, letting it roll backwards as far as you can without your back tire losing grip, and then gunning it, which seems to work even less than the second option.
Posted by Octobot Super on 07 Feb 13 at 00:41
TreysForDayysJust saw you got the achievement, congrats!
Posted by TreysForDayys on 10 Feb 13 at 03:34
KingMerlswhy is the TA score so low.... this was extremely challenging.
Posted by KingMerls on 16 Feb 13 at 18:31
The Manic Moosethis achievement has finally got the ratio it deserves!
Posted by The Manic Moose on 15 Mar 13 at 15:33
TreysForDayysyep :)
Posted by TreysForDayys on 15 Mar 13 at 15:49
HiradCGot to the end level with 0 faults, and don't normally have any trouble with it.majorly bottled it and faulted like 3 or 4 times lol. think 3 is my low so far. I know I can do this but have been trying not to get stressed and keep playing it loads as from previous tournament achievements I know it's the sort you have to chill out and come back to later rather than pigheaded stubbornness.
Posted by HiradC on 11 May 13 at 21:30
Mr FaceL3ssthis one will keep me from buying anything ever again from trials, so sick of it
Posted by Mr FaceL3ss on 26 May 13 at 16:59
Ginn0rzThe only consolation for this bitch is that Nature Calls is first in the list. It's the hardest in my opinion.
Posted by Ginn0rz on 31 Aug 13 at 18:41
YemethGot to 3 faults, one on each of the last 3. All 3 were stupid mistakes. I know this is within my grasp.
Posted by Yemeth on 02 Sep 13 at 20:40
TreysForDayysgood luck guys :)
Posted by TreysForDayys on 02 Sep 13 at 23:12
T IR E L O NGot to the Dome of Doom with 0 faults thinking I was going to get the achievement... then I fault 4 times on it. LMAO! Getting closer...
Posted by T IR E L O N on 09 Oct 13 at 09:19
YemethI got to the dome of doom with 0 faults too and only fault ONCE! on the fire barrels. 1 fault from the achievement. Sucks!
Posted by Yemeth on 13 Oct 13 at 17:13
TreysForDayysDamn, youll get there guys
Posted by TreysForDayys on 13 Oct 13 at 17:52
CormacStarted trying this again last week. I had it down to 6 faults but improved it to 4, then 3 and last night 1 single fault.

I picked up the fault on the third course and was barely able to cope with the nerves over the remaining courses. Not sure I would survive the stress of maintaining a faultless run!

I decided this achievement was more attainable than a Platinum on Test Your Might. Now I think I'd have better luck getting 15 faults down to 5 than getting 1 down to 0!
Posted by Cormac on 01 Apr 14 at 17:12
Harry RasingAlways screw it up on the last track because I can't handle the pressure... So many 1 fault runs now but doing it faultless seems still far, far away! cry
Posted by Harry Rasing on 30 Apr 14 at 22:14
justinman114I was reading these for old time's sake, and to anyone who can't handle the pressure of a no-fault run, relax. Most people are the same way, including me. When I get close to completing something like this, my heart starts to pound uncontrollably and I literally can feel myself declining in skill. My fingers start to shake a bit and it's hard to focus. This is what I call "anti-clutch" or "pulling a Justin".

Usually what I do, assuming it's a single player game, is pause and lay down for 5 minutes to relax myself. When I go back to playing I feel completely normal again and continue. This is what I had to do on the Neverending Trials achievement once I got to the final stage for the achievement. I was always afraid I would ruin my concentration or my rhythm if I did something like this, but it works like a charm. For some reason this particular achievement was cake for me COMPARED TO Neverending Trials, but in no way was it easy. It was just easiER because you could practice the tracks. Keep at it guys, you will get this!
Posted by justinman114 on 28 Jun 14 at 22:57
qDirtyBryanpplease fix your spelling (PRACTICE). I'm sorry I'm just like that
Posted by qDirtyBryanp on 15 Aug 14 at 19:11
qDirtyBryanpnevermind I see now that it is different for the UK
Posted by qDirtyBryanp on 15 Aug 14 at 19:13
Ginn0rzFinally... I must have played this tournament over 100 times. My successful run was preceded by two twitchy-mistake-faults on Dome of Doom, one on the double-incline and the other on the very last jump of the whole tournament. I almost cried, but took a breath, retried, and made it within the next 5 attempts.

This will probably be the hardest achievement I will ever get. It's been fun seeing people share their grievances on this 'thread', such a whore of an achievement!
Posted by Ginn0rz on 13 Nov 14 at 09:05
MachineGryphonCongrats on your achievement. I wasn't going to post here after I got mine last month, but it is interesting reading people comment on here. I must have had hundreds of tries, mostly screwing up easy jumps in backwaters, and heartbreakingly the last jump in overpass action. I never actually faulted a perfect run on dome of doom, but on my last run I was so twitchy and hit the barrel jump horribly. I still have no idea how I saved it when I landed the jump two thirds in the pit. Heart was going like a jackhammer as I twitched through the last few obstacles.

The whole thing took about 5 and a half minutes and the guys in my party were commenting that I wasn't speaking, but my shouting at the finish line made up for that. It's definitely my proudest achievement.

I can't offer much advice except persistence. I could usually breeze through bazaar run and then screw up something stupid on overpass. The better you get, the less nervous you'll be. I remember getting nerves on the first few jumps to start with, and finally beating those nerves back to midway through overpass.

Also, I was no natural talent at trials. I have around 41,000 checkpoint restarts apparently. A large number came before I started this dlc, but I guarantee it's a bigger number than most of the winners on here.
Good luck to everyone going for this, hopefully my woes will strengthen your resolve.
Posted by MachineGryphon on 21 Nov 14 at 13:14
YemethGot this today. I've been on and off attempting this as you can see in the comments section. But it took a full day and a half of exclusive committed practice where I refused to play anything else. You will reach a point where you will consistently do the first track, then the next and the one after until you start reaching the done track with no faults frequently. Then it's luck that you pass the barrels part and it's smooth sailing. Take your time. Find the safest way past obstacles, low risk. There's no other way to do this im afraid. Good luck.
Posted by Yemeth on 29 Dec 14 at 01:18
ChunkyKongFinally got this, I am in no way skilled at Trials and it probably took me 30+ hours of practice over the last few weeks :( Got there in the end though, I have no chance of getting Neverending Trials so not going to go back to that. On to Fusion maybe?!

For those still playing, persevere. The first 2 tracks are the hardest for me, so practice the remaining 3 until you are comfortable with them then just keep going on the first 2 until you get a 0 fault, then hold your nerve! My hands were shaking at the end of it, I had to go sit down for half an hour. So worth it though!!!
Posted by ChunkyKong on 10 Dec 15 at 09:59
Quintett FeuerI'm pretty sure I'll never get this achievement. Went back to try it years later since it is back-compat now, and even being much better at trials now it is still far too annoying. I'd rather play a thousand ninja tracks than this.
Posted by Quintett Feuer on 04 Jun 19 at 20:59
UnfurledEmu75I have practiced only call of nature and dome of doom and its quite annoying. I've done many times 0 fault in call of nature but cant get a consistent way to do some jumps. And in dome of doom its worse, I cant pass the jump of the barrel over the fire without falting after practicing hours that single jump...
Sometimes I get 0, sometimes 1 and sometimes 15. Its more luck based than skill (imo)
Posted by UnfurledEmu75 on 29 Jul 19 at 10:44
x InSoMniA oHow as this got a higher TA than the Neverending Trials? Just had a couple of attempts and got to 3 faults, doesn't seem as bad at all.
Posted by x InSoMniA o on 30 Sep 19 at 22:48