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Collect more than 10,000,000,000 studs. (Single Player Only)

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02 Jan 2013
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I found the Battle of Pelennor Fields (Free Play) to be the easiest way to get studs.

1) Turn on all the multipliers (of course) and the Attract Studs brick.
2) Start Battle of Pelennor Fields.
3) Set down controller - your character will ride through the first part automatically.
4) Pick up controller when Fell Beast attacks and pick up the three purple studs and their neighbors.
5) Save and quit, 235,000,000 studs richer in under two minutes.

Note: You can make 275,000,000 studs if you manually control the rider in the first part and grab a purple stud that is hidden in a bush just before the ramp - probably 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through the ride.
OfficiallyKirtFor me, this solution was by far the least monotonous and boring. I controlled the rider and hit as many things as i could including the 3 crates that you need to hit for the minikit, and i got more than 285 million per run consistently. As soon as i respawned I hit the fountain, then rinse and repeat. In about 2 minutes I was getting over 300 million.
Posted by OfficiallyKirt on 04 Feb 13 at 19:09
xEndriuxGreat solution thanks !!!
Posted by xEndriux on 07 Sep 13 at 11:08
LAS7 WeemaNAwesome better than first on page for me, thanks
Posted by LAS7 WeemaN on 10 Jan 14 at 15:05
TangerineGamerA lot more fun than reloading Bree, thanks for the tip dude
Posted by TangerineGamer on 31 Jan 14 at 00:40
Posted by LRD SOTH on 08 Oct 14 at 03:16
doughnutpanda69I did it and I didn't get the achievement
Posted by doughnutpanda69 on 08 Sep 18 at 18:25
ForbiddenJobuDid you do it enough times to earn 10,000,000,000 studs?
Posted by ForbiddenJobu on 08 Sep 18 at 19:46