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FK specialist

A title awarded when you score 5 direct free-kicks.

FK specialist0
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03 Jan 2013 03 Jan 2013
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A very successful alternative is simply drilling the freekick below the wall (see YouTube video). It doesn't require editing any players stats, practicing dipping/curling freekicks, and is the simplest method for scoring.

Aim toward the bottom corner (opposite from where keeper is stood), and hold down on the analogue stick while pressing the Cross button.

Pick Barcelona, and aim to get a freekick on the edge of the box (any further that 2-3yards from 18yard box and you will struggle to get enough behind it to beat the keeper).

Opposition was China on beginner, and achievement was done after two 10min games. Achievement pops after final whistle.

I had great success with Dani Alves, and scored 4/5 of my freekicks from almost the exact spot shown on the YouTube video (edge of box, just a couple of yards from the 'D').

The easiest method for winning a freekick was as per the instructions in GreenBeretEater's solution.

YouTube video courtesy of Gollazo85
CraigyB78Worked perfect for me but i did also edit the keepers stats.
Posted by CraigyB78#8653 on 18 Jan 13 at 20:54