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Tee Hee Two

secret achievement

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04 Jan 2013
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Start a game with the Token Gift Gadget equipped.

In the beginning of each round there are some coins to collect with no obstacles in your way. Make sure you collect the Token Gift before you try to get 19 coins(most of the time it appears at the same time the coins do). It took me a few tries to randomly collect 19 coins, but it can be done.

Once you collect the 19 coins....DIE. Because you have collected the Token Gift you will be given the option to spin for a prize. DO NOT will rather choose to cash in your token for 50 coins.

19 coins collected in game
+ 50 coins from cashing in Token
= 69 total coins and the chieve should pop from there.
Christian DoeGood idea. Took me about a dozen tries. It was easier than I expected.
Posted by Christian Doe on 09 Mar 13 at 19:31
Shuttlekak@Christian Doe I definitely spent too much time trying for this chieve until i realized this method. Glad it worked for you.
Posted by Shuttlekak on 24 Apr 13 at 16:14
tons of puppiesAwesome tip, worked perfectly after a few tries to get 19 coins.
Posted by tons of puppies on 21 Aug 15 at 10:41
SoragooWorked like a charm
Posted by Soragoo on 05 Nov 15 at 05:51