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Absolute Symbiosis

Have a complete Synchronization bar.

Absolute Symbiosis+0.1
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07 Dec 2009 08 Dec 2009
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Sychronization increases as you:

Rescue citizens

Visit View Points

Get ranks reinstated by Al Mualim after you've completed assassinations.

If you complete everything as you go along, this should unlock around your 8th assassination.
Ellusion noUnlocked during memory block 3 for me, having done everything possible (flags, missions, templars). Popped when exiting the animus with one target left to go in block3.
Posted by Ellusion no on 09 Dec 09 at 13:28
HUN HeadhunterUnlocked during the memory block 4 for me having done all the free missions and collected most of the flags and killed about 35 templars... Popped when exiting the Animus with one target left to go in block 4.
Posted by HUN Headhunter on 13 Jan 10 at 17:27
EmDeeGee@HUN Headhunter: Same goes for me: was going for my second assassination in Memory Block 4. Did all the flags, viewpoints and Save Citizens until that point. When I exited the Animus, I got the achievement. Glitched?
Posted by EmDeeGee on 08 Jun 10 at 11:14
klobeastSame with me, during Memory Block 3.
Posted by klobeast on 02 Sep 10 at 16:28
Leo AscendentGot it as I restarted the 1st mission
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 30 Sep 10 at 07:58
m0nk3yboyMine popped in the 4th memory block, but I did EVERYHTING I could in all the areas as I went (including flag pickups). Looks like it might be a little glitchy, but in a 'good' way.
Posted by m0nk3yboy on 02 Oct 10 at 12:14
Matedawg611In my opinion this achievement takes more work then the "complete the game" one, but whatever. Thanks
Posted by Matedawg611 on 03 Mar 11 at 07:06
Im Sander CohenGot mine last night as I quit out to go to bed. I was in memory block 4 and i'd done all view points, kingdom flags and 47 templars.
Posted by Im Sander Cohen on 31 Jul 11 at 07:05
Solario32Mine locked in Memory block 3 as well.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 01:16
Kaisar VillhelmI had the same issue with m0nk3yboy when I unlocked mine - unlocked a lot earlier than I expected, but it was when I was quitting out of my game.
Posted by Kaisar Villhelm on 04 Apr 12 at 17:21
pserafiSo, there hasn't been a comment on here in two years, but it does appear a little buggy. I'm pretty sure quitting to the main menu when you're pretty close (I was two bars away from completing my second row) will cause the game to just give you the achievement. This should probably be flagged as buggy+.
Posted by pserafi on 08 Aug 14 at 21:04
Shadow SixtySixAdditionally to the above solutions it might be mentioned, that the achievement might pop up much earlier. For me it was during the 4th memory block, when i had 17 of the 20 max. blocks reinstalled. I finished the game and suddenly the achievement popped... Seems also to be a way glitchy (but better earlier than never).
Posted by Shadow SixtySix on 25 Jan 18 at 13:05
CrouchZpopped the moment I exit animus after second assasination block 4. Pretty sure it's bugged and it mostly/only happens when you exiting game by going out of animus
Posted by CrouchZ on 07 Oct 18 at 00:53
WulfTekLikewise, I left the animus and then paused and quit the game with 18/20 segments and it popped while the splash screen appeared.
Posted by WulfTek on 27 Apr at 09:47