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aaaand safe!

String together the following: wallrun, jump, coil (over obstacle), skill roll

aaaand safe!0
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15 Nov 2008 15 Nov 2008
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The best place to do this is Playground 2 (unlocked after completing Playground 1). In between checkpoint 1 and 2. Use the wall run and jump to get over the barbed wire fence. Don't forget to roll when you land.
v Mr JaY vcheckpoint 2 and 3 actually
Posted by v Mr JaY v on 18 Nov 08 at 16:35
Blood InsideAny videos where exactly? Can't find anywhere suitable on this level at all :(
Posted by Blood Inside on 18 Nov 08 at 21:15
Blood InsideNot to worry - found on Youtube, managed it last night :)
Posted by Blood Inside on 19 Nov 08 at 09:55
OneDEAD BEAST... I would like to add a thumb up for xxdarthhotdogxx for a good comment!
Posted by OneDEAD BEAST on 14 Apr 12 at 23:21