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Stay Dry

In the Slums of Kowloon level, stay along the top pathway in the crumbling sewer area

Stay Dry0
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Vinicius MentiVinicius Menti242,000
13 Jan 2013
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Although you can simply run across the crumbling areas of Chapter 6 Slums of Kowloon for the achievement, you can also load the checkpoint "Condemned" in chapter select, then go back to the previous area. Press LT to get on the upper level, being careful not to fall (reload the checkpoint if you do), until you get to the collectile (near the heavy machine gun). When you get it, the achievement should pop.

central perk 08good find +1
Posted by central perk 08 on 11 Sep 13 at 19:31
DarkSam644This link doesn't work
Posted by DarkSam644 on 03 Jun 19 at 04:49
Vinicius Menti@darksam644, this was posted 6 years ago, not all links last forever. But the link was just for reference, anyway. The solution should work fine (I no longer own an Xbox 360, only PC now, but this is how I got this).
Posted by Vinicius Menti on 04 Jun 19 at 17:17