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Obtain the rank of Jonin by earning 7500 pts in the Forest of Death exam.

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03 Jan 2013 13 Jan 2013
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For the multiplayer achievements that require you to get a certain amount of points accumulated, follow the guide below the same as you would for the character achievements, but instead of having the person at the top of the Tower quit to give the new winner a head start in the Tower, leave the current winner at the top for a few more rounds. I can’t remember the numbers exactly, but winning all the way to round 5 and getting your character achievement nets you around 2,500 points. To stay at the top of the Tower, you “gamble” 1,000 or 1,500 points . If you win, you keep the points you gambled and earn an additional 1,000 points. Doing this while going for the character achievements is easy. Once the winner gets to the top, they will have roughly 2,500 points. For Jonin, just keep sending pushers into the Tower and having them loose to the winner 5 more times. This will quickly net the winner Jonin. I would recommend doing this achievement last, when going for the last character achievements. The reason is, even when betting the points and resigning when the new winner comes into the tower, you will keep some points, these add up over time. When you are going for your last character achievement, you will be very close to the Jonin achievement, meaning you will need less than 5 more wins. This is more efficient than getting Jonin out of the way early, as a lot of the work will be done in the process of getting the other achievements anyways. Doing this will also net you Genin and Chunin along the way.

This guide is a bit long-winded, but I wanted to make sure that people who wanted these achievements knew the best way possible to get them. This guide is for the “Naruto: Rise of a Ninja multiplayer” achievements. I will be copying and pasting this solution into each and every working character’s achievement guides, as it works regardless of who you use. This is a guide on how to boost the achievements. If you want to win them legitimately, you are in for a long, hard ride.

In order to get these achievements, you need to get the character you are trying to complete to round 5. This consists of 2 rounds in the Forest of Death, and 3 rounds in the Tower. If you lose at any time, you will be forced back to the bottom of the Forest of Death, at round 1. This is why getting the achievements legitimately can be troublesome. The way the matchmaking works is, if you are in the Forest of Death (rounds 1 or 2) you can be paired with anyone else in the Forest of Death, regardless of what round they are on. For instance, if you are on round 2, you can be paired with someone on round 1 or round 2. The same goes for the Tower. If you are in the Tower (rounds 3, 4, and 5), you can be paired with anyone else in the Tower, regardless of which round they are on.

To boost these achievements you will need a minimum of 3 people. The more you have the easier this will typically be. The 3 man structure works like this. One person, we’ll call the winner, is getting all of the wins. No matter what, no one beats this person. The other two, we’ll call the pushers (because they “push” the winner up the Tower), will first push the winner into the Tower. Next, because of how the game’s multiplayer works, one of the pushers needs to get into the Tower. If the winner is in the Tower alone, the winner will not get any wins and be stuck at round 3. The 2 pushers need to decide who will go into the tower and that person gets 2 wins, putting him/her into the tower with the winner. The pusher then continues to push the winner up the tower by giving the winner another win, putting the winner at round 4 and the pusher back at round 1. This is identical to before. The pushers need to decide which one will go into the tower and that player gets 2 wins, putting him/her at round 3. The pusher and the winner then match up, the pusher gives the winner another win, putting the winner at round 5 and the pusher at round 1. This cycle must be repeated one more time for the winner to get the achievement. Send a pusher to the Tower and give the winner one more win and one of the multiplayer character achievements. Now, you simply rotate who is the winner. One of the pushers becomes the winner and the winner takes that pusher’s place. Do this for 5 rounds and an achievement for winner number 2, and then rotate again to get the last person a multiplayer character achievement.

This is the pattern, regardless of how many boosters you have. 3 is the minimum, 4 or 5 make it a lot easier. The more the merrier, but a word of caution; the more people you have, the more likely you are to waste wins. For instance, with more people, it is more likely to accidentally have two pushers meet up in the Tower by searching at the same time. To avoid this, it is good to have each player using a mic and communicating. If 2 pushers end up in the tower at the same time as a winner, one pusher should wait to start searching for a match, allowing the other pusher and the winner to meet up and give the winner a win. Afterwards, the second pusher can search for match and give the winner another Tower win, or wait for the next winner in the cycle to enter the Tower if the last match was round 5 and the achievement was won. Now a quick word on doing this quickly; there is a 3 button combo that will give the winner a win in a second or two. The booster presses Start, Back, and B (I’m old-school Nintendo, so I have the tendency to think of this as Start, Select, B). This is how you pushers will forfeit a match. Doing so, the other person is given the win much faster than depleting the other someone’s health bar.

A word on randoms; there are a surprising number of people who still play this game as of the writing of this guide (January 13, 2013). While boosting, you may encounter randoms. In this game, if you are not good, this is unbearably frustrating. Think about it. You spend all of that time pushing your winner to round 5, and a random beats him/her and knocks this person out of the tower. Now you either push this winner back up the tower or work on the next. Either way, your boosting party just got screwed. How do you avoid this. Do not worry, I have a few tips. First, play early morning U.S. times. I live in the central standard time zone. Playing around 6am gave my boosting parties around an hour of playtime before the randoms started to intrude on our sessions, allowing 5-7 achievements to be won before this (the numbers may be wrong here, as my memory is a bit faulty >.<) So what happens when randoms do show up? I have a second tip for you. Dashboarding or signing out when you get paired with a random does not count as a win for the random. If you only have one random, this will essentially lock him in at round 1 so long as everyone in the party does this. If the random can’t get in the tower, he can’t stop your winner from getting the achievements. This one random will only cause frustration by slowing your pushers down and maybe pairing with your winner in the Forest of Death in rounds 1 or 2. So what if 2 randoms show up? I’m sorry guys, this is where I can’t help you. You can keep dashboarding and hope the randoms get annoyed and leave, but if they get paired with one another, one will eventually get into the tower. At this point someone, the best fighter in your party preferably, will need to get in the tower, beat the random legitimately, and knock the random out of the Tower. This is what will kill your session, multiple randoms. This is why it is highly recommended to play in the early mornings according to U.S. time zones. You can avoid the randoms entirely for a while, netting you easy achievements.

Finally, a word on efficiency; when you get to round five, you can bet points 1,500 to stay at the top of the Tower and compete again. Do this. The pushers can push the next winner into the tower, and you are already waiting. You simply Start, Back, B when you get paired with the new winner and this person now has the first Tower win out of the way, meaning only 2 more people have to be pushed into the Tower for the new winner to get the character achievement they are going for.

I take no credit for developing this method. I have no idea who came up with it. I was lucky enough to land in a session with people who knew how to do this. Dan Strife 7 and LITTLE BIG FISH here on TA showed me what to do.
Sharpnificent As of September 4th 2016 this method works perfectly and the online is completely dead. Did this at 0930 pm - 2 iam U.S. Eastern time and only ran into 1 random in the beginning.
Posted by Sharpnificent on 05 Sep 16 at 02:04