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All Maze Visuals

Beat the game with every maze visual.

All Maze Visuals0
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VBTheoryVBTheoryThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
16 Jan 2013 27 Jan 2013
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There are visuals from A to H which makes up for 8 visuals in total, all you have to do is play 8 normal matches (any kind of matches) by changing the visual each time and you won't even notice that you have popped this achievement ;)
IVIr IVIeNsAWhat are 8 'normal matches', do you mean 5min score attack?
Posted by IVIr IVIeNsA on 27 Jan 13 at 13:01
VBTheoryBy "normal" matches, I meant any kind of matches can do ;)
Posted by VBTheory on 27 Jan 13 at 20:03
Craiglionheartomg I'm glad I read this, I was playing 5 min games to unlock the next MAZE, because I thought this was for all the mazes lol, thx dude you saved me a lot of time XD
Posted by Craiglionheart on 13 Dec 13 at 13:02
troyoySo just do some easy one where you just need to collect a few apples?
Posted by troyoy on 17 Oct 14 at 17:53
Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 19 Feb at 14:47